PS3 Update 3.50: Download Firmware Now and Features List

By Jamie Pert - Sep 21, 2010

Sony has today released a new firmware update for the Sony PlayStation 3, this system software update brings the console to firmware version v3.50 and adds Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback functionality, let’s just hope it rolls out smoothly and doesn’t cause too many problems.

The 3D Blu-ray 3D disc playback is not the only new feature this update brings, there is now Facebook integration which will allow games to interact with your Facebook profile, also the whole Facebook experience should be a lot better on the whole.

Another new feature is the new Grief Reporting Function, this allows you to report any inappropriate messages that you receive from other PSN users, this is accessible via the options menu in the messages list in the FRIENDS category.

The update should install itself automatically if you are connected to the Internet, if you are experiencing problems receiving the update check out this link.

Have you received the update? If so, do you like the new features?

Source: PlayStationBlog

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  • Post

    I agree, Jim. People ARE idiots. And as to taking down all servers, they'd be really ticked if they played WoW like my sis does. Maint. days are Tuesdays every week, sometimes all day and they have more servers than Google or near it. These people are whiners and they make the online community not fun at all. Grow up people. There IS a life outside of video games. Read a book!

  • Dano

    update downloads fine, but will not install!! keep getting error code 8002f147……………………… i now own a $300 brick!

  • Jimmy Castro

    Anyone having problems with the ps3 not reading blu ray discs after the 3.5 update could you please write to BBC Watchdog? It does not take longer than 10 minutes to do it and if we get sufficient people complaining they will make a case out of it. I have phoned Sony and they have told me that they will replace my PS3 fat 60gb for a refurbished one for £131 with just 3 months guarantee and I am not willing to pay that if it was their fault. I am from Spain living in UK and I have checked spanish forums and the owners of the first fat PS3s are having the same problem, my wife is German and she has checked german forums and they are having the same problems after the 3.5 update so it is not just a coincidence. As I said if we get enough people they can make a case out of it.


  • yoo


  • anonymous

    My ps3 wont even do the update it just fails with an error code appearing each time :/



  • jon

    Lost Netflix streaming vid on my PS3 after updating.

  • Fedup

    I downloaded update 3.5 and now my unofficial PS3 single handed controller doesn't work. I wouldn't mind if Sony had any social conscience and produced a controller that could be used by someone who lost their left arm 5 years ago in a motorcycle accident, but the actual cost to manufacture was such that it wasn't economically viable. But now that they have blocked all unofficial and unlicenced products from using the system, I am effectively locked out of the single most important item of hardware I possess.
    So thanks Sony, for your loyalty to your faithful customers who have stuck with you since PSone. I really appreciate your caring nature.
    Fed up of Feltham

  • PS3suckass

    I can't play any .avi files from the USB stick after the update. Anyone have this problem also? This is so stupid.

  • dabs40

    had to create a new account in order to be able to sign in and play online.
    new to this but not impressed for a start.
    hope it will get better in the future…

  • LewisR

    Hey i cant even download the flipping Thing so i dont even get the Crappy 3D ill never use!!

  • SouthernSpy

    I had exactly the same problems yesterday…. I'm pleased to say that they, whatever they were, are fixed now…. THANK THE HEAVENS! No I can finally pwn nOObs on MAG again! xD

  • unitedhybrid

    I agree, Jim. People ARE idiots. And as to taking down all servers, they’d be really ticked if they played WoW like my sis does. Maint. days are Tuesdays every week, sometimes all day and they have more servers than Google or near it. These people are whiners and they make the online community not fun at all. Grow up people. There IS a life outside of video games. Read a book!

  • Jimi Eberhardt

    Just, You people are all retards. End of story. Seriously, Sony is on the 3D thing right now, so they're making the PS3 compatible with 3D Blue-Rays for those people who actually like it and don't want to spend $350-$500 on a player that has this capability. Really they're doing so many people a favor and all you people can do is bitch and complain about the update. What, does MW2's online multilayer really rule your life so much that you cant go a few hours with out it? Oh, and after the update you couldn't sign in, but wait! The PS main page said they where going to conduce maintenance till 5PM EST. People really should just look at shit before they open they're mouth and let ignorance fly out of it. None if this is Sony's fault, and I wouldn't wanna be the person who has to take complaints for Sony, and deal with all of these people. They have more patience then I do.

