Nintendo 3DS: Release Date Confirmed via Twitter?

By Alan Ng - Sep 22, 2010

We have some details on the release of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan now, as an interesting Tweet by a Japanese Peripheral Developer was quickly removed after it was posted online – coincidence or not?

As stated over at DigThatBox, the employee used to work for Japanese company Keys Factory. He confirmed in his tweet that the company would be developing accessories for the Nintendo 3DS after launch, and that the launch date in Japan would be November 20th.

Why would the information be posted and removed so quickly? Did the user remove it himself, or did Nintendo hear of it and took action immediately? We can’t say for sure, but it does look like the pieces are slowly starting to form together nicely.

Further information on the website reveals that Nintendo has a press conference scheduled for September 29th. This will probably be used to slap a solid release date on the handheld, which will firmly put the rumors to bed.

Do you know any other details on the release of the 3DS? There is a recap of recent rumors in the link above.

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  • julius

    o my god people nintendo said america was geting 3ds before japan why do you even care how old it is ,its comin out soon and i found this site helpfull so you guys can go fuck your selves

  • eric

    this site sucks

    • Dan

      I agree. This is like a month old. Who didn’t know that Sept. 29th was the press conference date. That’s been established for like 2 months. Get up to date on your stuff.

  • danny

    This isn't even a week old it's more like two or three weeks old.

  • Geddings

    this is not news this is a week old stop posting things that others have already posted a wek ago as "news".

    • Alan Ng

      It is 'news' to our readers Geddings. You can always go elsewhere, we won't miss you.

      • joshua dale

        nice way to respond to your readers who made the site what it is.