Droid X: Android 2.2 Froyo Update Problems – Do you have any?

By Peter Chubb - Sep 22, 2010

Yesterday we reported that Verizon confirmed that Droid X Android 2.2 Froyo Update would be ready for an OTA today. Alan Ng gave us an update to this news by offering us details on the confirmed release times. Looking at those times there is just a few hours to go, so you best be ready.

As with all updates there is sure to be a few problems, take the recent Android 2.2 Froyo update for the HTC Droid Incredible, we reported that there were issues with the performance of the battery.

There were also issues for Google Nexus One users who updated to the new mobile OS. However, it seemed that as the update was released too earlier that was the main cause – removing the update solved this.

So now you have spent some time with the update for the Motorola Droid X, now it is time to share your findings with our users. What problems do you have – if any?

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  • Libeacc60

    My droid x would not boot all the way up.  It gets to the red eye and will not go past it.  This started Saturday.  I have ordered my 4th phone today.  They all seem to do the same error.  I am wondering if this is due to an update?

  • Liz

    i just got the new update and when i go into sound settings and press "notification settings" it vibrates twice and the screen goes black and a message pops up saying sorry something… anyone else have this issue??

  • Brian R

    my phone is having multiple problems, the battery life blows even worse than it already did and i cant even open up text messaging. If i click the text icon it just goes to a blacked out screen and doesnt pull up anything. also not receiving any texts. phone is also pretty laggy.

  • GregX

    Cannot get it to have a notification tone without a vibration. In order to get it to stop vibrating on incoming messages, I need to shut off all notification (i.e. silent) and set vibrate to never.

  • TBC

    Did the update two days ago. It seems another thing locks up every half day. The Market icon has a smaller icon on it. When I touch it the message is the application is not installed, but I can't install it. The Bluetooth went down this morning. Very slow.

  • Barbara

    I've had problems with syncing calendars. I'll post something on phone and it won't post on Google calendars and vice versa. Also, my Twitter feed won't display and I can't delete it to set it up again — it keeps getting an error. Verizon told me my only option is to set it back to factory settings. Any way to go back to the previous version of software? 2.2 Stinks!

  • asadullah

    i can not download anything from the net for my huawei ideos someone help me

  • Steve

    No access to Market, cannot post of get updates on FB

  • Installed version 2.2 and I can’t hear my ongoing or outgoing calls even though I am connectedconnected

  • bill

    i have no market app anymore. when i try to get flash it says "permission denied". just naviagting the phone is slower and appkiller shows there is less available memory after start up. i noticed also weatherbug can't be killed anymore. i JUST updated and i havent made any calls or texts.

  • REe

    my market app was completely un-installed and there seems to be no way to re-install

  • John

    Corded headset know longer works on voice dial when you press button on headset. Music player begins to play instead..

  • Jess

    As of today, october 14 2010 the verizon store rep told me that google will either be releasing something on their site or in store regarding the latest 2.2 fail. Apparently it was a fail across the board. You can hard reset your phone but I do that almost 8 times a week I don’t even bother customizing anymore. Google will revert you back or to the new 3.0 I guess is the plan but that’s what I’ve heard from store reps. The price you pay to be on the cutting edge I guess. Bunk.

  • AlanInBoston

    I just updated to 2.2 and now when it retrieves my email on a pop3 server all snails are dated DEC 31, 1969. I had D2 with 2.2 and it did the same thing so I swapped to the X which was great until I upgraded.

    Anybody know a cure?


  • cheryl

    Since my update i am not able to play any of my downloaded music files say's does not support this player, also screen freezes can't disconnect calls internet almost at a crawl when looking up something ring tones that were set go back to factory randomly and have to do a battery pull to get the phone to reset. I was also told to do a total system restore which said would correct the problem but guess what NOT once again a lie. I had to redo the phone all over again . I am really starting to think that Verizon just doesn't give a crap about their customers cause it seems to be more aggravation then anything.I am so disappointed that I got this phone what a let down. They better fix this our I am too getting rid of this brick.

  • tristan

    Does anyone else notice u on websites u have to click on links sometimes 2 times for them to go? Like before it always at least highlighted my choice but now its like one click to get off scrolling up/down an other to actually click/highlight ur choice.