  • damnit

    Interesting.. Finally I've logged in and happy to look at to the store for recent things. And so what? YOUR COUNTRY DOESNT SUPPORTED FOR THIS SERVICE bla bla…

    allright. They can update everything, software, bluray system or whatever. And they have to do that. I can understand.


    I get another stupid message everytime I try to login.

    sony already fucked up with new "playstation move" toy. They choose develope games for this new controller instead of making new games like uncharted, infamous. I missed ps3 exclusive games so much.

    It seems gaming's future is xbox although I hate it!

  • John

    I am a COD MW2 player and i have made other accounts for better K/D ratios. Did they make in the update to disable any accounts without trophies. My main account is still active but i cannot sign in any other accounts. Is anybody else suffering this problem ?

  • jonA_900

    Won’t recognise my password either I’ve owned an Xbox for years and just bought a ps3 so I can rinse all the ps3 noobs and so far its just been grief what a waste of money why dose it even need 45 mins to update FML

    • John

      You 45 min wait may of been because of your internet connection. Mine downloads and installs in about 10 mins max. My problem is since the 3.5 update I cannot sign into my other accounts as well. I have a main account that is active but my "when i wanna play by myself profile" isnt working. Do you have multiple accounts?

  • thewillstar

    I can understand needing to take servers down to run maintenance. I guess the fact that some people can still get on means that there's a backup/mirrored system in place, which isn't quite so well equiped to deal with us all. It also seems to be serving the UK psn website, which I don't seem to be able to get on.
    Perhaps the next update could include the implementation of messages or pop-ups, which could let you know that you aren't going mad, your system isn't broken, there's no problem with your internet/wifi and that it's just that the servers are under maintenance and will be up in X hours.

  • kamz

    yo come on man this is bull.. so what do i do now?? is it even fixable?? dont tell me to make a new profile coz its bollox.. any1 know how to fix THERE problem?? apart from buyin a 360..

  • the beast66

    u guys ever hear of offline… wow the world would be fcked without internet lol..

  • robert

    Has ps3 gone back online yet? It was said it might be back on at 8pm today or 2 am 2morrow.

  • Ben Dover Sony

    Great work Sony!!! Why dont they take the update down. Its ruining ps3's left and right today

  • Rik

    Relax guys, the PSN is offline while they do some maintenance. I'm sure you can all go one day without MW2…..
    Check out the playstation website for more details

  • ICanReadCanYou

    before posting a message saying you cant get in coz playstation online doesnt recognise your password, how about reading the threads here. The answer is in the posts. Do the research before posting your problems, idiots. Can U not read… PS Online is down for maintenance – got it????

  • i2Black

    My biggest challenge is trying to find something to occupy my time with while I wait out this down time.

    I may actually have to leave the house for this…

  • guest

    Sony are a bunch of inadequate buttholes, have your password saved on system, after 2 years can you remember it? like fook i can!!!! lets hope it sorts itself out otherwise 3 accounts down the swanny thankyou sony!!

  • TokyoKazama

    Not only did it take ages to update but now it won't recognise my login password. What do I do? I was looking forward to some sweet sweet MGO…T_T.

  • RoboRaptor

    Christ, people. PSN is down for maintenance. It's been said several times before. It's not Sony breaking things with an update, or your password being incorrect. It's just server downtime. Just wait.

  • Davie A

    it will be bk on for 2am wed , sony just having problems at moment , tho i dnt no wit some people losing there passwords , what a joke i agree but wull eventully work

    Sure xbox 260 had these problems and every1 lossed there accounts and achievments hope this doesnt accur , Good luck

  • Lord Quas

    Can't sign in to the psn.. tried both accounts. playstation = FAILSTATION

    ah well.. guess ill have to go do some outdoor activities and shift a bit of weight.

