Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Microsoft Predicts Blu-ray Extinction

By Peter Chubb - Sep 22, 2010

Back in the early days of the Sony PS3 and the Xbox 360 there was all this talk that the latter was going to adopt HD DVD, rather than Sony’s Blu-ray. However, Toshiba put a spanner in the works by discontinuing its HD DVD format, leaving Blu-ray to have all the fun.

If you ask any Xbox 360 user they will say that they will never want to have Blu-ray, as it will slow things down. Stephen McGill from Microsoft UK has come out with a bold statement, saying that he predicts the extinction of Blu-ray.

While talking to CVG, McGill said that Microsoft has no plans to offer Blu-ray on its consoles as they believe that digital media is the future – something that they have been saying for the past few years now.

During the most recent interview with X360A, McGill said that people used to ask all the time about Blu-ray coming to the Xbox 360, but those days are way behind them now.

I do believe that digital media is the future, but there is one thing holding this back – Internet speeds. We have a long way to go until we can get the sort of downloads speeds to offer HD quality content, so looks like Blu-ray is the best option for now.

How long do you think the Blu-ray technology will be with us for?

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  • Brandon

    My prediction is that physical media will be around for my entire lifetime. Internet speeds have increased dramatically and can now stream HD quality. But the battle for better quality isn't going to end with blu-ray, there will always be a higher resolution, higher bit-rate, 3D, whatever it may be it that will be to large to stream online and will require some new fancy media that can hold this new format. There is already BDXL which supports 128GB of data, so will blu-ray go extinct? Yes eventually, DVD was released in 1997 and it took VHS about 7 years to die, and I anticipate it will take DVD about 7 years to die before blu-ray takes over as well, so around 2015 I think studios will no longer be releasing titles on DVD and will be released on blu-ray and perhaps another new media that will be available at that time. And the early adopter that I am I will be there on launch day trying to buy whatever the newest latest and great thing is 🙂

  • Brayan steven XD

    que se le pone al xbox 360 para el internet

  • duncan

    Why do people think blu-ray rules all. why aren't they telling NINTENDO to get blu-ray? why should sony start making money off of XBOX360!!! ps3 has sucked since it launched almost 5yrs ago and still last place console! Look at apples itunes, I have a ipod touch and theres like 5 or 6 FULL FEATURE FILMS on there, 8 tv shows & 1/2 a dozen music videos about a hundred songs and over a thousand pictures all on ONE!! little ipod touch, AND A PERSON WOULD HAVE 2B A IDIOT TO THINK THAT THE CLUTTER OF dvds blu-ray or not is the future, Blu-ray & any dvd or cds are nothing BUT CLUTTER!! filling our dumps and land fills. I say AWAY WITH BLU-RAY and dvds and cds PERIOD!!! everthing going the way of digital like itunes and XBLIVE and ZUNE HD 🙂

  • bob hoskins

    Digital media is the way foward! Now you must buy our shitty HDD instead of a 2.5 sata at half the price 😛


    I don't care what Microsoft has to say. I love my Blue Ray. I have both a 360 and PS3 . . plus a Wii, and an LG BLue Ray disk player that has Vudu and Netflix on it.

    I will say that the streaming HDX videos from VUDU look better than standard DVD.while Netflix looks as good as DVD . . .MOST of the TIme. Every once in a while, they rebuffer and adjust picture quality to available bandwith and then they look crummy.

    I do like to buy movies, not always just rent them. I want a physical manifestation in my hands of my purchase. A Disk. I do have to say that those 3 Disk packs that BlueRays are coming in are very attractive . . the BlueRay disk, a DVD, and a Digital Copy. BLueRay for the home theaters, a DVD for the car, and digital for my iPod Touch when I'm on the plane or a long bus ride. That's where it's at for me.

  • Mostyn

    Microsoft will be releasing the next verson of Windows as a download only or two, or three DVDs?

