Similac Recall Over Beetles Contamination: Check lot number

We recently reported that Abbot had to issue a recall of its Similac infant formula due to possible contamination from the common beetle. The recall affects products sold in Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. along with a select few Caribbean countries.

Abbott has set up a new web page – – where you can check your lot number to see if your formula has been contaminated. The FDA reports that there is no health risk, although children who have ingested the affected formula could experience some discomfort.

Before you start to worry that all Similac formulas are affected by this recall, it is only those in plastic containers, those that are in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans.

If your product is affected, then it should be returned to Abbott – thankfully this will not cost you a dime. It is understandable that parents will be worried right now, which is why you should call (800) 986-8850 for more details.


  • Similac Team

    We know that there are still some difficulties with the Similac recall website ( We've heard requests for a lot number lookup, and it is here. You can search for your lot number in the PDF list here:

    Once you get this information, if you are at all concerned, please continue trying to reach us at 1-800-986-8850. We are continuing to get more people on our phone line and more bandwidth on our site. We know there are questions out there, and we are doing everything we can to talk to everyone as quickly as possible. ~Similac Team

    • terri

      you are such a snake. this should never happen. ever. the villager attaching her child to a goat is better off than we are. you are just disgusting.

  • Cesar

    90620RE6 not recalled!

  • Gina

    does anyone know if 88111T20 recalled? please tell me thank you

  • victoria

    I'm in AZ and the AZ Wic program supplies me with some of my formula needs..which would be Similac. The cans in my possesion are, in fact recalled. I also have checks to go get more cans. Trouble is that the local WIC by me closed down early today and the main Wic line is disconnected……. help?

  • mary

    hi, my grandson is 8 months old and only drank similac sensitive now because of this stupid mistake we cannot get him to drink anything else what is my daughter gonna do now???????do YOU have any suggestions??????mary

  • Concerned

    91458T20 – recalled Similac Go & Grow

  • beto

    i can't get through on websit,please anyone know 91875re6 is recalled?

  • peggy

    is 92019RE or 90373T20 recalls?

  • Stephanie Hadden

    They say it will only cause stomach ache and digestion problems so not to worry, but what kind of disgestion problems are we talking about and what long term affects could we possibly face then will they be able to trace it back to this formula!!

  • Jay

    90334T20 is also affected

  • jeanette

    a few weeks ago my daughter was sick with diarrhea & was vomiting & wouldnt eat much for like a week ,, the dr said it could just be a bug,,. yeah right. !! god olny knows how long theyve really been contaminated for,
    & the lot # on the cans of formula ive been feeding her are different than the ones listed above..

    • Elizabeth

      My 10month old son has been sick since saturday apparently drinking recalled formula. He has yellow "curry egg salad" diarrhea (every 1 1/2 to 2 hours), cries, and keeps waking up at night cuz he poops himself, ending in crazy diaper rash so he screams when I have to wash his butt. it's a nightmare. I feel so sad for the little guy. To find out that he's actually been drinking larvae is wicked messed up. Oddly, about a weekago, we also had a weird beetly-roachy looking bug outbreak in our incredibly clean once bug free house. WTF???? Not only have I been dealing with my son being sick, I've been chasing bugs! ANYone else? I'm fricking horrified.

  • Tanja

    dose anybody know if the # 90769RE6 is on the recall list


  • ccc

    The one I purchased from Costco with lot number 90346T20 is recalled!

  • Melody

    Just confirming for previous posts that 89241T20 IS recalled-I finally got a response from the website.

  • Elizabeth

    90748RE61722126 recalled???

  • anthony

    Just found out that….88381RE6 and 87099RE6 are both good …no recall on them

  • Rieanne


    "The specific products are 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9 ounce cans of Similac powder that have lot numbers 87932T20, 88117T26, 78208T2,88136T20,91433t20,800-986-8850,800-545-5216,800-515-7677,800-986-8800,847-937-6100,(847) 935-8865,(847)935-3456,66128RB6,61251 RB6,61347RB,84314 RB,85454 T2,86580 T20,88137T20 and 90372T20."

  • Jen

    89240t21 has that been recalled?

  • Allison

    Is 89310T20 recalled?

  • Grossed out

    89249T20 and 88166t20 recalled

  • John

    sorry for asking is 86540t20 recalled? thank u

  • Katie

    I can't get through on the website either-does anyone know if 88043t20 is recalled?

