PS3 Update v3.50: 3D Blu-ray Playback Problems?

By Jamie Pert - Sep 21, 2010

As you are probably aware Sony launched a new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 earlier today, this software update adds a few new features, however the most impressive is the support of 3D Blu-ray movies.

It looks as if the 3D Blu-ray support doesn’t seem to be working for all users and all 3D Blu-ray movies, one reader is reporting that 3D Blu-ray media is not even recognized, whilst another reader could not play Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D.

We would appreciate your feedback on this matter, therefore we have set up a simple poll, this is for people who have installed firmware version 3.50 and have tested playing a 3D movie.

I’m sure that the problem is not a huge issue as we have not seen a lot of comments from disgruntled PS3 owners, however it would be nice to why a few people are encountering problems. If you answer no please go into detail in the comments section below.

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  • I recently bought a Hisense 3D smart tv and hooked my “fat” ps3 to it. the issue im having is the bottom 1/3 of the screen is messing up, like they took the top 1/3 and put at the bottom all messed up. havn’t tried 3D movies yet. Anyone having the same issue as me?

  • Stevej1986

    I also had a problem with it not playing any blu ray movies (hav’nt tried the 3d ones). Still plays blu ray games and DVD movies. This ps3 was only 15 months old when it started having this problem. I’m not prepared to pay anymore on it to get this fixed. If it has something to do with the update maybe a future one will correct it, if not then I’m going to get a separate blu ray player (don’t play that many games on it anyway). It won’t be a sony player I’ll be getting either, they’ve had enough of my hard earned dosh.

  • kJLA

    My ps3 says that it has not detected a 3 d tv and I have a brand new 3d SAMSUNG 8005 2011 model

  • Bijujoy


  • william

    Right , i have a 3D ready tv ( samsung D9000 46 inch ) and a PS3 40 giga

    I went to play a 3D ready Bluray Film in my PS3 but it states that my PS3 does not support 3D

    Can some one point out where im going wrong ?

  • Yolanda

    I don't have a 3D HDtv. When updated the picture and any movies look to have a double image on the right side of the tv screen, like you are looking at the old type 3D movies without the blue and red glasses.

  • mike

    david iceland, you are the man!!!!!

  • david iceland

    If it helps anyone…it worked for me just to reset my hdmi settings….display settings > video output.

  • Galo

    I installed it but its says the player or display doesn't allow playback

  • Mark

    To answer the original posts I have to say NO (even though I haven't tried 3d disks) because my PS3 doesn't read any disks now!…
    I did the update but didn't use it for a cpl of weeks (watching streaming movies only) – played a game a cpl of weeks later and it broke while playing. Rebooted, stuck a disk in and nothing, no hum, spinning icon on screen can't read ANY disks (bluray, games,dvd,cd).

    I checked on ps3 site and the forums have a few threads – 160+ posts on one single thread- over 17pages with people complaining about the same problem after 3.50 update. Lots of people denying it on that site ( ? – wierd – how do they know? sony employees?) but there are enough people for me to realise its a common problem and when I googled it I immediately found hits for my problem. Sony apparently saying they have not heard of this problem (even though there are at least 20 people on the site saying they've rung in and said the same thing!), conclusion is that they know they've broken it but doing a blanket denial (all the rage for tech companies these days…) and are hoping by ignoring issue people will go ahead and replace lazer and it will die down. It does seem more than a coincidence that an update on the bluray player (for 3d) breaks some old drives inadvertently). I mean its a related update frankly. Yes not every ones drive but enough to be significant no? Personally I don't believe these drives all 'coincidently' died of old age at same time – just after 3.50 update? (besides 2 years life is crp!!)

    I was hoping another firmware update would fix (even if they didn't want to accept liability (thinking of my iPhone 3g problems here…) but 3.55 had made no diff…

    Are you going to catalog the list of problems with some stats? That might give consumers here a voice?… I hate to add a fanboy bit here but with xbox RROD – MS admitted it and just swapped them – no question. I might get one! – Sony not encouraging me to be loyal – amazing diff 2 years of arrogant behaviour makes…

  • Mark

    I rushed out all excited re GT5 – put in machine, carreied out the update , now my macine doesnt see any type of disk – CD, Video, DVD, Bluray etc
    What a cock up – lets hope a new release is availble ASAP

  • Jake

    killed my Blue Ray drive, 3.50 update is shit…….

    well thanks Sony…the only way to play games on my ps3 now is to Jailbreak it and download games.

    thanks for wrecking my blue ray drive, guess you really dident want me to buy your games

  • fred

    change the display settings on your PS3! had the same issues here till i changed the display setting on the PS3 to the max size. then the 3d disks worked perfect!