  • Mostyn

    Next XBOX will have a DVD Drive again, LOL .
    How about having a twenty first centry Medium Microsoft…

  • JohnnyPS3

    Microsoft won't even have rights to Blu-Ray as it's Sony's invention and as if Sony would give Microsoft there special feature to use.

  • angelo

    I predict our extinction…its inevitable…some time…duh boneheads at m$

  • angelo

    Really m$…is that how you try to cover your epic fail at going with hd dvd?I see one huge problem with this brilliant prediction…(although could possibly be another windfall for m$ as the sheep are easily led to slaughter)….storage…especially since you cannot upgrade your xboxes to Ur desired hd size…so I bet m$ comes out with some overpriced hard drive that u must buy from them…or u have usbs a.nd.. external hd s…

  • lolcake3000

    Yeah, blu ray slow? Well get a 24x blu ray drive and tell me it is slow!

    Ps3 has 4x drive which yeah, is slow. It's the ps3, not it's format, blu ray will go on for ever!

    50GB on a optical disc is ALLOT. It will become cheaper and more widely used and will soon be utilized on pcs for games etc, then more next gen consoles as we demand big maps, many maps in games instead of downloading onto the HDD – will live on!

  • saban

    just a thought, what about 64 GB flash cards arent they:
    faster than blu ray ? for now it costs more but not for long we know how prices go on SD cards.
    it is much more convienent to carry around and it is not scratchable, so dont fucking give me crap about how those fucking donuts ar usefull we have been carying around the same size donuts for the past 15 years, isn it time to go smaller at least, who needs a CD with 50 GB of space :))

  • Jordan Dyckes

    Microsoft be trolling, I'll be rolling (on the floor laughing my backside off at such a stupid claim)

    Blu-Ray is the only way to deliver a good High-Definition video and games without stuttering, buffering, loss of quality and no stupid several week downloads.

    Microsoft don't want to admit defeat, but the 360 is dieing and people are seeing the truth behind a console which looks cheaper than a PS3 but is not after buying Xbox Live, a charger kit and more. Xbox 360 S = £275 – £300 and PS3 Slim = £249.99.

    Microsofts format has died, and they just wanted to mock the winner with unrealistic lies.

  • Carnac

    I predict the Death of the Vinyl LP Record! will happen years ago, no wait I mean…..

  • RaY bLUe

    Micro$oft should stick to what it is good at: Making products that make iPhones and other Apple devices seem so freakin' great. Gotta get me a zune to keep the papers from blowing off of my desk. Also has anyone heard anything good lately about Kinect? Micro$oft remains critical to the video game market because it is competition that keeps our games and systems at semi-affordable prices.

  • Nick

    You know, it makes me both laugh and cry that while Sony are out doing real business, Microsoft are wasting their time trolling the opposition. Maybe if they sat down and did some real work instead of being all mouthes and wallets, they’d make a console that didn’t break down so easily.

  • Interestx

    The fact is Blu-ray is not selling that well.
    In Europe 8.4 million discs were sold in Q1 of 2010.
    In 2008 it had 4.45% of the total movie disc sales in the US and in 2009 it was up to 7.8%.

    The Digital Entertainment Group (USA & Europe) are the source for those overall discs sold numbers.
    They make a mockery of the cherry-picked spun nonsense the Home Media Research guys put out, they would have you believe Blu-ray sales are approaching 50%.

    Blu-ray hasn't been matching DVD's 4 straight years of sales doubling year on year (the BDA can no longer claim to be growing faster than DVD).
    Even if Blu-ray did double on last year's total discs sold that would still be under 16%.
    Which despite Avatar is unlikely to say the least.

    Microsoft are right, Blu-ray is too niche & has missed the bus as far as PC use goes, why bother when hard drives offer so much more storage for so much less?

    Even if the next Xbo does use a disc it won't be Blu-ray, it might be multiple DVDs (and if it is who cares, really?) but it could well be the 51gb triple layer HD DVD disc which has the attraction of offering a big disc and no BDA royalty.

