PS3 Update 3.50: PSN Network Down, Can’t Sign Into PSN

By Gary Johnson - Sep 21, 2010

Following on from the PS3 3.50 firmware update today, we have started to hear of owners having problems logging on to their accounts.

We have heard of PS3 owners who have updated their system complaining that they cannot sign in, and every time they enter their password are getting the wrong password message. We have had a reader who has two PSN accounts and cannot log into either of them. They are met with wrong password message, and even when they use “Forgot your Password” all that comes up is an error.

Conrad Zimmerman of Destructtoid is reporting that PSN is going to have some scheduled maintenance today. This could be why users are complaining of problems logging on to their accounts. The maintenance is expected to take place during 8 am until 5pm Pacific time. There will be a lot of users who are at work during this time so it will not be a problem for them, but for everyone else it will be somewhat of an annoyance.

Have you been trying to log on to PSN?

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  • Palimirab

    hope this maintenance works..i cant log ass

  • Daan

    I live in Holland and its 5 am pacific time now, I still cant make my account!

  • Anonymous

    same problem here 🙁

  • guest

    ive been trying to log in for 3 days but it keeps saying down for maintanence

  • guest

    atleast it will end …hopefully


    just got my ps3 back from service today after 4 weeks and then this shit happens and 5pm Pacific Time is way after i should be sleeping… Thats just pure evil… next time Sony you call and check with me first..

  • carlos lewis

    I cant get my password in to the psn network i have been trying but it wont let me in can you help

  • mister

    I live in the uk and every week now there is one or two days when i cant log in. However for the past three days ever since the last psn maintenance i wasnt able to sign in. I WANT TO PLAY BLACK OPS!

  • Nathan Lang

    well im havin a problem it wont even update to 3.50 itll just get to 99% and say error….if anyone know what i can do please let me know

  • dane

    happening to me to i updated it then i went to sign in and it came up an error keeps saying go to psn [sign in] and then sign in.

  • Blake


    Ever since I updated to Version 3.50, I have not been able to update games or hardly sign in on my PSN account. The internet and everything else is fine, it's just the Playstation Network.. This problem has never happened before, and it really sucks because I bought the hardened edition of Black Ops today and I don't want all the extra money I spent for bonus content go to waste!
    If anyone has answers, please e-mail me, you'd be saving me a lot of stress!
    And if you are also experiencing these same problems, please e-mail me, because if its just me whos experiencing this then I will get someone to fix it.


  • Lolable

    Yes i have got the update , but the thing is i still cant get into my account

  • Akira_Shinoda

    I have an 80GB PS3 and recently created a PSN account and had to update to 3.50 to do this. I too cannot sign in through the PS3, keeps timing out or saying username/password invalid even though they're entered correctly!! Everything else works fine (web browsing and BBC iPlayer) but can't sign into PSN. I'm so desperate to try online gaming! Is there a patch out to fix this?!? I thought it was already resolved!!!

  • walter

    i cant sing into my account ….. IDK why it saids that i cant sign in with this account …..!!!!!!!!!

  • Lyall

    i'm having the problem now i go 2 forgot password type in my date of birth and thn goes can not connect this account 2 PlayStation®Network

  • N4TUR3

    i cant sign into psn and this issue has been going on for the past 2 days and yes im on 3.50 wtf do i do?

  • Robski

    Cant sign in to the network?? who cares!!! I cant play any games now thanks to this update!!! Fix this SONY!!!!!!!!

  • geeza1


  • Niklos

    I updated right when it came out and I still can’t sign in. Some have said that creating a new account will work. That’s great and all but I’d like to have my trophies again.. And what of games like call of duty? No way am I restarting rank at one. I was just about to prestige D:
    at least give us an email apologizing or telling us what happened. that’d be nice, thanks

  • Oz wylder

    Whats going on seriously? Is it only affecting the big ps3’s? Is playstation releasing any notice or comments about wtf is going on?

  • D3V!L 9

    all i can say is WTF sony come on! for me its been 4 days since i updated
    with nothing notifying me that my system is not completely useless do i have to switch to 360 …..all i wanted was to be able to play some MGO(metal gear online)
    sony if you expect customers to be happy i suggest releasing/give away something (completely free) thats worth 4+DAYS OF NO PSN ….cuz seriously this is BS!!!! fix this/these problems ASAP and after that DONT UPDATE FOR A CPL YEARS PLEASE !!!!

  • zarak

    Well its 24th, do you still have problems in sign in? or related 3.50 problems?, please answer my stupid questions, i´m afraid to update my ps3 because of the bricks 🙁 . tell me if now your ps3 york normally in 3.50 update.
    thanks 😉

  • Vince

    Can't login since update in Ireland … major pain ! Can't find any good site which outlines timeline for fix !

  • jiten singh

    i’m not sure if its because i only did the update today or if its because i’m in south africa, but my ps3 updated fine to v3.50 and havent had any issues on my ps3 since the update…

  • how can i fix this problem ??? i cant sign in !!!!

  • hiram85

    i cant logg in to amdden online fuck u sony!

  • dabs40

    did the update too and couldn't sign after that.
    around 14h00 bst.tried to create a new account and managed to log in and play online with it.
    haven't been able to log in with the ORIGINAL account since the update though…
    my loging details are still kept somewhere,because i can't use some of them (i.e email address).