  • Cameron

    i installed 3.5 the other night because my netflix disc wouldn't work anymore. i had to if i wanted to watch throught my PS3. everthing worked fine until i tried to watch a movie the
    next night and it played for 30 minutes and then gave me an error code. it only reads a disc about every 3rd time i power down and up again. and i know it's not the disc i put in because i have tried 2 games, 2 blu-ray movies and several dvd's. it's all the same. nothing works. i haven't had any problems logging into my accounts. this is the first problem i have had with my PS3. i got it about 3 years ago. it is an HH model 40 gig.
    do they normally let things go wrong this long. there have been problems since September. it's now the 1st of November.

  • chris yorke

    i can not play any of my games or movies with out it either crashing or not loading atall and justgiving me error codes NOT HAPPY

  • Markus

    my ps3 (phat 40gb) also does not detect the 3d MvA disc at all. I have read in other forums that it is a disc problem with certain batches…. (those that came with black pouches for the 3d glasses have the problem whereas those that came with blue pouches work)

  • guelphACE

    my ps3 doesnt detect the 3d bluray

  • Billy1980

    Firmware fix is needed for some fat ps3 types. I have samsung tv and mva on blu Ray. If it's laggy and blurry recalibrate by going into picture settings under menu on the remote. Go down to 3d

  • Billy1980

    Firmware fix is needed for some fat ps3 types. I have samsung tv and mva on blu Ray. If it's laggy and blurry recalibrate by going into picture settings under menu on the remote. Go down to 3d, choose your options from the including how much lag etc needed. Also you can change picture mode. I chose smooth and it worked much better!

  • Øystein

    Installed the upgrade, and the PS3 will not recognize the 3d disk at all.

  • chatorex

    First of all, you need to do a new video setting and will recognized the 3d output. Once that is recognized do yo can play de blu ray. I do this in a mitsubishi dlp hdtv

    • Mike

      At Sony's suggestion, I did a full default reset, which did nothing to solve my issues. My PS3 still does not recognize 3D blu-ray discs, and I can't even get customer service to admit there's an issue. They keep trying to shift blame to Samsung or anyone else. I just want to know that they know there's an issue with the update. I can be patient for a fix. I have no patience for avoiding responsibility.

  • quique

    unable to play monsters vs aliens blu ray 3d.

  • john

    i cant play 3d bluray nor can i play any of the 3d demo games. but i ca n play resident evil afterlife 3d trailer and theme

  • louise cooper

    i was aware of maintainance, but its now 10am on 22nd september and i still cant use my password, is anyone having this problem still and does anyone know when it will be fixed, thanks, im having withdrawal symptoms from not playing call of duty live booooooooooo hooooooooo not good. still showing error code. i thought it was supposed to be back to normal by today. not happy at all.

  • RussUWGB

    i tried quick format what reset are you talking of quick normal or just a settings reset?

    • Andy

      Just did a power reset. Blu-ray movies then play OK but if I put a 3D movie in it doesn't recognise then cannot play a normal blu-ray until I power down and start up again.

  • Obama Bush

    lol crybabies.

    …maybe go check the ps3 site before crying here ah hahahahahahahah.

  • Frank

    after the firmware update, i started monster vs alien and everything worked fine. I had nothing to do but to push power on my glasses

  • Jason

    Update 3D blu ray works signing in no problem also

  • sedso

    just watched monster vs aliens in 3D. my disc wasnt recognised at first took it out give it a clean had a couple finger prints on it. worked fine after

  • matthew

    im fucking bored now cant do anything because of download now

  • richard kent

    hi people please stop worrying and read goose post. they have to do maintanance to keep it all going for you hardcore gamers. think this is the first time this has happened in a long time so im sure 6+ hours without your ps3 wont kill you and it should be better when they have done……………….long live the ps3 🙂

  • Ken

    I only have one blu ray disc and that’s the 3d monsters v aliens I got with the samsung 3d tv. Disc doesn’t appear to get recognised. DVDs and games are fine though

    Waited ages for this update to be able to use the 3d blu ray disc

    • pig

      having the same problem, took my samsung bd player back because the p3 was coming with the update . 3d gaming rocks!!! bring on the fps in 3d!!!