  • Iain

    this is a stupid statemant made by some stupid guy that microsoft employ.
    of course there is always gunna be a hard copy of HD movies and games etc.

    even when the tech comes in to stream HD quality movies hard copy is still gunna be more popular.

    we have the tech now to stream SD movies but i dont see all the DVD stores closing down, and hard copies of those are still available to buy.

    typical microsoft just jelous that ps3 can stream and has blu ray when 360 can only stream (at the moment only in SD)……….lmao

  • Mark

    Whatever you say Microsoft…

    Seems clear they would rather gimp their consoles and screw over gamers before paying Blu-Ray royalties to Sony…

    Nice priorities….

    My broadband has trouble with iPlayer at busy times of day, a 720p HD picture that's reliable and not compressed to hell is still a VERY long way away, let alone a 1080P one. I am not out in the stick, I live in a large UK city, half a mile from my exchange.

    Microsoft are in cuckoo land if the really think Blu-Ray quality HD content can be delivered to everyone in the next 10 years. Clearly they only started thinking this way after the failure of HD-DVD…

    It makes me laugh when I read people trying to defend Microsofts decision to stick with 2000-era DVD.

    Any small price premium the PS3 had over the Xbox in the early days has long since been equalled, simply because you have wasted over £200 in Xbox live fees, and likely Wifi adapters, Microsoft branded memory cards, play and charge kits and other price gouging.

  • i dont know why they are concerned about download speeds. Using bit-torrent can help with all of that. people are already downloading large movies, games, entire site-rips with it.
    you could easily implement it to be used on consoles to download games

  • steve

    Drew, Holo discs are being brought to market but I think you'll find blu-ray 1TB discs are on the drawing board too. And they won't play on a standard DVD player, the holo player will be backward compatible with DVD (as are blu-ray players).

  • steve

    From the same company that brings the UK Zune this week (hello?) are we meant to take this seriously? M$ are desperate. Of course blu-ray will become obsolete – in time. But relying on download only is not going to happen. The same guy also said it was a good thing to rush the original 360 to market and keep costs down, forgetting the number of customers affected by the shoddy build of the machine and the $1billion they had to set aside for warranty claims. M$ want us all playing on a cloud, so none of us own physical media, we subscribe and it can't be pirated. Bring back Aaron Greenberg, at least he liked to have his face published with his comments so we knew who to mock.

  • exxbot

    Didn't Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft will support blu-ray before?

  • Drew

    I don’t think it’s going to be around very long as HMD (Holographic Media Disc) is going to take over soon. It can hold hundreds of terabytes of data and a standard DVD player can read it. Search it if you’d like. 🙂

    • matt

      um i did? and it says the drives currently cost $15,000
      i dunno maybe i'm lookin up something wrong? lolz

      • Mrkaze

        It nice trying to be smart, but all top electronic companies including sony are already developing this technology and do you know there planned release dates? 2019 to 2020, so its tech the don't expect to be needed or to reach the market for another 10 years, obviously blu-ray will be like DVD by then……….

        might wana get your facts straight, 10 years is along time in this market!

  • darkbridger

    Wow, what a WORTHLESS statement. I can make some equally WORTHLESS statements. I predict the extinction of DVD, Blu Ray, and just about any other medium the consumer might pick up.

    Sure, given infinite time, Blu Ray will be extinct, but so will any other medium.

    HD TV's aren't going away. I get pissy if I have to download 1 GB, let alone a full 50 GB Blu Ray disc. I don't see the consumers dropping blu ray anytime soon, especially now that HDTV is so popular and Blu Ray movies have significantly come down in price.

  • RustyShrfsBadge

    So, do they really think that by the time they release the new iteration of their console they are going to be sunk in a user base that is primarily online consoles? I doubt it. Digital media is nice but can be a pain. Costs of storage medium have to come down and you also have to consider the fact that a connection strong enough to make large digital media downloads an easy task aren't even existent in most consumers homes at the moment. Get real Microsoft. We aren't going to lose the disc format any time soon. They would be foolish to think digital only is the way to go. Especially at this point in time. (See: PSP Go) But yet there are a few years ahead of us before we see anything new introduced. I'm seeing at least 10 years before we see any reason to even suggest digital media downloads as the primary source of our video games.

