Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.2 Froyo – Release Date Update

By Alan Ng - Sep 22, 2010

We have some good news for those of you with the original unlocked Samsung Galaxy S handset now, as it has been reported that Samsung users in Spain have been given an update regarding the release of the Android 2.2 Froyo update.

As reported from BGR, Samsung Mobile posted a message on their Spanish Facebook account, revealing that Froyo will be available on the Samsung Galaxy S sometime in ‘late October’.

It seems highly unlikely that the update is going to be locked down for just users in Spain, so you can presume that this update in late October will be available to everyone else as well.

No mentions about the contract versions of the Samsung Galaxy S though, by that we’re talking about the Captivate (AT&T), Fascinate (Verizon), Vibrant (T-Mobile) and Epic 4G (Sprint). BGR points out that owners of these handsets are likely to receive it after the stock Galaxy S gets it.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Are you waiting for the update on your Galaxy S?

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  • gixxerchris1986

    Stop bitching you cry babies. I just got the Captivate and love it, despite the issues of the GPS. The problem is none of you sound like you ever grew up in a world where even if you wanted it you never got it. All people do in modern times is bitch. Be thankful to even have great technology that even twenty years ago was un-thought of. Besides how many people throwing a tantrum actually paid full price for their "smartphone" anyway.

  • Mike

    Bob, If your warranty is still running, take the unit to a Samsung certifed service center and get the 2.2 update installed under the terms of the warranty, Samsung tell me this is done. If that's no good for you, i found this on the web, it may or may not be useful to you. The converting stuff sounds a bit heavy duty, but here it is.

    But by far the worst issue of all is the proprietary files system that samsung have chosen to use in this device. This decision has created a huge lag problem where the more you use the phone over time, the more laggy it becomes. Also the fact that they have chosen to use this RFS files system has meant that android updates such as froyo have been delayed in being released.
    However the good news is that all of the above can be overcome relatively easily and quickly.
    You can install the 'launcher pro' skin from the market, which completely transforms the phone's UI.
    You don't have to use Kies, there is a much better alternative, which actually works really well.
    and you can convert the files system to native Linux which all the other android phones use.
    Once you have done the above, this phone easily becomes the best Android phone on the market, if not the best phone on the market at the moment.

  • Chris

    I bought the Captivate based on a promise from Samsung to update to 2.2. I've patiently waited for that update and through a botched release that got pulled immediately. When I back the wrong horse I pull out no matter the extra cost. At this rate I was better off with my iPhone and will likely simply go back. It isn't about the software, its about being lied to. I'm tired of the common business practice of out and out lying to sell product and I won't keep funneling money into people who lie for greed. Simple. Welcome to ethics 101.

    • mike

      well chris…samsung already has your money so chances are they don't care if you "use" their phone or your iphone. they aren't making money on you using the phone but only purchasing it. i have also been waiting on this update but there is little that can be done at this point with the exception of "hurry up and wait".

  • Mike

    I emailed Samsung about getting the update on my phone if i don't have a computer to run Kies, they replied as long as your warranty is still active, you can take the phone to a Samsung certified center and get the 2.2 update put on it under the terms of the warranty. So this might sort out your problems. I am really new to this phone and Android so can't be more helpful than that at the mo.

  • bob swan

    I have a Galaxy S with 2.1 -update 1 and baseband version ugjg9, and kernel version 2.6.29. Initially things were fine, but I have had increasing problems with it, to the point that now it seems to be freezing up several times a day.

    I am not sure what I should do. Any similar experiences out there?

    • Mike

      See my post below, re updates during warranty. Hope it helps.

  • Man, there are a bunch of whining morons on here. Then return the phone and get the crappy Droid 2 then. Sheesh… stop whining like little worthless ninnies already!!! It's embarrassing!!!

  • Mike

    In Samsung's Twitter page, apparently, 2.2 has been said to have been, YES that's HAS BEEN released for Samsung Galaxy S on the 5th November. So it's available now.

  • Mike

    I've just heard that November 11 th is being put forward as a confirmed release date for 2.2 on the Samsung galaxy S….. Hope so, i've already had a word with my phone supplier who is going to get my unit as soon as poss after the release.

    • Ick

      THANKS GOD… not really! but this is some news ive been fucking waiting for…
      I was begining to think samsung was dooping us.