    • If you're having trouble getting through to our Similac recall consumer hotline, we have added a new, additional phone # for you: 888-376-2054. Please give us a call, 24/7. We'd like to hear from you! ~Similac Team

  • dan

    86913RE6 not recalled

  • victor

    my lot # 90374T20 88120RE6 86895RE6 please someone tell me if they are recall

  • crystal

    similac sensitive isomil soy lot number 89228t20

  • Joanna

    91487T20 recalled…

  • towanda bellamy

    Tell me is 87991RB6 0728

  • Brittany

    Yes 89241T20 is recalled. ;(

  • Sherry

    IMPORTANT READ THIS!!!! Here is the new website that WORKS!!!

    Notice is says "stage" instead of "www"

    After looking up your lot number, if it is recalled, click "consumer" and follow all directions to be reimbursed. KEEP THE PACKAGE because they will send you a mailer to mail it in to them.

    Also, alternate numbers to call. The LAST one worked for me:


    (847) 935-8865


    • andrew

      the website is asking me for a username and password. It does not work

  • Ashley

    HAHAHAHAH~~ number one brand in hospitals. wow. this is awful, all this time my son has had stomach problems and all the doctors passed it off as acid reflux. forget similac, i will never again buy there products.

  • 91916RE is NOT on the recall!

  • Urgent – Lot number:89241T20 . Please tell me asap. I have a newborn baby girl.I have two w/ the same number. 1 empty/used and 1 half way complete. Jasmine washington.

    • krista

      All u have to do is call walmart they have all the listings of the recalled powdered milk that’s what I did

  • maggie

    91575T20 and 89255T20 both are recalled.

  • shaina

    from what i understand SOME of the cans with 'rb' in the lot number are contaminated. nearly ALL of the plastic containers with 't2' are contaminated. hope this helps

  • Jill

    Wouldn't be easier for everyone if they put a list of lot numbers affected on a website. You cannot get through on the number or on the website. When you do, I hear you have to input your lot number and it freezes up. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE. Give the news media the stores and multiple websites the LOT #'s !!!

  • Kiss My Ass

    OOOOOOOOOOOOKKKK. Don't you realize that there are HUNDREDS of 8, 12.4, and 12.9 oz cans in the US alone??????? This site says not to worry? Yeah about that, I think I would worry, after all my kid has to eat.

  • It would be wonderful to check the lot number but the web page keeps error out

  • Matt

    Of course you can't actually get on the website because it's too busy, the phone # is busy so you can't get thru, and their "Contact Us" link doesn't work either.

  • Concerned

    the page to see lot numbers isnt workin and i cant find other pages with it. the number is busy what the hell is going on?

  • michelle

    am i the only one who thinks it SHOULDN'T COST A dime to return something they screwed up. Why should i be thankful.

  • LaNae Hadley

    lots should be included on all news releases. The Similac web site is down and the baby needs fed. Why is it so hard to get the lot numbers?

  • Ashley

    I just called my son's pediatrician over this matter. I couldn't get through to anyone @ Abbott or Similac and the website link to check lot #'s is down. My pediatrician advised me to buy the liquid Similac. It was only the powder that was infected. I hope this helps. Just call your doctor before purchasing it, okay?

  • Anon

    Qouting Abbott's Melissa Brotz… "Delivering anything less than the highest quality infant formula is unacceptable to us," said Brotz. "We will do whatever is necessary to maintain the trust of parents in the coming weeks."

    Now if only PAMPERS would be HONEST and recall their diapers that are giving babies severe chemical burns!!!!!!! Pampers has no integrity… i will NEVER buy another product from them again! THANK YOU Similac for having integrity and being honest!!

    • Reply to Anon

      Anon – Pampers has never caused my child any problem. As a matter of fact, she's never had so much as a diaper rash in the 8 months since she was born and using only Pampers.

      I can't however, get any information as to which lots of formula are recalled by Similac. The webiste is overloaded and crashed and the phone lines aren't taking calls due to 'high volume'. Nor are the lot numbers posted on any other websites such as FDA yet. Considering this is something my child is ingesting, I think Similac is the worse party here.

    • kelly

      I use Pamers. I haven't heard about this problem, but am a little freaked out now. Where can I find more info?

  • tammy

    "Before you start to worry that all Similac formulas are affected by this recall, it is only those in plastic containers, those that are in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans."

    This is not correct. Some 1.45lb containers are affected.

    • Chris

      PLASTIC CONTAINERS……AND Cans of 8, 12.4, 12.9 Oz. Here are the ones I have that are recalled according to website.


      • amy

        thank you for posting numbers!!!!!

        • amy

          all I said was thank you

      • Amy

        thank you chris for posting lot numbers. A huge help!!!!!


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