  • Jav201

    Cant play 3D BR Monstrs vs aliens, PS3 just dont recognize it

  • simon

    the last up date i did fucked up my ps3 after about 10 min it crashes during a game and today wont take password reckon its a scam by ps3 to bring your ps3 back when your out of warrenty so u will pay 168 euro for an exchainge

  • ski_bum4ever

    It won’t let me sign on either. It just says wrong password

  • glen

    same here says ps3 login details incorrect

  • AdonisUK

    Can't sign in to PSN..will not accept my password…Sony had better get their arse in gear..I'm getting MAG withdrawl symptoms!

  • sedso

    3d blu ray not working on my 3d samsung LED tv. do i need to change any settings on PS3

  • banditmick

    Same here, will not have my password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garth Vader

    I'm gonna check sites like this BEFORE i update next time. Lesson learnt

  • sedso

    do you have to change settings 3d not working with my 3d samsung

  • gorgepir

    Monsters vs aliens does not show the 3D properly. It works only on still images (for example for the subtitles) but the movements are incredibly bad, and blurry.

    The 3D movie support is nowhere like the 3D games. 3D games did not have any issues. The movies (or movie as I only have monsters vs aliens) is horribly broken and you cant even watch 2 min.

  • Ed

    Cant connect to ps3 network, says ive put in wrong details, this is a fu*king joke!!!!!!!!!!

  • sedso

    do i need to change any settings for 3d to work i have samsung 3dtv too cant get it to work

  • DaynNite

    Cnt login to psn!!!! This blows

  • killer_jase

    same log in problems

  • Andy

    Following a reset normal blu Ray movies work but if I try to load monsters vs aliens 3D it just won't load then other blu rays will not load. Reseting allows normal blu rays to play!

  • dean27885

    passwords taken , cannot sign in

  • Andy

    Ps3 update has stopped my blu Ray drive recognising blu Ray movies, games still ok. Pan is down for maintenance that is why you cannot log in. Message boards in US full of dead blu Ray chat following this update yesterday!

    • RussUWGB

      exactly my problem after update I cannot play blu ray discs it tries to load makes a click and just stops and never loads. Can still play DVDs and games though. My friend next door has the same exact problem so don't try to tell me im lying trolls.

  • Mitch

    I have installed the new update and I can’t sign in as it’s saying incorrect details, I get an error code when I try to click forgot password ?


    I agree Clayton, I'm the same as you guys, cant login says password incorrect and get the same error message when click forgot password! I dont use blu ray player either, I dont want all this shit on it, I just want a games console!! You should be abe to choose to what and if you want to update! They need to sort this Liveo!!

  • charlie

    cant login this is messed up! thanks again sony!

  • david

    this is crap my sign in name isnt working what do sony plan on doing about this

  • liam

    just downloaded update, wont let any of my ps3 accounts sign in says 'error with user id or password' go to forgot password error occured. its deaded, not good…

  • Josh

    wow so is the ps3 totally f'd up the A or what? they better make this right if it did or they might as well drop there drawers and say here xbox

  • roger

    wont let me or my sons sing in now after download arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • jonnie

    fuuuuck sakes cant sign in either -.-

  • goose

    they are having a system maintence so the network is down til 2am. check the link above

  • murphyz-law

    did some searching. they say network down for maintenance. but why show error on user end i dont know. im pissed its one thing after another on this ps3, im about to go buy xbox and say screw this

  • Gavin

    I am now trying a few things. If something works i will tell everyone FINGAZ CROSSED.

    • Ze-PSN MOD

      i no what to do to get your online up and going agen … after a cuple days you update go on forgot password and put in the right date and WA LA u can change password by sercurity question or anouther thing and once you changed it you can log bak online

  • Clayton

    the 3d content is irrelevant because nobody can sign in to the ps network. can't play any online games, so now you have yourself a really expensive 3d blu-ray player. they need to get their sh*t together before forcing an update. and, why not let people choose to update or not? I don't use it as a blu-ray player, so this feature is irrelevant to me as I'm sure it's irrelevant to many others.

  • murphyz-law

    aaaahhhh password no workie. what the hell

  • Phil

    Tried to get onto playstation network but site was down! PS3 died after update, could not log on. Hope this is sorted soon.

  • haff

    cant sign in PSN!! bad password and ‘forgot password’ option has error.. heeelp! =

  • Ben

    I have a problem with loging in, it says my password is wrong 🙁 any news about this being fixed ???