  • Darksurf

    Some of you guys make me laugh. I replace my Motorola Cliq with the Samsung Vibrant. You guys are complaining about not receiving an update promptly? Try being promised an update for A YEAR and not getting it. We're not talking "oh, I want android 2.2, but I"m stuck with 2.1" no, we are talking "i wish I had android 2.2, but I'm stuck with 1.5 and may not get 2.1 cause moto doesn't like the cliq and its users, but love the droid users more.You have to root your phone and use leaked "unfinished" android 2.1 roms!
    Samsung is doing fine. As for Motorola working "Faster", yeah right. What a joke. They work for their favorites and leave others with empty promises and excuses for failure and not caring enough. I will never buy another Moto phone again. At least Samsung learned from their mistake with the behold and didn't integrate everything too tightly in the vibrant.

  • Mike

    I haven't bought a Samsung Galaxy S yet, but have had my hands on one running 2.1 and love it. I am now waiting till my local phone store has one preloaded with 2.2 which should make it more reliable. As for an early November release, well that would be nice for everyone who has been waiting for a few months, for me, i am prepared to wait till Christmas, if necessary. Surely it's better that they release a fully working update that will please the end user for a while. At the moment i'm like a child waiting for a new toy. I hope they'll come through, soon.

  • Well.. I don't mind the wait as long as they keep their word. It was mid-Aug then mid-Sept then mid-Oct (some got it in US) and then end of Oct or mid-Nov? Just give us a firm date ***WHEN EXACTLY*** I don't mind the wait as long as I know when it will be here! Simple as that and I think most ppl will agree with me on this.

  • Craig

    Wow……If you people got it like that then stop complaining and go buy a new freaking phone with 3.0. Everyone got it knowing it had 2.1…..why didnt you get a damn set that had 2.2 on it instead? Ok…well…cant have your cake and eat it too. I am on leaked 2.2 now until official rolls out….damn it's nice.

  • It's disappointing to see people complaining about the release date. . .remember that in the end we all prefer something that is released that is stable, and provides all the features we'll come to enjoy. Having a half-baked release will only upset the majority of the Android user base, as well as make for instability which will only make Apple die-hards tout an "I told you so" look on their faces. Patience is a virtue that only programmers like me can truly appreciate. I would advise the rest of you to be patient. When it is OFFICIALLY released, Apple will receive a swift kick in the backside, and all of us as Android users will receive the best Android release to date. Stay tuned. =0)

  • Rob

    I have tried the Leaked Rom XXJPK and I can tell you it is amazing it solves virtually all the problems (although it didnt have media hub). Some kinks need tyo be worked out but I havnt had a gps issue or a freeze issue and with the lag fix I am getting Quadrant scores of 1750-1870 so they are definitely planning to update….although when is the question of the day

  • NetworkGuy

    I too am awaiting this update. The Exchange sync with the built-in mail client is unreliable. I run a small business that keeps me out of my office a lot of the time. Without reliable Exchange sync and notifications, I'm screwed. I had an issue this week where the phone just stopped syncing mail all day long. Manual sync did not work. I had to try sending a test email and then 30 or so new messages gushed in. I had a couple of really annoyed customers by the end of the day. I hope the update is released before my Touchdown trial period expires, otherwise I'll be spending an extra 20 bucks to make the phone do one of its basic functions.

  • Mocha K

    No matter when this update comes, I will never be buying another samsung phone again. The lack and delay of updates on thier phones are a fail on so many levels. Im not even sure why the launched the phone with 2.1 on it anyway.

    • rhuarch

      @Mocha K – If that's all it takes to lose your business for good, you are quickly going to find yourself with no one to buy a phone from.

  • Nick

    You can be fairly sure its hitting the Galxy S phones end of October. A pre-release build of Froyo has already leaked for the Captivate.

  • Bob

    SamSMUG…oops, sorry Samsung, when will you stand by your words and honor your commitment??

  • Pammy

    the update was for gps, the media hub app, and someting else. definitely not the 2.2 update. tears T.T

  • Ive got froyo on my galaxy s. Its hell good.

  • Cameron

    I just got an update phone but was not the 2.2 does anyone know what the update was?

  • Can wada

    Honest to god. Chill out everyone. Your phone still works didn’t it? You know. Calling, texting, all that jazz. I mean, im sending this from my galaxy s. Do I have froyo? No.

    chill out and let them fix the bugs, they obviously need to suspend the release date for some thing

    • josh

      hi can wada,
      Ive been having problems with the gps and maps on the galaxy s, for a £500 phone im gutted. Do you belive that this upgrade will fix the gps and maps bug ? and do you think that they will be bringing it out ?

