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Xbox 360 Successor 720 Release: 2015 Possibly

Last month Jamie Pert reported on a rumor that the Xbox 720 would be released in 2012. However, we know have an update to this story, but do not think that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 successor will be launched anytime soon. Stephen McGill from Microsoft has been talking to, and said that the next-gen console is “years away.”

GamerZines reports that during the interview McGill goes on to say that the Xbox 360 is only halfway through its cycle, as the console was launched in 2005 that means that the 720 – or whatever it will be called – could be released in 2015.

This certainly makes sense, yes the 360 has had a little refresh – but it is still the same system. The addition of Kinect will certainly add a few more years to the life cycle of the Xbox 360; we just wonder what else they have up their sleeve to keep the device relevant for the next five years?

Speaking of the Xbox 720, we reported back in April that Hideo Kojima believes that there will not be any other games consoles after the 720 as well as the Sony PS4. Do you think that this is true? When do you think the next Xbox will be released?



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