Killzone 3 Review: 3D Impresses – Move does not

By Peter Chubb - Sep 22, 2010

Killzone 3 (see three gameplay videos) is going to be a different animal to the previous two titles, as the game will not only support 3D but the new PlayStation Move as well. This is a big step for Sony and could make or break the game, with fears that the motion-control technology could take the seriousness away from the game.

Matt M from Critical Gamer has now spent some time with Killzone 3 and has written a hands-on review, and from the start you can tell that he was a fan of the 3D technology used, but not with Move – stating that he was never happy with motion controls in the first place.

Matt gets straight into it by saying that trying to aim crosshairs with motion control was very difficult, this was because it was flying all over the place – something that we are all familiar with on the Nintendo Wii.

Having said that, 3D more than makes up for this, with Matt saying that he was very impressed with it and that it was “relatively unobtrusive.” The 3D aspect of the game could not be any different to Move, the former integrating nicely, the latter certainly lacks in that area.

Killzone 3 like its predecessor is a game that looks the part, and hopefully the 3D element is a great addition. However, the Move side of things could have serious gamers complaining in their droves. We will not have that long to wait, with February being the expected release date.

What are you looking forward to more with Killzone 3 – 3D or Move?

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  • mauro

    I think it works great ,you just need to set it up to your taste.

  • Milfredo

    Loving the move as well on the beta. Once you get used to turning and aiming it makes it so much easier, personally it's kore like a mouse on a PC.

  • James

    Been playing with the move (ingun attachment) on beta… amazing, once you get the settings right it becomes the most addictive game around. Already pre-ordered the sharpshooter!

  • omillias

    okay the reviewer doesnt know what hes talking about just spent 4 hours using the move and i cant go back to using the dualshock the level of accuracy isnt there with the dual shock i could snipe with the LMG! any how it much more engageing with the motion controller i use it with a pistol accessory maybe thats what he needs. Very Fun

  • tazdevil

    After completing Black ops on a 54 inch panasonic 3d tv i couldn't disagree more about 3d being just a gimick. It is amazing how much more precise you can be as you have a proper perspective in the world and can see enemies that much more clearly than in 2d.

    i found the game far easier to play in 3d. Crysis 2 looks incredible in 3d as well.
    Can't wait for killzone 3 . As for move support it can work well. Plus you can use it for the onrail shooting part of killzone 3 like in dead space extraction. (move is brilliant for this game) . and then just use the dual shock for the main part of the game. Choice is yours so i find it hard to contemplate people knocking a developer who has put so much effort in that it caters for just about anyone and their individual preferred play styles.

  • GeeeeeFORCE!!

    The Sharpshooter gun looks the balls… I'm def picking that up.
    The review said the crosshares where all over the place… Go into options and tone down the sensitivity, You'll find its much more responsive… sure using the move is not as easy and pick up and play as the dual shock, but once you get the knack of it, you'll never go back…
    Killzone 3 Helghast edition pre ordered, sharpshooter Pre ordered, excitment building! 😀

  • chris

    All I know is the Game better not be down rated because of the Move. Specially IGN!!!!!!

  • alan

    The controller does exist, it's called the sharpshooter, very cool gameplay possiblities, as far as 3d, that's the gimmick

  • daz

    there is a gun that you can add on to the move controller but it doesnt feel any better.i think fps should stick with the dualshock controller

  • Marchand

    Why don't they create a move controller for FPS in the shape of a gun? it might give the new dimension to the hole concept…

    • Charles

      There's quite a few already.. it would be great if Killzone came with an "official" controller..

  • john

    bring on a ps3 assualt rifle with force feedback for the move. Make it lightweight with durable material and include crosshairs and a stock. Then it will change the fps experience… I'll be waiting in line for that one… do it SONY now!

  • Blitz

    Has anyone tried these games using the Move Battle Rifle for a first person shooter? I think using the Move alone would be difficult because your holding it like a wand not a gun.. but with the gun attachment I think that pointing and shooting would be very natural. I will not know until I try it, but I really think that it should work well.

  • maddogg

    I’d like to see the 3d b4 i commit to an answer. but i dont think id like it with move. just to shaky. motion controllers have a time and place. and its not on helgan…

  • RpiesSPIES

    i don't have either, but i dislike the ps3 move.
    but, i would prefer the 3-d over the move mainly because…. i'd prefer only using motion sensing on cod games (WaW on the Wii is fun as f***), people who say it's harder, just don't know how to aim a controller, i'd rather use a normal controller, mainly because, with the slight difficulties of holding your weapon steady, with motion controls, it may be the difference between killing the guy shooting at you, or not killing him.
    Killzone games are much too hardcore, and awesomely realistic, to use motion control with EFFECTIVELY. Also, sniping with motion control is hard (again, from Wii experience) but not entirely difficult, the killzone 2 motion control with the normal ps3 controller when you scope in has no visible effect, mainly because people don't vigorously shake their hands while they snipe.
    3D, yes, Move, no

  • Doug

    PS Move for sure!

  • Shadow

    The Move works with MAG? I did not know that.

    Anyway, I agree with ParanoidAndroid. I got the Move and am enjoying the games that make good use of it. Including Sports Champion, Tumble and RUSE.

  • I am sooo confused. 1st person shooters on Wii may look worse as far as graphics go, but motion controls are just waaaay more realistic. So, for me, I would absolutely LOVE Move on PS3 first person shooters. I mean, you graphics whores are always talking about just how GREAT realistic graphics are, but when it comes to realistic controls, they suck? Why?

    You want realism right? Well, not really. You just want your blood and guts to be coming out of realistic looking figures.

    Listen, I hate to bitch, but I just don't understand it. Motion controls add a certain kind of hardness and bring back skill required to play games and not just by the need of remembering buttons. This is the best move (no pun intended) for video games. Kinect is another story because you need a controller in your hands. But, why do you like playing with a regular controller and watching your character move his view around as if his head is attached to his weapon? It's much more realistic to have a free moving arm and weapon from the characters head.

    Best thing I can say is: get used to it…

  • djreplay

    So how is Move going to have us serious gamers complaining in droves?

  • Link01

    I'm sorry, it's harder to play FPSs with Move. I'd know because I've been trying to master MAG with it. It's harder, but farrrr better. Far more addicting too. So I highly disagree with you guys.

  • ParanoidAndroid

    Let's face it, motion controllers, no matter what company makes it, are just not very conducive to first person shooters. If I buy Move, it will be because of all of the fun motion type of games that are perfectly suited for motion controls (as the Wii has so successfully shown in its existence), not for any FPS. I may try it out on Killzone 3, but just for the novelty. But, in the end, the regular controller is the only way to go with any FPS.