  • Aaron

    So far everything seems okay for me except the battery manager force closes when i try to view details. My droid x was completely stock.

  • Jen F.

    And on my locked screen I have a bell with an error message. Any idea what this could be?!?

  • lawrence

    wow…updated this morning 2.2! Cant hear calls,,it says its connected and my media isnt playing through my speaker now..this stinks

  • dol

    Everything is working fine on my Droid Incredible but the phone can't be off the charger for more than four-five hours. To charge the phone the phone must be turned off or the running apps burn through any new charge.

    I kill everything constantly, doesn't make a difference. This phone is unusable away from a power source.

  • droid

    not many problems just wish i could uninstall the update, Youtube does not load cids from the app but from the browser they load fine

  • N

    After the 2.2 update, my unrooted DroidX is slower: some operations freeze momentarily (about 20 seconds) then resume. Keystokes during that time are buffered, then playback.

    Never experienced this with 2.1

  • tristan

    But before on the volume bar it could go from sound to vibrate to silent. There is no way to have those now

  • greg s

    Install the update keep getting motorola symbol. Must remove battery.

    This is bs! Camcorder switches to camera unexpendedly. Had to pull battery at least 20 times to restart. Seemed to only restart when plugged into wall charger.


  • will

    Too many problems to list. Its frustrating enough as it is to be taunted by the ongoing adavcements in the upgrades but when they release it and it causes your phone to perform slower, less responsive, and web sites load slower. Flash integration a wonderful idea but at the cost of doubling web site load time, huh. If your gonna improve your software and boast its an upgrade make sure, simply make sure that it is.

  • Sal

    The date and time motoblur widget won't keep time. runs slow like an old watch?

  • susan

    Previously I could slide the speaker bar on the hibernate screen and instantly all sounds, including vibrate, would turn off. Now when I do that, sounds go off, but vibrate remains, which is very loud. I am annoyed because I can’t find a way to silence it without either taking extra steps, or just powering it off. Previously was so simple.

  • eddie

    Im not even able to install 2.2 on my droid x

  • Robert

    When I updated, my home and search buttons stopped working. I can use them use wake it up from sleep, but not anywhere else, so it’s a software problem. My phone also won’t lock. If I clock the lock button, the display will turn off, but no password will be prompted for when I wake it up. Should I call verizon or is there a way to fix this?

  • Chris

    I haven’t had near the problems with my update as others, however can’t switch to silent mode completely now with out using home screen widget, facebook is no longer allowing me to scroll up and down profiles (threw default browser, other then that no issues. Used the new flash, seemed to work very well on redskins.com, sweet!!!

  • shane

    Sometimes my camera and camcorder will fail to open…I have to turn it off and back on to fix this…but it keeps coming back every now and again

  • RSK

    Since the update, my droid X won't pull/fetch my hotmail or yahoo mail. Very disappointing.

  • brandon

    since ive updated it i cannot make calls but i can recieve them, if i try calling a number all it does is erase the number ive put in.. if i click on my text message icon just a black screen appears, no text messages are coming through at all.. but my internet works

  • bmm

    I can’t make or receive a call. When I make a call, I don’t hear it ring, nor do I hear the person when they pick up. When someone calls me, it rings, but I can’t hear the person on the other end.

  • Tim

    Issues –

    1. Contacts set as shortcuts do not have the right images.
    2. Volume no longer lets you go below vibrate -to silent. With volume buttons.
    3. Google Voice actions (Hold magnifying button down) Email / Text – DO NOT work. 0% accuracy so far on getting it to input spoken contact name and message. Have yet to get spoken name to even work. (Phone voice commands work still though)
    4.GPS not locking in locations, sits and spins waiting for location.

    Overall the voice recognition has gotten worse, and the gps stuff as well. Probably because VZW wants you to use and pay for VZ Nav. Who knows but really wishing I could go back to previous version.

  • John

    I havent had any issues with the new update. My phone has been incredibly fast actually. The only problem I have had is that when I receive a text message it doesnt move it up to the top of the list. I have to go through a list of all my texts to find the message I just received.

  • Mike

    Besides a few lockups the first day everything is working great. Sorry to hear about all these problems. Apparently I dodged a bullet with the update.

