Nintendo 3DS: Full Specs List before Release?

By Alan Ng - Sep 22, 2010

If you are planning to pick up a Nintendo 3DS handheld, we have some important news for you, as a list of rumored specs for the device have been detailed by gaming website IGN.

According to their article, they have gathered the information from their ‘sources’, as well as accumulating all of the known information on the 3DS so far.

They believe that the 3DS will come with two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, 64MB RAM, 4MB of dedicated VRAM, a 133MHz GPU and also 1.5GB flash storage on top of SD card support.

Don’t forget that we previously told you that the graphics capabilities claimed to be on par with the likes of the PS3 and Xbox 360, so whatever happens, this thing is going to fly off the shelves at launch.

Take a look at IGN’s report in full here and let us know your thoughts on the 3DS hardware.

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  • gigabait

    The thing is super slow trust me…