Donkey Kong: Steve Wiebe Beats Record Again – Your highest Score?

By Alan Ng - Sep 22, 2010

It has been confirmed that Donkey Kong world record holder Steve Wiebe has managed to beat his own record set in 2007, with a new total which surely won’t be beaten for a very long time, if not ever.

As reported from Gather, Wiebe was playing in a 2 hour marathon session and managed to acculumate 1,640,500 points, almost 2,000 points higher than the previous world record.

The record was validated by Twin Galaxies and Guiness World Records, and it now means that Wiebe can return to his chosen profession of teaching in Redmond.

Of the very few times I played Donkey Kong, I can only remember making it to the third or fourth level or so. To beat all 22 levels surely takes dedication, have you managed to do this?

Have you ever bothered to record your score?

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