  • truth

    I have a Samsung vibrant. Only way to get froyo is to scoop some out the freezer and put it on your girlfriend (named Samsung of course) and lick it off. Otherwise we have nothing more to expect than more buy one get one vibrant commercials from t mobile knowing many of us got it before our upgrades were due leaving us to pay close to 550 for it…

  • mayhem2408

    Just like everyone else, I too am eagerly awaiting the 2.2 Froyo update. But to be totally honnest, I have not had any problems with my 2.1. The only issue was with lag, and I installed a lagfix, and the phone screams. Quadrant Benchmark score when from 890 up to 2274 after installing the lagfix. And it's still running 2.1. Even the Nexus One running 2.2 only gets around 1300. This phone rocks.

    • Uma

      What was the lag fix? Where can I get it? Thanks!

  • sven goran

    My wife just got her htc Desire with Froyo 2.2. As I am a developer of apps with heavy cpu load (audio conversion in android software), I can clearly state that this htc machine is significantly faster than the Samsung Galaxy s with 2.1. And e.g. the videoplayer is dramatically much better when streaming live tv on wlan or 3g, etc. So I really hope the Froyo will arrive. Isnt there unofficial versions of Froyo that is good enough?


    to be completely honest i only want the update cuz i wanna play my emulators at full speed on it other than that my GALAXY S VIBRANT works flawlessly and with froyo 2.2 i know for a fact i'm gonna be able to play ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME on my GALAXY S VIBRANT =D i dont need a GPS FIX i know how to use a map.

  • eed

    This way Samsung just encourages people to buy Desire HD instead of Galaxy S…
    Epic fail….

  • Michael S.

    If Samsung will not release Froyo 2.2 – I think too many people will be disappointed by this fact so Samsung will lose the next potential clients for their future mobile phone models.
    I believe that Froyo for GalaxyS will be finally released, I just hope that the release date will not be delayed too much.. – I think that those of us who already bought those devices and waiting for Froyo, should be much more active (forums, comments, letters to the Samsung!!) so we should require from Samsung to integrate Froyo in i9000 as they promised us!!
    People – we should put more pressure on them!! We have the power!! 🙂


    Sometimes i wish i never got the samsung galaxys s, i almost got the iphone 4 and had a better life. and plus facebook sucks balls on the samsung and there is no facebook chat and if you want to you have it, you have to install a app. for that go fuck your self samsung, and i was wishing for netflix to work on it and nothing works on it, ever one reading this just go and buy an iphone 4 and save your money and time im not joking.

  • Ralph

    how do i update my samsung galaxy s vibrant if android 2.2 or froyo is coming out..

  • JayJay

    well basically, lets put it this way.. we all want the 2.2 update, and most of you guys are saying that it will never come, correct ?! well, first off, think about it, they had GPS problems, they did have the email problems, but didn't they create an update for a quick fix in a matter of weeks ?! one of the top 3 phones out there right now, top selling (now with the, buy one, get one free deal from T-Mobile), slickest, and most sickest hardware out, you think their not gonna release 2.2 ?! they surely will, and on top of that, all that waiting and waiting, it'll be basically android 3.0 mostly with the sick hardware!

    honestly though, i cant wait for 2.2, im going crazy, but, theres always different carriers, and different phones, ill just give it some time till i have enough money saved up and switch.

  • JayJay

    thats what im saying ! its never gonna come, i thought it would get it a month later from jul. if not then, might as well get the EVO .

  • Maritime Mariner

    Well, for you folks that have the phone, but not the software, count yourselves very very fortunate, this area (NS CDN) the physical unit has been unavailable for purchase in weeks closing in on a month.

  • Janet

    Sick of waiting!

    Epic should have been Released with Froyo. Update should Not take this long. It is a big deal because Flash sites and video are unviewable without 2.2.

    R ineadied palm note hp to update hardware on sprint. Waited for Evo handsets to become avAilable -it HAS Froyo. Waiting for Froyo on expensIve Epic. This never ends.

    I ve waited years for Flash availability on my

    SmartphoneS. I feel crippled without. need to trade this in Before 30 day trial if froyo not made av vail by then.

    Sick of waIting.

    Trade for something that works out of the box. (and probably costs less).