  • Taylor

    The volume controls suck, having to choose between silent or vibrate and not both..also, i set my phone to vibrate never and it vibrates everytime the volume is on. texting sucks.. ill start texting and the words will show up 5 sec later..really annoying. the gps never works it's always searching for location. overall the phone is very laggy compared to before.

  • Paul

    Updated last night. After update, the phone turned back on and was stuck with the Motorola M logo screen.
    Everything seemed to be working though. Though stuck with the M, using my visual memory, I was able to receive calls, make calls (but I couldn't see what number I was dialing) and do almost everything else (play music, switch it off, send receive texts). So it's like the display screen gets messed up with the update. The rest of the phone functions seemed fine.
    I switched it off and restarted multiple times and it got fixed. Later though, the phone hung up again, this time in my music player screen, then I restarted again using my visual memory, and got stuck with the M screen again. So I did a couple of restarts and it got fixed. This is annoying

  • bert

    I had no issues with the install. BUT, now that the install is done, how do i get rid of the update package? Now when i connect the droid X to my MAC, i get the install package come up on my desktop as an icon (along with the icon for the external sd card).

    it is annoying.

  • Lauren

    I just got the update. Seems to be working fine. Sound works. App market loads. I have new widgets I didn’t have ten Mins ago. Some of the icons look different as well. Seems to be working tho. Crossing my fingers that it doesn’t bsomepeople’s people’s have

  • i’m using the voice input method. most of the this message to go into the illegible because now my phone is broken from the updates notice its not doing anything the gal busy i’ll even make sense

    there are random applications all over my phone i did not install

    none of my settings work anymore

    i’m not getting notified of new voice mail are text messages

    mike added a bunch of that nonsense words to my dictionary

    Rr the internet is not even work

    i thought this phone 2 weeks ago mm now i’ll probably have to return it and get a new 1

    i am extremely mad

    Ok, typing via swype now… Don’t you love how my speech recognition function no longer works? Fan freaking tastic.


  • Ngrant

    I haven't had a lot of time to play with it. My bluetooth randomly disconnecting problem was resolved. YAY, BUT The phone is much slower for me now. It is also temporarily freezing at random times, and requiring much more touching to get action going. So far, I am completely unsatisfied.

  • Tommy

    Did the update today around 1:00 or so and took about 7 minutes and the phone shut down like it said it would and then it came back on. Since then have had no trouble with any thing on the phone. The system seems to be running faster now and the battery has not ran down like it normally does. I guess I am one of the few that is happy with the updates.

  • Dwight

    one of my calendars just vanished! On my google calendar page my work schedule is still there but on my phone none of the work dates are displaying. The phone says it has it listed though… :-/

  • Jaybird

    No music or tones plays when I plug my audio jack to the phone. Applications have gone haywire. Just a while ago all the sudden my apps looks like it’s controlling itself moving around on the screen, nothing happens when I touch the screen, like someone was doing a remote on my phone. When I receive or make a call, while on the call there is a constant beeping sound every 10 seconds, I tried to figure out a way to turn it off but nothing will do. So I had to sit through a 1 hour conference call with the damn phone beeping every 10 seconds. Great job motorola. I knew switching from my iPhone to this phone was a mistake.

  • Bill

    If you get the stuck eyeball or motorola logo on boot after the update, take out the battery for at least fifteen minutes, THEN put it back in and phone shoukld boot fine. If you only leave battery out for 30 secs out so IT WILL NOT FIX IT. Leave it out for fifteen and try it.

  • cee

    I also got the Motorola logo when I updated to 2.2. The phone will not do anything. Fortunately Verizon will send me a new one because it is still in the 30-day warranty program.

  • scott

    My camera will not work after the update. Simply goes back to desktop when I click the camera ap. It worked for a minute, and then the phone reset itself. Something is screwed up.

    • jeremy

      did you use pandora prior to trying the camera/camcorder u have to quit pandora when done with it vs pausing it and exiting dont know why but this is what worked for me

  • binarybit

    Updated, and battery manager works, along with all my installed widgets. ID10T Error is why users are having so many problems

  • Tom

    Downloaded 2.2 yesterday to my droid x, instantly caused problems. Whenever i turned it on it would always freeze and crash after about a minute of use. During that minute of use, it was so slow that you couldn't really use it for anything. It seems to have somewhat worked itself out now, but everything seems bogged down, it randomly locks up and restarts, and is definitely NOT faster from any point of view. Sure some of the new looks and settings are cool, but its not worth having a slower unreliable phone.

