Google Docs: 6 New Fonts Available

By Jamie Pert - Sep 22, 2010

If you have used Google Docs in the past you may have noticed that there aren’t too many fonts to choose from, Google has addressed this issue and have added six new fonts for you to use.

The six new fonts are Droid Serif, Droid Sans, Calibri, Cambria, Consolas and Corsiva, it is thought that Google may introduce more fonts in the near future including other languages such as Greek and Hebrew.

Recently Google also launched the Google Font API, this allows web designers to include new web fonds in their site designs, prior to this fonts needed to be installed on the local machine, which meant web designers only used common fonts.

With the additional six fonts added it gives Google Docs 17 font choices, this should be sufficient for most users, however I’m sure that many of you would prefer more.

What font would you like Google Docs to add?

Source: InformationWeek

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