    Btw palm soft ware is more peril and either to use. Almost no typos either -to difficult to fix the myriad of typos I get on android even with swype and ( less accurate than palm) keyboard.

    To bad they couldn’t get it all together tip leep up with the upgrade cycle and lost their huge app base upon switching to web os.

    In another ashford will be a bit more mature I hope. Maybe hp-palm will resurface with something flashy as these androids but with the chose integration and greater flexibility that they were known for and the whole web will work on them all. Until then its growing pains and frustrations for us all.

  • marcel

    when the fuck is froyo comming out in canada for bell mobility users.

  • Josh

    Well, some of you are saying that not getting Froyo might not be a big deal, however some of us are waiting for it in order to actually get flash 10.1 capabilities, and so on.
    Besides, it's not just a minor bug fix, it's a major update, that will actually overall improve this great phone.
    And it's also the matter of carrier. I'm an international student here in the US, and T-mobile is the only company that doesn't f*ck me up with extra charges, or security deposits, so the galaxy-s vibrant was the best choice for me, and it would be extremely disappointing if we didn't get froyo.

  • Partist

    My Galaxy isn't working on 2.1: switches itself off, decides whether to notify me of arrival of texts, e-mails; crashes, runs incredibly slowly; push e-mail – impossible other than GMail, which only works sometimes. I love the look of the 'phone, the screen and the camera, but it does not work and so is the worst 'phone I ever bought. Will Froyo ever arrive and, if it does, will it improve matters? It's difficult to see how it could make things any worse!

    • Pete

      Sp considering no one else has this problem have you thought that just maybe you have a faulty unit, take it back if it is not fit for purpose don't just whine about it.

    • bob swan

      I am having some of the same issues that you report. Have you found a fix for your problems?

  • dmb

    I ditched my iPhone for a Galaxy S a month ago, and to be honest I couldn't care less if 2.2 never arrives on the Galaxy S – it already does everything you could need.

    Get your crayons out and make a sticker with "Android 2.2" for the back of it if you're that pathetic and needy ….

    • Marcel

      not full flash support

  • hiatus999

    I love my Galaxy S Captivate. The screen is incredible and HD video recorder is awesome to carry in your pocket all the time. I look forward to 2.2 froyo when it comes (and it will come – Samsung ain't that stupid – if not, it will be done by a developer and I'll install it anyway), but the recent 2.1 update1 fixed email and GPS issues I had previously. I'm anxious for the update, but really can't cry about how much better my Captivate is over my old bogged down iPhone 3G, which was declared useless after an Apple recommended update that can't be reversed. The freedom to use my device as I wish is worth it.

  • jock

    gps works fine i am from the uk and just got back from the states i used the gps on a trip from bethel ct all the way to doylestown pa and the gps never let me down nor did it lose signal i used co pilot live, just waiting on froyo anyone know a release date?

  • lew lew

    Another unmaintained crap from Samsung. GPS is flaky, works 20% of the times (had both Galaxy and iPhone 3 on the same car). iPhone worked about 80% of the time when in the car… Galaxy is totally useless as GPS device unless you stick your hand with out through the window…

    Have Samsung monitor and TV and I guess this phone is the last Samsung think I'd buy.

  • Alijan

    I will buy it anyway. GALAXY S is real thing, and the hardware is almost the best out there. My wife is using iPHONE4 and it is good phone, but I thing if you can`t use your music as the ringtone and should use some kind of cutting, converting and you will get only 30-40 seconds of the song, I think it is unfair when you speding 600 GBP on the iPHONE4. You bought it you should use it as you want. SAMSUNG and many others are much more user friendly. GALAXY S is amazing product in my opinion and buying this OUTSTANDING piece of engineering is mean that you know what you need. And FROYO is just an update, and as usual we are always waiting for something better and want it now and now and now. Lol.

  • Jamal

    It's like Pearl Harbor all over again

    • Not Jamal

      Yeah, just like Jamal said. South Korea bombed Pearl Harbor. Hahahahaha

  • KosherPork

    So what if Froyo isnt coming out quick enough for people, if at all. Boo Hoo! Enjoy this great phone as it is and stop whining about something you dont have control over. Is it really worth getting your blood pressure level raised through the roof? This is quite sad to see the world acting like a 2-year-old that is basically saying"I want what I want, when I want it, or Im going to throw my phone away or sell it."….really people? like I said boo hoo.