    Im going to try to find a way to uninstall the update, does anyone know how to do this?

    To those who haven't updated their droid x to android 2.2 yet, I would not recommend it.

  • Jon

    I just did the update and half my apps don't work, the widgets aren't loading and I cant text. Glad I waited for this awful update.

  • Brian Henry

    After downloading, my phone turned into a brick….never able to get past the red eyeball logo. Even took the battery out numerous times. Tried several things over the phone with VW support. They are sending a new phone asap. I called first thing Wednesday morning just about 8 hours after the 2.2 became available. I was the first issue they knew of, but as the morning progressed, they told me more complaints were coming in.

  • Yup

    A day later after updating to 2.2 for stock DX, "battery use" feature FORCE CLOSED. Tried several times to relaunch the feature and reset phone to no hope. After browsing the net on PC for potential answers and concerns for 10 minutes or so, I went to launch the battery use feature again; this time it works! So far, it has been working. Don't know what happened to have caused the feature to work before, force closing, and now working again.

    Nothing bad yet for DX. *Knock on wood* I will continue checking for any issues due to the 2.2 update.

  • Yup

    After updating to 2.2 for DX around 1AM Wed, nothing seemed wrong. Just had to re-add
    and update some apps and settings to my likings. However a day later, I found that by pressing the "Battery Use" setting shortcut that goes into the Battery Manager and the "live" battery indicator will FORCE CLOSE the launch of checking the battery usage. That is the only issue I have found so far.

  • kss

    can't get silent mode via the rocker bar — "lowest" level is vibrate mode. Unsure if the power button up top will drop it down into true silent (no vibrate) mode. Everything else seems good, though the back button gets some weird rewind-type effects. Think I'll be happy simply if the device no longer turns itself off when I'm using sat nav/maps.

    • taylor

      you have to go through settings and change the settings..its really annoying

    • jeremy

      not to annoying just set phone to not vibrate and u can silence it via the rocker bar

  • Raf

    DL went well until i noticed that I could not send MMS msgs… For some reason it it completely out of whack… Also, the WIFI turns on without my setting it… IT GOES ON ALL BY ITSELF… Hmmm….

  • Howldroid

    my phone keeps freezing up and I have to keep removingthe battery and do a restart what a nightmare what exactly are these so called benefits? My Phone worked fine before upgrade and nexflix and hulu stills doesn't work. WTF?

  • chad

    Youtube videos will not play at all sinnce the update. Not major but annoying

    • rob

      This is exactly the problem I am having. It just started doing this today even though the update was last week. It is kinda major for me cause watching videos was one of the main reasons I got the phone!

  • dante

    Jesse. Couldn’t have said t better myself. He listed all of my problems. Unacceptable slow locking device. My phone used to better before froyo. And another thing. THEY HAVE GOT TO ME KIDDING ME WITH THIS MEDIA GALLERY!! ITS THE SLOWEST UGLIEST PEICE OF DOG I’ve EVER SEEN. FIX. NOW.

  • jp

    Downloaded 2.2 and browser speed is terrible, have to touch things 2 or 3 times to open them. Flash on my x sucks

  • Riggo

    Update: to get my GPS working I had to completely reset the phone. It now works, but very frustrating that customers are being used as testers. Had to reinstall all apps, setup email, etc.. I called Verizon support and was told that this was my only option. Poor job by Verizon testing this update!!!

  • Brian

    I had an issue with my videos not playing or youtube not being able to play videos. I reset the phone and I haven't had any issues with video since. I am still peaved that the music cuts off the last 3-4 seconds of the song. Hope that's fixed soon.

  • mikeO

    i updated today and boom! i have a brick. if i pull ou tthe battery i have a little use but everything slows down more and more and until it cannot function. cannot call out so can't call customer support, so somehow between 10 hour workdays and school i'll have to go to a verizon store… yay droid x and froyo… heard such great things. about to toss this thing…

  • Stefan

    Requested the update today via "about phone" "system update" and all went just fine. Everything worked as expected, flash is finally here! Only thing I had to reset was my screen lock password. Installed on a DROID X that has never been rooted. Now @ system version 2.3.15.MB810.Verizon.en.US and Kernel Version GUESS i AM ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES?

