PS3 Update v3.50 Bricking Consoles and PSN Down: Are You Losing Faith?

By Jamie Pert - Sep 21, 2010

Today Sony launched a software update for the PlayStation 3, however to say it has not gone smoothly would be an understatement, therefore we thought that we would see if you are losing your faith in Sony and their PS3 updates.

As you may have read earlier a lot of people experienced problems after installing the update, some people simply didn’t get the 3D Blu-ray experience they were after, whilst others have not been able to access the PlayStation Network, the unluckiest of our readers installed the update, however soon found that their console was bricked by it.

Obviously rolling out an update to such a vast amount of consoles is not an easy task and there are bound to be problems, however a few comments from our readers suggest that people may avoid updating their console in the future as updates past and present have caused more problems than they are worth.

We would love to hear your opinion on Sony and their PS3 updates, do you think that they need to test their updates more thoroughly? Are you nervous when installing a firmware update? let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Jake

    pure junk……. 3.50 killed my blue ray drive

    now I have to jailbreak my ps3 to play games because they killed my blue ray drive.

    smart move Sony….now people are going to have to jailbreak to use there 600$ hunk of shit

  • Jake

    pure junk……. 3.50 killed my blue ray drive

    Dear Santa,
    I have been a good boy this year, My Sony Playstation is a lump of shit, I would love an XBOX 360 please

  • Bought console in December 2008, hardly used. Watched 2 blu rays, 1 dvd & maybe 10 minutes of gaming in all that time. Bought GT5, put disc in & was prompted to install software version 3.50. The software downloaded, installed & as soon as it got to 100% the console shutdown and the red light started flashing. Switched off at the back, switched back on, the console beeps 3 times and the red light flashes. Tried everything I could but its still the same. Phoned the Sony 'helpline' and they want £131 to replace it with a re-conditioned machine. The update has broken my machine & a brand new £40 game is still inside & they want £131???
    I'm disgusted, the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

  • ricktza

    after 3.50 update i lost 99% of all my controllers.
    even the official ones are no longer recognised.

    plug it in on usb then push the ps button on the controller..

  • bullman15

    mine was working perfectly before update now it wont read any discs.Sony said it was 1st instance they've heard of, what a load of rubbish the internet is full cases of this happening but yet they are more interested in charging me £131 for a refurbed console its a joke.

  • martin

    after 3.50 update i lost 99% of all my controllers.
    even the official ones are no longer recognised
    so i am left with an old cheapy one to get on with untill a patch is forth coming.
    i dont see why i should have to spend £35+ for each new controller.
    a money making idea from sony.

  • matt

    My PS3 got bricked with update 3.50. When i turn it it shut by it self after a few seconds

  • woodyandbro

    no problems with my ps3, i am very surprised to read these comments!! my ps3 the original 60gb version… only hear of xbox360 problems.

  • Jason

    bricked… I play my system for 3 hours weekly and maybe a blu ray or 2 and directly after the new updates, my system was "bricked" YLoD. I take very good care of my system and I expect Sony to fix it… I hope they make a public announcement admitting fault soon.

  • Scott

    downloaded update, player dragon age for awhile, shut down my ps3, no problems. go to turn it on 2 days later, and it is bricked. what did you do Sony?

  • Mr E Irwin

    My playstation 3 was fine before this download, after I had the password problems as many have. That seemed to have been solved and then my station turned itself off during an online game, it now turns on and immediatley turns itelf off again. I believe the term is that my station had been "bricked" I called sony ps support today, they said "oh we've not heard of that happening" "There's nothing we can do other than offer you a recon PS3 at a cost of £131.00……… Has anybody else experienced this????

    • Mr Page

      I have had exactly the same thing my ps3 has been bricked by the update and today my daughters blu ray has stopped working in hers and will not read any discs. Contacted Sony and they said the same to me.
      Everyone still think its not any thing to do with Sony's update ???


    i tryed logging in 3 times in a row it deleted my password and now i can not log in and have lost all my acount details due to me not remebering my password(silly)



  • brendan

    Sony need to communicate they have our e-mails. simple.