    • dennis

      i think the point is, i bought my "S" phone because it was going to get froyo, or i would have held out for the g1, as i loved my g1, and still have it. All i am saysing is that T-mobile said that the phone would get it, Samsung said it would get it, and still we see even the slowest most incompetent droid get it, and cheaper phones getting it, but i paid 250.00 for each one (bought my wife one too based on the promise from these people). thats 500.00 for a device that is not getting what i paid for in return, now i have to wait another 9 months to get a new phone and i can tell you this, it will not be a samsung product, cause if i cant get what i was promised, they why buy thier product right?

  • Ankheperure

    What's a "mute" point?

    • It's a point, but you just can't hear it

    • Pete

      A mute point is a point that, despite being made, it doesn't really have relevance of meaning – usually becuase something ese has superceded the point since it was made.

  • irishdrummer

    Although I too,wait patiently,for any Froyo update to my Galaxy S Vibrant, Its a mute point. You shouldnt buy a phone in hopes that it will get something to make it better. You buy a phone that is productive and useful to you WHEN YOU PURCHASE IT!! If you get an update or better software down the line, look at it as a blessing to a already great phone. Dont get me wrong,I would love for a 2.2 update on my Vibrant, however, I am not gonna piss and moan while waiting for something that may or may not happen. If it does,GREAT…if not, my Vibrant is still in the top 3 of any phone I have ever owned. Be patient…good things come to those who wait. peace

    • KosherPork

      Amazing! I posted something on another site that was almost identical to what you are saying. The phone is great as is. If it gets froyo then that would be double icing on the cake. I love this phone just the way it is and people are WAY TOO IMPATIENT for things that may or may not happen. If froyo does get released people have to realize that it will happen when it happens. People having a hizzy fit is not going to make the update roll out any quicker. I applaude you IrishDrummer! We are on the same wave-length about this great phone. "Be patient…good things come to those who wait."….I couldnt have said it better myself and I know this Irishdrummer…you and I are probably the only ones not raising our blood pressure levels over something we have no control over.

      • David

        At least three of us. Happy with what I have (and what I knowingly signed up for) – delighted when Froyo arrives.

    • David

      Moot point

    • MelW

      Totally agree with you guys. The Vibrant is a great phone and I love it. Froyo will be, as you stated, icing on the cake. I'll look forward to it if it happens. :o)

    • Thomas

      Sad, but Im sure people dont even understand what it is that they are waiting on…..They just know "its the latest software update…." If they are THAT impatient, then root the damn phone and get froyo yourself! There are plenty of ways to root and flash mods on to your phone. This phone is awesome, it has so many better features then what I had (G1). If you feel the need to want froyo now, root it. Step up, and stop acting like the rest of the moron cry babies…..

    • @irishdrummer –> What you are not understanding is that there are a handful of galaxy S vibrants that have GPS problems, mine of which is one fo them. Not all of them do, but the ones that do take up to 5 or ten minutes to acquire a signal, and then place you up to 100m away from where you are. Paying for a top end phone such as the galaxy S, i expect things to work properly. When its a known issue and samsung doesnt fix it, obviously customers will get angry. I dont care whether or not 2.2 is faster and allows for flash and tethering, i just want my phone to work the way it was advertised when i first bought it, i.e. a working GPS…

    • TheDude

      I'm in the same boat. I just upgraded from a G1 and, despite the fact that it doesn't have Froyo, I love this phone. I would obviously love to have 2.2 but I'm not going to go throw away or break a perfectly good phone just because T-Mobile is taking forever to get Froyo out.

  • WootGui

    HTC is also from an Asian company. Makes you look really ignorant by saying that.

  • Nick

    If Samsung doesn’t get the wheels rolling on this thing, 4 million Samsung phones will hit the bottom of the trash can on the way to the Apple store.

  • Shashank

    I am absolutele hating this.. i regularly check the net for galaxy s froyo update coz its been promised to come at the end of september.. may be two times a day.. and if i come to know that its going to be even late for 1 more month, i get very angry at samsung. other phones got the update very soon. there is still no OFFICIAL announcement of an update from samsung i guess.. why do we pay this much money for!!?? i want my money back or i want the update till end of september. i can not wait till android 3.0 will be anounced and samsung is still making promises..
    from INDIA

  • blaaaah

    I almost bought Samsung S Galaxy but if this is the case, that everu f**ng month is waiting waiting waiting and waiting for some update that came out SIX MONTHS AGO to Other phones !!! Samsung is CRAP!!!

