Best Viral Videos of All Time: Evian Roller Babies No:1

When it comes to choosing the best viral videos there are so many things to consider, but the best way to do this is by looking at how many people viewed the video. So with that in mind the best to-date has to be the Evian Roller Babies, as this has now been viewed more than 100 million times – and that was five month ago. Ben Parr from Mashable has more on this.

There have been a huge number of viral videos since then, and although they have done well – they have not matched the success of Evian’s. I remember the first time that I saw it; I just could not stop laughing.

The video had been on YouTube for a while before it made it on to our TV screens. It must have been a no brainer for Evian to decide to go from YouTube to TV after it broke the world record for the most viewed advertisement video online.

Old Spice must have seen the potential in viral videos, and since then has produced a number of successful videos featuring the Old Spice Guy. Most of these are very good and cleverly thought out – but they do not come close to seeing a bunch of babies on roller-skates.

What do you think is the best viral video of all time?


  • Richard

    So nice baby,great skill in rolling,good advertisement~


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