  • Javivclub5

    Same problem it said PSN is not available in your area before i can enter psn!? What happen?

  • Jonah Moffatt

    no been able to log in since installing update. bloody annoying AGAIN. really considering switching to XBOX live.

    • dabs40

      i personally have been able to log into an account…but it had to be one i had to CREATE because it does not recognise the one i already had…
      it kept giving me the same error message every time i wanted to log in. so i decided to try with another account. as i didn't have one,i opted for the creation of one. and to my spupefaction …… IT WORKED!!!!
      at this time…around 13h30 bst i still couldn't sign in with the original account.
      will give it a try again later and will report back to u guys.

  • street fighter

    is there still a problem i cant log in

  • The Golden Sea

    Me to. With my two accounts -.-'

  • ian wagstaffe

    21 st sept error code on ps 3 turned if off left it all day on the 22nd while 5oclock t time stll nothing sort it out soon engwag13

  • MickDXB

    between these constant problems (this 3.50 patch, getting dropped from games constantly, other regular glitches) and the pitifulness of Move………..looks like it's the beginning of the end for Sony Playstation.
    Hello XBOX…..I thought I could avoid you but looks like I gotta jump on the bandwagon.
    bye Sony.

  • Keano

    Oh carap i though my playstation broke so i threw it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • husain

    I still cant loggin . It says communication with server failed .. this is dns error . My net is working and all the demos in que r downloading .. i hope they fix the server issue soon .

  • Mrkaze

    Coldwinter313, you'll have to redownload from PSN……when you can finally log back in

    There is a downloads menu on PS store, it should list everything you have ever downloaded and paid for and will allow you to redownload/install for free.

  • Joe

    It's now 6:30 am UK time and still wont allow me to sign in, couldn't they keep us updated with this somehow?

  • jeff

    still cant get on is the maintenance over i would like to play mag today

  • Coldwinter313

    i thought i could get rid of the update by doing a restore but now I dont have any of my DLC 🙁 anyone know how i can get this back? any help would be great. Thanx in advance

  • thomas

    playstation network was down for scheduled maintenance It should work now.

  • mizzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    take the piss will have to wait to play gta 4

  • Fondler

    Gay-ass sony. Fair enough you need to update… but the whole POINT of you having our log on details is so you can get in touch when there’s gonna be …. ooh i dunno … a complete shut down of psn access for the whole day. Just email me, or do facebook pay you to bring them customers?

  • whatever95

    I can't login to PSN and my media server doesn't work anymore.

  • Gooseman4

    once they fix it how will we download the patch if we cant sign into our accounts?

  • jeff

    i still cant sign in do i turn off ps3 and try again hmmmmmmmm

  • thecoderer

    soo its 530 pacific and still not online?

  • pricklypear007

    aarrrggg so mad at it right now

  • Gooseman4

    So after the maitinence is done and problem fixed how will we download the fix if we cant sign into the network?

  • steve

    seems to be happening to everyone who had a auto-login turned on

  • Malcolm

    Having a similar problem. I can sign into the psn network but playstation store keeps saying not available in my region/country. Error code 80023017.

  • Tim

    It is telling me: "This service is not available in your country/region."

    WTF, I'm in Canada.

  • john

    this sucks, going on to 7pm here and still nothing 🙁

  • Lee

    Seems I can sign in, however if I go to the Store (UK) it says it's unavailable in my country/region.

  • david

    what happen ps3

  • jason

    mine working now UK 22:59

  • lucas

    Same here. Can't sign in

  • esosa

    it really sucks.i cant log in and even when i use "forgot password" it's still the same thing

  • mookie


  • Barn

    Its all OK again now for me. There should be a notice about things like this when you turn on your PS3 – maybe as part of the Whats New!

  • christian

    just updated and now it wont let me log back in even when i click forgot my password it say error

  • jason

    i agree with josh BUT i do think sony should inform psn users before hand

  • Mark

    That doesn't make sense to buy an X-box just because a small maintenance has occurred. I'm just glad that it wasn't just me for a sec when i couldn't log in. I'll just have to wait till its over until then i'll be at home being fat. ( Hope its fix soon Mw2+Nazi Zombies = LIFE )

  • Mike

    Same as above, turned on the system & didn't log in, then about 5 minutes later the system cut, now when I turn it back on it cuts out after about 10 seconds & getting the red flashing light (not the YLOD, as this occured for the 4th time last week & now on my 5th console!).

    Is anyone elses system turning off automatically?

  • lou

    gutted still cnt log in, since the system update 2day!

  • xXAjay13Xx

    Playstation network is under maintainence from 9 am to 5 pm on tuesday

  • clarissa

    have same promblen cant log in saying incorrect problem

  • Karl


    "PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, September 21st. Maintenance is expected to start at just after 8 am Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 5 pm Pacific. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home or Account Management, and may encounter difficulty while signing in to PSN."

  • Colbear

    Same problem here, 20.49 UK time. Glad it’s not just me. Bad call by Sony to schedule maintenance after software update.

  • clinto

    i like ps3 but…. this techie problem crap has got to end, its like at least twice a month something is preventing me from logging on and enjoying my well paid for system. and to kick me when im down…it usually always happens on my day off, when i look forward all week to get some game action. thx sony…making this customer think twice about your product