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Verizon iPhone Release: Recent Evidence

It seems that at least once a week if not more a new rumor surrounding a Verizon version of the iPhone pops up. Just yesterday we reported that 23 percent of AT&T customers said that they would move over to Big Red if they got the iPhone – which AT&T said that they were not worried about. Now we have yet more news on the release date of the CDMA version.

We already know that early 2011 seems to be the magic time period being thrown about, and recent evidence certainly seems to be mounting up. The first piece of evidence is that Lowell McAdam is all set to become the CEO of Verizon, and that he will put an end to their current tough policies – something that stopped them getting the iPhone back in 2007.

Ed Hansberry from Information Week points out that some of Verizon’s demands were a little over the top, which must be eating at them now. It has been suggested that McAdam is the perfect guy to come to an agreement with Apple – one that both will agree on.

We cannot say for certain that the Verizon iPhone will launch in 2011 or not, but this has to happen soon. Do you think that Big Red will ever get the iPhone?


  • Iphone 3

    I hope they come with Iphone 5 not a 4, since the iphone 4 already was a let down to the apple consumer. My self did not get the Iphone 4 since the ATT service is so poor and a bad choice from apple. If they don't come up with a 5 tomorrow most likely I will to upgrade from my iphone 3 and move to other more up to date phone brands and even better more faster network like 4G. Apple iphone 5 is expected and it will be a let down from apple again if they don't move away from the poorly executed iphone 4 … as a consumer I hope for the Iphone 5 verizon.

  • Janet

    The rumor-mill is running over time in predicitng Verizon iPhone possibility. Since its release in 2007, the iPhone has only been available in models compatible with UMTS-GSM networks. I will say now what I have always said: I will believe it when I see the phones on the shelf in a Verizon store

    Though according to TechCrunch, Apple is buying millions of CDMA chipsets for a Verizon iPhone launch. Daring Fireball’s John Gruber penned an interesting piece and says that the CDMA iPhone is just one step below “design verification test,” He also notes that now is about the time that Apple will have to begin committing to full-scale production for such a project if it is planning a January launch as rumored, and consequently leaks are shows that a CDMA iPhone may finally be becoming a reality.



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