  • Matt

    The only problem is we need to wait for faster and more bandwidth. But in 5 years when we have that, we might of moved on to quad full high definition so we need to continue waiting for more and faster bandwidth. So unless internet speed advances faster than TV screens I don't see this happening.

  • charred

    Blu-ray has probably got a 5 year run left, before internet speeds increase enough to allow hd downloads and streaming to knock it on the head.

    • ace

      5 year run maybe before a new medium comes along but tbh i would say more like 10 years at least given the fact blu ray is already far better than our current technology needs in 5 years we probably will only just be reaching blu rays limits not to mention the fact blu ray we use today is the old style 25/50GB storage they already have made blu ray disks 2/3/4x as large so i dont think it will go out of date yet as for the arguement of digital content firstly game makers wll not put major games on download thank hackers for that one! second as is siad before even in 5 years there will be millions of people without good enough internet to download it. i know games and especially movies wont very soon become largely downloads but not for many decades will everything be online..if ever!
      as for microsoft not taking on blu ray in thier console because people have stoped asking thats because people have all realised a) asking microsoft to do anything is pointless they never listen! B) people have seen first second and now third i believe generation xbox 360's and they still cant make them to a reasonably reliabilty no one dare ask them for more advanced hardware crist knows how many red rings would appear!!! C) anyone wanting blu ray wants quality obviously and asking microsoft for quality is like asking a rabit to cook you a la carté food completely insane!!!

  • PS3wannaBe

    OMG of course xbox would say blu ray is going to go extinct. However I disagree. Like this artical says it will be a long time before download speeds are high enough to download huge content like games.
    The market is still very much a packaged market too. People want something to hold in their hands, not just a digital copy that can be easily wiped out. Besides look at all the people that own gaming systems and still only have dial up or no internet at all? M$ would lose out on a lot of business which is fine with me, if they went digital.

    I have a prediction of my own. KINECT IS SUCH AN EPIC FAIL that it will help bring a demise to xbox. I'd like to see them go the Sega way and just do software. Turn around with their heads down and tails between their legs. That's what they deserve for RROD, inventing pay to play which by the way is now $60/year ($300 every 5 years!) might as well buy a new console every 5 years for that much dough.

  • Greg

    Seriously Microsoft…don't lie. Digital downloads pale in comparison to blu ray quality. Fact. Hard copies of media will always be needed.

  • Ryan

    Well that's stupid, Digital downloads will be an option but never ever be the only choice. For example if a new game get's released such as modern warfare millions of people will try to download it and the speeds will be so slow and I can see all sorts of crashes happening. I mean they haven't even made online play flawless yet, Also people who live in places in the country in England, America and Australia still use Dial-up connection and takes 12 hours to buffer a 2 minute video on youtube. This would not happen for at least the next 20 or 30 years. I for one don't see the point in it, the economy would lose out on millions of pounds a year too.

  • Ryan

    Well that's stupid, Digital downloads will be an option but never ever be the only choice. For example if a new game get's released such as modern warfare millions of people will try to download it and the speeds will be so slow and I can see all sorts of crashes happening. I mean they haven't even made online play flawless yet, Also people who live in places in the country in England, America and Australia still use Dial-up connection and takes 12 hours to buffer a 2 minute video on youtube. This would not happen for at least the next 20 or 30 years. I for one don't see the point in it, the economy would lose out on millions of pounds a year too.

    Plus bear in mind that everything that goes digital can be downloaded illegally. And the games industry would lose out on millions too. Look at some PC releases lot's of people pirate etc.

  • rubbish

    They also beleived HD DVD would be the future, rather than blu ray. There will be room for physical media for a while yet, simnply because not everyone has the connection speed capable of downloading everything, and allot of people prefer physical media on their shelves. Blu ray will be around for a while yet, and Microsoft would be fools not to use it in their next generartion console.