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Internet Explorer 9 Beta (IE9): Impressive Two Day Download Figures

Last week Microsoft released the Internet Explorer 9 beta, as with any beta launch there were a few problems, however on the whole things went pretty smoothly.

Now 7 days after the launch Microsoft have revealed some pretty impressive download figures, apparently in just two days more than two million copies of the IE9 beta were downloaded, which is far better than the 1.3 million downloads that the IE8 beta racked up in its first 5 days.

According to analysts the IE9 beta now has a 0.07% global usage share in the net applications market, it will be interesting to see how this changes when the proper IE9 release is rolled out via Windows Update.

These figures are impressive, however are not really comparable to the Mozilla Firefox 3 launch back in 2008, this saw 8.3 million downloads within its first 24 hours, whilst Firefox 3.5 saw two million downloads within a few hours of its launch.

Did you download the IE9 beta? If so, is it now your browser of choice?

Source: ComputerWorld


  • OLDmyrt

    I loved ie9 but I had a problem with it because it would show that I was not on line when I was and when I went to tools to uncheck the working off line option it would pop up a dial up screen to have me go on line but that would not let me go on line because it didn’t have my dial up option on there or any other option so I had to go back to ie8 and that was only with help from my server. I didn’t know it would be listed under the update options so I had to go to the updates view update history and once I found it on there I could remove it and the ie8 came back after I restarted my computer. When it gets better I will down load it again but I had no way of getting any help to fix the problem I was having. It would be nice to have a number or email to communicate my problem. I could get my email and use my Family Tree Maker to search so it was really strange.

  • phil

    No, it keeps shutting down on me.

  • guest

    I did download I.E.9 beta and it is my browser of choice. I'm using it right now. I am, though becoming somewhat fond of Google Chrome. It's light and peppy. I.E. 9 is fast also.

  • Grace

    I can't download it because I only have Windows XP. UGH!

  • Hannibal

    does this IE get updates through windows updater?


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