  • Ryan

    WOW, motorola/verizon messed up

  • JdmDc2

    My update went flawlessly 🙂

  • colvin

    Has anyone tried to create a shortcut to a contact. When I create the shortcut, it puts a completely different picture on my contact???????

    • Tim

      Same issue, drives me nuts.

    • Matt

      I have had the same issue, very frustrating! Had to download a widget to manage my contacts

    • adam

      YES! Tried re creating the folder twice and needed to UNINSTALL Facebook…then create the contact shortcut…it wouldnt allow me to post any picture to appear..so even tho there3 is no pic..its still better than someone else!! since my upgrade..my X has been RIDDEN with horridness!! Sux…may try to swap the phone tomorrow..

  • Amy

    I updated this morning, everything seemed to work fine. Then about an hour ago, facebook crashed, not just the app for android, the moble site and touch site as well. Not sure if its because of the update, but its never happened before!

    • Andre

      I'm have the same problem with facebook. My GoChat app won't even work.

      • Luke

        Facebook went down….

  • droidstory

    Same problems as other commenter's experienced. My DX now wont go past the M screen after running the update. Verizon is sending replacement over night. See the full report at droidstory.com – very frustrating indeed!

  • Donovan

    Unlike everyone else on here, btw sorry for your problems. I have had great success and everything seems to be working great. As a matter of fact a problem i had with the stock Droid x was fixed. Prior to the update my speaker at full volume was barely hearable when i mean barely i mean just about non existent. I was assured that the update would fix it and it did my droid is super loud now.

  • Jesse

    Nothing but problems. I updated this morning from my totally stock Droid X. I had never rooted or installed any other ROM. The phone was working awesome up until the time it rebooted. Nothing but problems now. VERY VERY VERY slow! Did I mention how SLOW the damn thing is? Screen freezes after about 3-5 minutes of being on. Even the power button and all hardware keys do not work. I have to pop the battery back out and then in to get power to the phone. As of now, the device is a brick. It took over 40 seconds to bring up the dial pad and a good ten-30 seconds to record each number on the keypad I hit.


    I will for sure be screaming at Verizon (poor customer service agent that gets my call:), and if not fixed by tonight, I'm returning for a Droid 2.

    When I say fixed I mean Froyo issues wrinkled out, not returning to 2.1. I've waited for too long and heard far too many lies from Verizon to be patient or passive on this. I am PISSED!

  • Trevor

    With 2.1, my home wifi worked ok (intermittent speed/ latency issues)
    After the official 2.2 update wifi would not connect.
    Solved by changing router encryption to TKIP (which didnt solve my 2.1 problem) but wifi is now flawless in connection AND speed; pulling 10mbs down and 1.2 up

    Not really a "problem" with 2.2, just a shortcut to anyone who has the same issue

    • kevbrew1

      Thanks for the info. That’s the only.problem I had with mine too (except messaging) im wondering how many of these guys are Iphoners. I know 15 people with x and none of these problems…..

  • Charles

    Updated now my phone will not go past the M screen

  • Ktmotoxer

    The slider unlock cannot be disabled. I use the pattern unlock. The end of Mp3 formatted songs still cut off the last 4 seconds of the songs F’n annoying. Things seem a little boggy. Except the browser seems a little faster. I cant understand why its so difficult for them…whoa major glitch just now while I was typeing. The whole screen jumped into portrait diplaying the slide lock and then instantly went back to this. Anyways like I was saying I cant understand why they dont fix these issue before they release the new update? Dont these idiots actually use the phones? Id rather have 2.1 back shit!!! Havent been able to get Flash to work. What a joke….

  • Eric

    I began the update last night on my Droid X and when i woke up this morning i literally could not do anything on my phone. I cant text, make calls, and over half my widgets no longer work. I ahve no idea how to fix this. I went from having an amazing phone to having a horrible brick

    • Eli

      I had this happen to me as well. I did a phone wipe and a few battery pulls and it fixed it. Rather annoying though.

