Verizon iPhone 4: 23% of AT&T iPhone users to switch on release

By Peter Chubb - Sep 21, 2010

The Apple iPhone has been with us since 2007, and since then Verizon users have been waiting to get their hands on what some say is the ultimate smartphone. We already know that at least 8 million Big Red users would upgrade to the iPhone 4, but we did not know that 23% of AT&T users would jump ship once the CDMA version is released.

According to an article over on Venture Beat, Credit Suisse reports that 1.4 million AT&T users will shift carriers if and when the iPhone 4 comes to them. Recent rumors suggest that this could be early 2011 – but we all know how long we have heard these kinds of rumors for.

According to Credit Suisse the CDMA version of the iPhone will launch in January 2011, this originally came from an article on WSJ. This is the most promising rumor yet, as there has been evidence that manufacturers in China has been assembling the rumored device.

I wonder if Verizon will launch a white iPhone 4 when the standard black color gets released? That 23 percent figure that we mentioned above, this does seem surprising, as a number of those will still be under contract. Are you an AT&T customer, will you jump ship and move to Verizon for the iPhone 4?

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