  • Rob k

    Well if they don’t keep up with their promise of late september I’m going back to my faulty iphone 3g until its out. The email issues are just horrendous…

  • Scrilla

    For T-Mobile Vibrant users: According to T-Mobile corporate, whom I have asked about this Google will be sending the update to T-Mobile and they will then provide the link to where to get the update via text message. This is scheduled to happen at the end of this month. According to T-Mobile, as Google licences Android and the Vibrant is licenced to them Samsung has nothing to do with it. I assume perhaps incorrectly, that similar deals will apply with the other US carriers (except of course, Motorola who has the flagship Android phones). Now what that means for folks who have the unlocked handsets…

    • Thomas

      That is nonsense. All hardware drivers come from the manufacturer – Samsung in this case.

  • Slipped It In

    Samsung never said the Galaxy S phones would be getting Froyo in September. One of their employees spread a rumor without verifying their information. The chances of the Galaxy S phones getting Froyo are probably as likely as Verizon getting an Apple iPhone.

    • duh

      Good, cause they are getting the iphone.

  • wolf1000

    Sorry to disappoint but the wait will be useless as Samsung have no intention of updating the galaxy S to froyo…its all just marketing to push their Galaxy S, look at Sony xperia x10 it never did got an update also…..Asian companies like samsung and sony do business differently than their western counterparts specially when it comes to support, they suck!and they never do it! They rather have you buy a new phone than give you freebies..we have to know that samsung earn thru selling hardwares and not softwares.

    • Nutty

      LOL… If Samsung wasn't udating the Galaxy S to Froyo, then why has the update already been released for some countries?

    • alan

      Dude…most of the support center in the world are from asia.we got to do the job because you guys dumb ass westerners are bad on customer service. Wtf are you saying? Experia x10 is partly Ericsson’s of europe as will.get your facts right buddy.galaxy s is going to be upgraded sooner or later. Period.

    • scuba

      Wow dude nutty just fucking raped you read up a couple comments you tool

  • jan

    Fucking Samsung, If i dont get froyer. I Wil break my galaxy s phone.

    • assher

      Dude do it now, october already better do it now.

  • lwalty

    (Over 4 weeks ago) Froyo release date in September…. waiting… waiting… Froyo release date – end of September… waiting… waiting.. Froyo release date – end of October… waiting… waiting.. Oh, every Android phone except American Samsung Galaxy S phones get Froyo… waiting… waiting… News Flash, Samsung is releasing its TAB with Froyo, no Galaxy S… waiting… waiting… Cell phone contract is up, ready to by a Android 3.0 phone. My old Vibrant NEVER got Froyo.

    • marcel

      i heard that samsung said "that everyone that bought a samsung galaxy s in canada under bell mobility will get a update to 2.2 through samsung kies".

    • Kait

      Not just US galaxy s users, UK are still awaiting froyo x

      • crumpet

        Ausfag reporting in

        Kies is a load of crap. I much preferred the simple pc suites, for example, the nokia suite, which didn’t chew through my computer’s resources…

        Still waiting for 2.2, haven’t checked kies in over two weeks though.

        GT-I9000 T

  • markyboy

    Typical, Samsung post a twitter stating end of September, so all Galaxy S users excitedly await, only to be told now its a month longer. Well, if i dont get Froyo by end of September, then my phone is going to go. I just hate broken promises from all these manufacturers. Iwalty hit the nail on the head, dont make statements you cant keep.

    • guest

      wow, what a bunch of cry babies…lol

      are you experiencing that many problems to cry a river like this?

      • m0rt15

        Troll, troll, troll

        • guestmenicely

          Orc, Orc, Orc!

  • nchc

    I fail to see why a delay in releasing froyo to the galaxy S is "good news".
    It's actually 4 million units sold world wide, with China to figures to come-1 million in both Korea and USA.

  • Denver Appraiser

    Shame on Samsung for waiting 3 months to release the update. Motorola is working much faster. I guess the sale of 1 million units is not enough to put some coders on the project.

    • M.R

      Actually samsung is not at all focused towards “android” galaxy bt they are just focused at expanding their own OS the BADA…………

      • Jim

        True…. Though, why would they do through all of the trouble of promoting two competing OS's???

        • gs man

          More products more profit