  • PaulH

    I think the problem is due to Sony not providing enough information on what they are doing. In my case I installed the update and then got the error saying ID or password is incorrect. My initial thoughts were that the update had messed up or someone had hacked my account. I checked the web and was put at ease when I found out what was happening.
    I fully appreciate the updates and network maintenance which are provided free and give me access to new features but perhaps a future update could include some sort of messaging system to better inform us what is going on.

  • None

    lost a console once and i never bought another game.

    i use gamefly…

    ps3 updates are shit and broken xbox is shittier

    sony let us all down

    so much for next gen consoles

  • Gi

    Appreciative of all the comments. I am fearlessly downloading the new 3.50 update. Haven’t been let down by Sony yet.

  • kyle

    it deleted my password and wont let me login. im not happy.

  • Fondler

    Mogwais pls stfu! Initially, i did think the update screwed with the log on but the fact a compulsory update coincided with network downtime was a bit worrying. Plus, despite your reassurance that it was all over the internets I actually have a life and a job and cannot be rooting thru gaming blogs prior to sticking cod on. Get in, get out that’s me. My log on contains MY EMAIL, so rather than me chasing sony down on facebook why don’t they drop me a mail sometime. Spam isn’t rocket science. Look at viagra they know where my spambox is and i don’t log into their site every couple of days.

  • davie

    u guys a re a bunch of arrogant haters, like you have a Clue about what Sony are doing, give them a break, it kicks ass the rest of the time, it shits on the 360

  • Matt

    Stop posting these bulls**t articles! And, learn to read the PSN website for information!

  • xNZ

    I mean, honestly. How many people out there are playing a game in 3D or even own a 3D TV? I tried to log into PSN on the account I use often, I do not no the password to my account so a good thing I had it saved, but behold when I tried the first time without knowing that it would mess up, it deleted my password out of the slot and I can't remember it because I didn't want to put my real birth date in. Now I lost all my achievements and saves. Good job Sony, you fail.

    • Sum

      You failed for not putting in info that you can remember,.. Typical end user.

  • Idiots!

    First of all, the update did not cause any issues, it is either recurring issues or your idiocy. Also the reason the Psn is down is because it is ready for matinence so they can get the new games up Durr! This does not effect the update because the update is held on another server Duh! Come on people, think! If it is bricked then that is your fault! You may have hacked it so sony has the right to allow you no service! Although I don't agree with that it's true! So when you hack or ess with something, be smart and avoid the consequences, or accept them! God, I am appalled by this Idiocy!

  • Dan

    I installed an update about a year ago now (just before fifa came out) and it broke my blu ray drive. I hate updating now! I always google to see if people have had problems before I update. I wish it wasnt compulsory.

    • Ivan

      Same man!! i can no longer watch my Casino Royal and this is since 2.7 or something… it doesn’t work on my PS3 40GB or my mates 160GB… i am and always will be a die hard Playstation fan, i was just very disappointed about that 🙁

  • Serva

    My PS3 is now having video stuttering since installing the update

  • yourmomma

    The update didn't brick my console. I have had three 360s with the ring of death though. I still have my original PS3 the fat/backward compatible/flash drives in front! Somebody is just a 360 fan boy!

  • jonny

    sony is useless, cannot go online… and also i not only didnt know my own password, the ps3 deleted the already predicted password… and when i click forgot my password, i get an error message. by the way, i managed to get online to MW2 on another of my accounts and i see alot of people online, but none on friends list.

    • mto

      go 2 that acc then look at the msg list then add ur frns

  • Guest


    Im losing faith in articles like this.

    Everytime a PS3 update happens an article like this comes out. Why would i be losing faith in the system being UPDATED with new features?!

    The maintenance was scheduled, it was all over the internet before it started. It even had times the PSN would be down!!

    Consoles break, look at the failure rate of all consoles…it happens. But it happens to a SMALL amount of people!

    Please stop publishing rubbish articles like this.


  • I cant see how you cannot download the update as it will not let you access the PlayStation Network, if you don't, i have just stop doing my update, and I'm waiting to see what happens


    you cant access psn cause its down for maintanence not because of the update

  • Mogwais

    for those that can't access the playstation network, it is down for scheduled maintenance until 5pm cali time

    always google before getting all huffy and whatnot

    • What time is that in UK time bro ??? Im so pissed off it just seemed to happend when i downloaded that stupid update

  • Biyi

    I couldn't login to PSN today 🙁