Best US Road Trips: With or without GPS?

Whenever you are asked the question “What are the best US road trips,” it is often hard to answer. There are so many factors to think off, and the fact that we always seem to think of Nation Lampoons, would put anyone off who was planning a trip.

U.S. road trips used to be a huge deal a few years back, as it would often takes weeks if not months of planning – but technology has made things much easier. Not only can you rely on GPS instead of paper maps to get you where you need to go, you can also research your stop-offs and book your rooms in advance on the Internet.

There are those who refuse to use such technology and do things the old fashioned way – but those people are certainly a dying breed. I used to always use maps to plan my route or use an online route planner, it was only a couple of years ago that I decided to start using a GPS.

OK I know what you are thinking, but I just liked the idea of making most of the decisions myself. However, now I wonder what I ever did without my sat-nav, it has certainly helped me out on a number of occasions.

Are the best US road trips made with or without GPS?


  • GLEN


  • fatboy

    this read blows

  • mcc

    I like to road trip without the GPS. I find that the GPS tends to always choose the busiest roads and half the time doesn't even list the 'back roads.'


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