  • Chad

    Im having problems making any calls now since the update. When dialing out i don't get a ring and when the other person picks up I cannot hear them and they cannot hear me. But it says connected. Mute is not turned on of course either.

    • Tony

      I have been having that problem also, and it just started happening right after i downloaded 2.2

    • Tony

      I have the same problem. Only multiple power off cycles seems to fix it. Additionally, my email and calendar stopped syncing automatically. I now have to hit Options > Refresh to get updates.

  • Jake

    I recently updated to 2.2 and I had a pattern lock set. Now when i set a pattern lock my phone requires me to "Slide to Unlock" and then also enter my pattern to just unlock my phone!! Also you have to go all the way into Sound Settings just to turn on or off Vibrate on Silent Mode.

    • Chris

      I have been upset about the same exact issues. I was hoping this was a more common error so people would find a fix for it. This can't just be bad design, can it?

  • Gabo

    DId the update and now phone is stuck on Motorola "M" screen shot. No response from any of the buttons.

    • Ryan

      me too!!

    • crayzeejoe

      Same problem. Multiple battery pulls finally fixed it until I had to turn phone off. Every time phone goes off the problem reoccurs.

    • Try rebooting into recovery mode:

      And then factory-restoring your device. I know it sucks to lose that data, but if you want a working phone it's the only way I've found. I hate this update, so not worth it.

  • Wanna luv Froyo

    I'm having major trouble getting to the android market. Before update i would touch market icon and go directly there. After update it takes 30 seconds or more to open market, I can not open comments and downloading an app is next to impossible. Anyone else having issues? Any ideas?

    • Mike

      Exact same problem. Market takes forever to load now, almost to the point of being unusable. Also, some custom settings on certain widgets change on their own.

    • john graham

      try taking the battery out and reboot.

    • Charlie V

      Having same issues on Incredible since Froyo 2.2 update. Can't download apps from Market. Phone sometimes locks up and have to yank battery. Replaced 3 phones in 1 week. Sometimes stuff stays in status bar, and can't "clear" them by hitting the clear button. Whats the sense of having a phone that is supposed to download apps if it can't download apps. Removed battery….. Wiped phone myself. Wiped phone with the tech guy while on my other phone.
      Why should I have to wipe the phone 4 times only to have it work correct for 10 minutes, and then not be able to download apps again.
      Sometimes wouldn't let me download apps right after the fresh wipe….

      OK, I think I addressed all the issues, and all the scenarios that people will tell me are causing my issues…. YES, I removed the battery for a few minutes, and YES, I wiped the phone….. All phones….

    • andy

      my main problems are

      1. when texting my keyboard would SEVERELY lag. VERY FRUSTRATING!

      2. FC when checking my battery status

      3. Market takes forever to load…

      am definitely going to trade this phone in…especially since they sent me a refurbished phone that had screen lag

    • NG

      Yet another market problem. longer program load time and app download times. Several widgets are non responsive.

    • aaron

      got x as a new replacement in mail..did the 2.2 update asap… found the browser load time to be quite slow. Also the market is slow. Honestly my incredible i swapped for this is 10x faster in every way.And i think many people will agree it may lack screen size but the dinc is a bit better.Super dissapointed in that and its super rediculous to ROOT.

  • MARC


    • Ryan

      update may have bricked mine too! GRRR

      • Chad

        Mine bricked also. Got a replacement. I'm keeping the 2.1 until they figure this out.

  • phillip

    Yes my phone wont go into silent mode

    • Jason

      mine won't either and Wether bug won't stop running as well as my android market won't run at all.

  • David

    Only issue I have is the battery managery will crash and force close if I select the battery to get usage statistics.

  • Jermaine

    I did the update and phone is bricked. Only thing it does is show the motorola logo…..

    • Ethan

      Exact same issue – verizon shipping a refurbished phone… annoying!

    • Byde

      Mine too. Just want I always wanted, a $300 doorstop with the motorola logo.

  • Riggo

    GPS is continually running after the 2.2 update on my Droid X and it cannot find my location in any app. Also seems to be chewing up more memory

    • Dennis

      I have had major problems with GPS also. Searches and searches. No dice.