    • abc

      PSN is down for maintenance. Try signing back in after 5:00 PM PST today.

      Thats what it says if you call Playstation.

  • lee

    just updated about an hour ago or so and cant not sign in all i get is email and password incorrect, i seariously thought i got ramdomly banned lol

    • david

      what do they plan on doing about this situation cause it seems to be causing alot of problems for everybody

  • Mike

    I put in Monsters vs Aliens 3D, but no play option appears under Video. And the blu-ray drive makes a disturbing mechanical knock sound a few seconds after trying to read the disc.

    • Jamie

      Hi Mike, I have exactly the same problem as you have described above. It sounds like the PS3 is going to have a meltdown when I put the MVA disc in it. Make horrible scratching sounds. Im concerned its gonna ruin either the PS3 or the disc. I have no problems with cloudy with a chance of meat balls or monster house, however I must say the movies run alot smoother and clearer through my samsung 6900 3d blu ray player. I

  • chris kelly

    am same , update has wiped the password , when i re enter it it says invalid and if i click on forgot password i get an error message

    error – 80023017

  • Baz

    Unable to login to Playstation Live, telling me my password is wrong, i am using automated login so clearly the update has caused this problem…

  • Gavin

    I can't sign in either it said the same thing, i hope sony can fix it. If they can't I am probably going to drop my ps3 out the window

  • Anthony

    Same hear all passwords will not work

  • Johnny

    Installed v3.50, now getting 'password incorrect' message. Clicking on 'forgot password' brings up 'an error has occurred' message. Same thing being reported all over the boards – this smells like something of a major f*** up..

  • jigzy77

    Telling me password is incorrect for all my user accounts…this is crap!!! My day off and i can not sign in

  • Jigzy77

    wtf!!!!!! i can not sign in the network…sumone needs to fix this fast….my day off….need to play madden!!!!

  • jason

    i updated this morning,
    and then played monsters and aliens and it was amazing, the 3d was fantastic and the quality of the blu ray was outstanding

    • pig

      u have a new slim ps3 or older monster p3

    • Al

      I’ve just bought PS3 slim 160gb, updated to 3.55 and it doesn’t even recognise the disc.

      Is there something in the settings I need to change??

  • Scuba-j

    It's telling me that my email or password is incorrect

    • jayzin

      having same problem with connection

    • wayne

      myn does that how wil a be 2 fix it

    • zzirGrizz

      Yh me2 and all my m8s

  • tony

    this update have problems, now i losse all paswords accounts and allways it say passwor bad but the pass its good

    • wayne

      myn does th same haw u think wa b 2 sort it out lyk

  • flyer

    Downloaded the update, and now the system will not accept my login credentials, so I am unable to connect online.

    • jim

      fuckin same here am goan mental

  • jamie

    i cant sign into ps3 online anymore

    • Alex

      nor can i it just says that ive put the wrong sign in data

  • curtis

    i cant coonect to ps3 network

  • simon

    ps3 updated to 3.50 but 3d disc doesnt still com up on the screen( cant see the disc at all)

    • piggy

      having the exact same problem

    • pig

      same problem here

    • tonc

      same here

    • richard

      mee too

  • alix

    and it killed my PS3! its dead now after the update…

    • jason

      what do you mean its dead

    • Dehydra

      I updated earlier. Was playing a disc-based game just before, then updated, now discs don't boot up. All downloadable games work though. Sony rep said it was 'a coincidence,' and my disc drive decided to die just upon installing an update which affects the disc-reading portion of PS3. Hmm, quite, and I'll probably be struck by lightning and win the lottery in the same day. Plus, like others, I have the error when trying to get online, probably just maintenance though, as they have fecked up again. Anyone else had their disc drive die since updating?

      • James

        Count me in that same boat, too. Fat 80gb model, never had a single issue with the system before this update.

        It worked aces going into 3.50 update… won't read a single disc regardless of format coming out of the update.



      • Ralph

        I had the same problem after the update now my PS3 doesn’t recognize blue-ray DVD’s but plays regular DVD’s and PS1 games. I called tech support and they walked me through troubleshooting shit but didn’t fix the problem. They said sorry sir but bend over and give me $140 and take it like a man we will solve our f@ck up but make you pay for it…….Wii doesn’t have this problems.

      • This has happened to me too my old school fat ps3 now won’t read any disks directly after downloading the update, coincidence my arse