Apple iPhone 4: China Release Date Set – Won’t Stop Fakes

By Alan Ng - Sep 22, 2010

Despite the sheer amount of fake handsets that are in circulation over in China, Apple has finally slapped an official release date for when the iPhone 4 will be launching in the country.

As reported from Apple Insider, the iPhone 4 will launch on China Unicom on September 25th, at precisely 8am. To celebrate the launch, Apple are also opening two store Apple stores, one in Shanghai, and the other in Beijing.

If you happen to be in China reading this and are interesting in picking one up, it will be available priced at 4,999 Chinese Yuan (CNY) for the 16GB model without contract. You can also buy the phone from China Unicom on a two-year contract.

Since we still haven’t reached the iPhone 4 free case deadline (September 30th), there wasn’t any mention from Apple on whether customers in China would be receiving a free bumper along with their purchase.

Full story over at Apple Insider.

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