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PS3 3D PlayMemories App: NEX-5/NEX-3, WX5 and TX9 Required

Sony seems to be going 3D mad all of a sudden, not only with their range of cameras and TVs but also on their PS3 games console as well. Yesterday firmware update 3.50 was made available for the PlayStation 3; allowing for 3D Blu-ray movie support – we can now inform you that the PlayMemories is also available for download from PSN.

According to Donald Melanson from Engadget, this new application makes it possible for you to not only view 2D images but 3D ones as well. However, you will need to make certain that your photos were taken with a 3D-compatible camera from Sony, such as the NEX-5/NEX-3, WX5 or TX9.

The application is free to download, but just remember that you will also need a 3DTV, this can either be one from the BRAVIA range or other brands – including LG, Samsung or Panasonic.

You will only be able to download PlayMemories if your PS3 has firmware update 3.40 or higher, so you had best download v3.50 to have the most up-to-date firmware. Although you had best read a few of these problems that users have been experiencing first.



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