Twitter XSS Attack 2010: Tips to Remove ‘onmouseover’ Virus

By Alan Ng - Sep 21, 2010

We have some worrying news for regular users of social-networking site Twitter now, as it has been reported that the website has come under attack from a scripting vulnerability which could be harmful for your computers if affected.

According to PCMag, the attack first happened on Tuesday morning, and operates by redirecting users to dangerous sites, sites which could be filled with malware, spyware and other harmful software.

Even though Twitter staff had claimed that they had sorted the problems, users were still reporting that they were getting redirected to other websites, definitely not good for younger users due to some of the material that was shown on the redirected site.

If you have been affected by this problem , there is a quick solution to help you. According to PCMag, using a third-party Twitter client will reduce the problem, while also maintaining javascript security will help too.

Let us know your thoughts on the virus. Have you been affected or not yet?

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