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GreenPois0n iPhone Jailbreak 4.1: Users Not Scared To Download

There is no denying that iPhone users have mixed opinions when it comes to jailbreaking. Alan Ng decided to run a poll asking if our readers were scared of the GreenPois0n iPhone Jailbreak 4.1?

There was certainly a huge gap on how they voted, in short 91 percent of you voted in favor of using Greenpois0n jailbreak. Alan seemed to already know how users were going to vote, but it is just nice to get that confirmation.

It does seem shocking that only 4 percent of you voted to stay official, while just 1 percent stating other reasons. There has always been this fear that Jailbreaking is unsafe, but one reader said that as long as you follow the instructions, you should have no issues.

Another reader had a good point, saying that they were holding off on jailbreaking until they learn what Apple plans to do with the rumored kill switch patent that we reported a short time ago. Were you shocked with how iPhone users voted?


  • RAM22

    Will my iTunes account get locked if I jail break my iPod

  • ric

    i got problem with installing game like street fighter o cooking mama. i got no idea how to install it.

  • ryan

    it works i just did it.. jailbroke 4.1 thank you guys!!!

  • Timmus

    Used the program no problems, except i seem to be having some signal issues and i’m wondering is this my phone or the jailbrake?

  • }<(((*> }<(((*>

    ah good then hopefully wont have to wait for the 4.2 release. I just got a iPhone4 and it is incredibly drab without my favorite cydia goodies installed.

  • cadsii

    I just did an article about the 4.1 jailbreak progress with MuscleNerd.

    Here is what musclenerd answered today sept 29 8pm

    Well there has been soooo much speculations about the 4.1 jailbreak, we managed to get a few minutes with @MuscleNerd from the DevTeam about the progress in the 4.1 jailbreak, and asked the following questions.

    How long have you guys been developing the 4.1 jailbreak ?

    > In some sense, years! Many of the tools, methods, and concepts carry over from one jailbreak to the next. But as far as the stuff that's brand new and unique to this jailbreak, things really picked up on the day that @pod2g got his SHAtter exploit and payload working ( )

    How many people are working on the 4.1 Jailbreak ?

    > Including both teams and independent contributors who belong to neither team, about 8-10 people are working on the unique aspects of this jailbreak.

    Will the 4.1 jailbreak be 4.2 compatible ?

    > If it's not already compatible by the time 4.2 comes out, it can likely be made to be co

    Here is the link on our site


    Mario dabek

  • michael

    @emsir i followed your instructions got to error code after restore clicked the kick me out of recovery in tinyumbrella. phone restarted an still running on jb 3.1.3?

    i was using a 4.0.1 restore downloaded from iphonehacks website.

  • cadsii

    what ever seo your doing, good job taking me down to 2 and i got 10 fold the links u do

  • ShadowChaos

    I'm waiting for 4.2 in November then'll jailbreak.

  • motor

    4.1 isnt jailbreakable with poison yet . It wont work for 3gs because theres no bug fuuc

  • jfyi

    4.1 will be jailbreakable… just give the chronic dev team time, and the official website is all other sites are fake and will probably have viruses.

  • mucka

    @esmir : thanx dude for reply, the problem im facing is im getting error at start of TinyUmbrela says i have no privilage….port 80 canot be access …..
    couldnt find ANY solution all day long !!!
    im using Win 7, 32bit. i did netstat -a -b and couldnt figure out whos using it, bcos i saw [svhost] and couldnt find on task mngr to kill the process !! and svhost usually cant kill cos its systems….
    so how can i backup SHSH?

  • Jarson

    This voting doesn't say clear truth. Look, if you put a poll into a Arsenal London website with question: Which team is best? it's obvious which answer will be more times choosed.

  • emsir

    There is no way to jailbreak your Iphone if you have IOS 4.1 installed, no one have ever managed to jailbreak IOS 4.1. Thats the truth!
    If you want a jailbroken Iphone DO NOT upgrade to IOS 4.1.
    If you have, only way is to downgrade to 3.1.3, 4.0, But remember you have to have SHS for these. Downgrade is a little trickty, but it can be done.
    Get TinyUmbrella and Recboot.
    Open ITunes and connect your Iphone, open TinyUmbrella let it find your Iphone, start TSS server and Tiny Umbrella will shut down ITunes. Open Itunes and you can Restore. Hit L.Shift and browse for IOS 4.01, start to Restore and let TinyUmbrella stay open. When you get the error popup, hit the "get me out of recovery mode" in TinyUmbrella, Your Iphone is now restored to 4.01. If you want the 3.1.3 IOS do it AFTER the IOS 4.01 downgrade. But here you have to use Recboot to get you out of Recocery Mode. Succeded, I did it and very happy to have a jailbroken Iphone .

    • michael

      emsir i tried everything you said in your comment am using a 3gs new bootrom on 3.1.3 spirit jb. ssh was saved longtime ago for 3.1.3 up to 4.0.2 so no problem there. as i said followed your instructions did the process got the error code clicked kick out of recovery mode in tiny_umbrella phone restarted an was still running as per normal on jb 3.1.3

      any ideas?

    • Wilson

      what jailbreak do u use for 4.0.2?

      • akz999

        You can't JB 4.0.2 wait till tomorrow morning, and jailbreak 4.1 but be careful not to use itunes to upgrade to 4.1 if you rely on ultrasn0w to unlock your baseband; use tinyumbrella to preserve baseband

  • mucka

    btw when i run iREB it freeze middle of the way ( Waiting for iBSS) tried hundred times.

  • mucka

    is this not the site of greenpois0n :
    it asks to do the survey and i saw some videos on youtube ppl attempt JB with GP !

    i've got 3gs ios 4.1 new boot MC, and afer attempting with the latest Snobreeze i've got error 1600 in iTune ! tried all the possible ways to bypass the error ( uninstall complete ,all the appl sw and deleted the app directory even….)nothing works !

    any help plz

    • gary

      use ireb, that will bypass errors.

  • lone

    if your going to insult someone for stupidity please at least know what your talking about there have been fakes attempting to lure people in to downloading viruses hes only trying to be helpfull

  • iphonerification

    HAHA hey WELLWISHER!! Greenpois0n hasn't even been released yet.. How do YOU know it's a trojan? OOOOooo iSNAPPLE!!
    Another example of stupidity..


    Greenpois0n is a trojan–DO NOT DOWNLOAD

    • Black metal

      No it is not, it hasn’t even been released yet :/

    • iPhoneknowitall

      greenpois0n is not a trojan it isnt even out yet there are many fake sites that say they have the download but they do not that is where you got the trojan virus from. When the release comes out HOPEFULLY soon then it should be safe to download

  • Mike P

    You must keep in mind however that this is a biased vote as most of the people who took part in the poll would have found the page by searching for any more updates on the 4.1 jailbreak and as such i am very much unsurprised by how the vote turned out.


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