Xbox 360 Successor 720 Release: 2015 Possibly

By Peter Chubb - Sep 22, 2010

Last month Jamie Pert reported on a rumor that the Xbox 720 would be released in 2012. However, we know have an update to this story, but do not think that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 successor will be launched anytime soon. Stephen McGill from Microsoft has been talking to, and said that the next-gen console is “years away.”

GamerZines reports that during the interview McGill goes on to say that the Xbox 360 is only halfway through its cycle, as the console was launched in 2005 that means that the 720 – or whatever it will be called – could be released in 2015.

This certainly makes sense, yes the 360 has had a little refresh – but it is still the same system. The addition of Kinect will certainly add a few more years to the life cycle of the Xbox 360; we just wonder what else they have up their sleeve to keep the device relevant for the next five years?

Speaking of the Xbox 720, we reported back in April that Hideo Kojima believes that there will not be any other games consoles after the 720 as well as the Sony PS4. Do you think that this is true? When do you think the next Xbox will be released?

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  • Steve T

    Give me a 720 soon Please.

    Plenty of good A.I.
    Great graphics.
    Plenty of good destructable environments.

    And some kind of virtual reality headset would be nice.

    And if Sony offers me these things first…sorry microsoft i am jumping ship.

  • Philip

    I don't know weather to get a PS3 with 500GB or wait for a PS 4!! Anyone any ideas?

  • david bateman

    a will be bying this one

  • John

    Microsoft will release the successor when it is financially worthwhile. First, let’s talk about “lifecycle”. The author makes the assumption that the 360 will be discontinued when the 720 comes out. This is highly unlikely, as it will be too expensive and not guarantee that 360 games will run probably, because the whole graphics processing will be different. So the 360 may be made for 2 years after the 720 comes along. Or, like the PS2, the lifecycle will be an unknown period because they still continue to sell.

    My theory is that there will be 2 reasons why the 720 gets released: the announcement of the PS4, and reducing sales of new games. The 360 was released about 1 year before the PS3, and I can see that happening again with the newer generation.

    Reducing sales is my pet theory. According to vchartz, sales of 360 games are hovering around the 2.25 million a week rate. Microsoft gets money from each sale of a game, and loses money for each console sale. MS doesn’t get any money from second hand sales. There are a bucketload of great games out there which you can buy second hand. So the proportion of games sold which are second hand is slowly increasing. Microsoft is surely tracking this. When the number of new games sales starts to drop, I believe that MS will announce the successor, which will take 2 years to be released approximately.

    Originally I get irritated when I think how long MS is taking to release the 720, but then I think that newer faster processors are being developed all the time, so the longer they wait, the better.

  • the comfy chair

    Plus consoles never do well against PC's at this point in their life cycle when it comes to retaining gamer interest. They'll make lots of money, of course, but the quality of games as a whole stagnate. The current console generation cannot sustain another 5 years worth of games when they already look so dated.

    It's not even graphics either, we demand more realistic worlds that we can interact with, from destructible scenery to accurcately moddleled physics on weapons, i don't know a single gamer who was not appalled at the sound of another 5 year wait until the next generation.

    This isn't a matter of dvd vs.blu-ray, technoligical advancements are the lifeblood of gaming, without them we lose innovation and we just end up rehashing the old techniques.

    If this is the future of gaming, and developers continue to hinder the progress of games for the next 5 years, i'm out.

  • The Comfy Chair

    If the box 360 hangs around much longer, pc gaming will see a huge surge in opularity once again (as is always the way when consoles outlive their tech). This december marks the point where netbooks will equal the power of modern consoles. In 5 years the xbox 360 will be as primitive as the mega drive is now.

    Game developers will get bored very soon, many are already disgruntled with the limited things they can do on the current generation and cookie cutter engines like UE3. They aren't bored about following their passion, they just want to push their visions further. if the xbox does not have a succesor within 2 years, the large number of gamers who seem something more than tea-tray shallow add ons like kinect will move to PC, either buying full blown gaming PC's in the £400-600 region or just picking up a netbook at tesco for £200

  • Pad

    I'd like to see a new xbox come out as soon as possible. It would have to be much more powerful though but imagine what kind of games it would have! It would give game developers much greater freedom to make better games.

    You could have more characters with each having vastly improved AI, much better graphics, physics etc. These days even with the xbox360 game developers have to balance things out to make the games run smoothly. Even in GTA IV theres slow frame rate sometimes.

    And there'll still be games made for the xbox360 for years to come because so many people have it.

  • pip

    The xbox live brand has carried the xbox 360 brand through the whole RROD debarcle. The hardware survived because of the services (and a few killer apps along the way)

    Maybe microsofts investment in the services over console is for the express purpose of giong purely digital at some point in the future. The xbox live service is pure bilss. lightening fast downloads, excellent networking and comms, and now sports and cable tv…

    One big big big hint is streaming full HD content over the internet. If full HD content over the net is in place, there is aboslutely no reason why it cant stream live gaming over since it already has the infrastructure in place.

    Maybe the console wars is a farce, there really is no war of the consoles, because microsoft have been planning its demise from the start. All consoles will die at the hands of digital streaming of all entertainment, including games….

  • Interestx

    TBH Bob, you've got to be a bit crazy to consider buying a game console as an 'investment'.

    Disposable consumer goods is all it is, the only thing in question is how long until you dispose of it.

    Besides why worry?
    They could bring out a new one tomorrow and (with almost 45 million of them out there and rising) you'd still be getting games for theXbox 360 for years to come.

  • Gamer

    Yup, I mean the Xbox 360 has still a lot of things that we didn't even see yet, it will probably last a long time, and I mean, there are so many good games coming out, why would anybody need a new console, that's just dumb.

  • Raj

    By the time HTML5 and advanced TV will make consoles meaningless.

  • Bob

    It's an insult to the people who invested so much money in their systems to even think about a new console. The only company that needs to make a new one is Nintendo for the HD crowd. Nintendo was always the best video game company, they just didn't have their hands in other industries such as computers and music to back up their hardware.