HTC HD7 (Windows Phone 7): EU Release Date and Price Confirmed?

By Alan Ng - Sep 22, 2010

For those of you who were unwilling to believe the initial rumors surrounding the release of the HTC HD3 handset, we now have further details for you now on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 device.

According to this report from RedmondPie, the HTC HT3 has once again been identified as the ‘HD7’ and the handset has appeared in some leaked documents from the German O2 network.

If the document is correct, then the HD7 will be launching in Europe on October 18th and will be available from O2 priced at 550 Euros off-contract – that works out at around $720 USD. The document also lists contract prices, and for a two-year deal with O2, the HD7 will be available for only €79, with the customer paying €20 per month.

What are your thoughts on these latest findings? Don’t forget that HTC has yet to officially announce the handset yet, but that is now twice that the HD7 has appeared in the wild.

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