  • z_axis

    bah same old sheet from sony! better go too bed now

  • Matt

    Shit this has happend but a big releif for me to because i thought i got hacked, Phew.
    Sony need to sort themselves out really.

  • Dec


  • Tim

    same here, error 80023017.

    sony are disgusting!!

  • Ernesto

    SO NICE TO LOOK FORWARD TO AN UPDATE TO ONLY FIND OUT (BTW IM NOT YELLING…IM JUST VERY FRUSTRATED) …. that it is not properly working… been trying to login for 30 mins…tried all my imaginable combinations of passwords… till I decided to check the inet… damn PS3.. uve done it once again! … sooo gonna buy a Xbox360 soon…. and will only play ps3 again as soon as my USB "dongle" arrives ….

  • noname

    Can't log in either, grrrrr

  • georgerules444

    damn ps3! cant logon!

  • fatdaddy002

    Thanks for letting us know Sony. Had a proper stress out until I read that everyone is having the same problem.

  • Silent66

    SONY what hav you done?? Can not sign in incorrect password and email address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3.50 version what a complete MESS , who ever authorised this version to live should be shot!!!! or cut his or her wages by 80% as they obvoislyly hav'nt done there HOMEWoRK!!!!!!! SORT IT OUT NOW "SONY" or pay the price "XBOX" the clocks ticking tic toc…………………

  • psykoteddy

    I just updated mine and it's doing the same thing, I know I didn't forget my password…so I tried to click the forgot password anyway just in case, and it says error also. WTF! is going on does anyone know? I wish they would fix their stupid mistake, I just wanna play modern warfare 2 online.

  • Chrille

    Same here…

  • WF PS3

    the playstation website is down as well… great…

  • Kevin

    Same here, updated to 3.50 and now all i get is email or password incorrect. Someone please let us know what is going on.

  • BlobbyDave

    PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 16:00 on
    Tuesday 21 September 2010 until 02:00 on Wednesday 22 September 2010,

    If your still signed in your ok.

    If your not you'll notice when you try to sign in you get the error 80023017 its just the PSN store is down for maintenance.

    Also you'll notice your password has gone, And when you type it in it'll say "password incorrect"
    This is because of the down time.

    Should be back up shortly, Just be patience.

    • robert

      after the notice of incorrect password, the box goes empty requiring you to enter your password again, what happens if you have forgot your password when PlayStation goes back online? I ain't but for others that have…

    • pablothescot

      thank you for giving a time scale for the maintence to be fixed was looking all over to see what kind of time scale you are lookig at.

  • GSXR_J

    Mine too-pile of shit! Want to sign on just end up getting error 80023017

  • WF PS3

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! error 80023017 cant sign in, change password or create new account SORT IT OUT SONY!

  • confused

    after updating the new 3.5 update it would not auto sign in and when i tryed to sign in manualy it continued to say i have the wrong password or email then it erases the password but i know there the right one. i have tried to do that forgot password thing but it has a error of 80023017 so anyone know what to do to fix it?

  • gest25a

    does any 1 know what we do cuz its happend to my ps3?

    • john

      deeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i am the water boy read the seed sloth eye and look its sony not ure sweaty console toilet face! wait and watch it fix itself,

  • Pave

    Wrong username or ID? what's goin on ere man?? I couldn't give a rats arse about 3D I just want to hammer some GTA Online!!! C'mon Sony get your finger out, if your gonna release an update why not make sure it's rock solid first???

  • sky

    Same here guys, cant log in, wrong password WTF !!

  • Uyi

    I put my pass as save password and because of that stupid update it removed my pass and now i forgot it and i cant get it back

  • iwant2PLAY

    this is bullshit i cant play after the update 🙁

  • Atomsk2501

    I see that im not alone, so the problem is worldwide, i think we only need to wait till they fix the problem.
    please go and do your job PSN!!!!!

  • PS3 Shite

    Yep, same here – PS3 is a pile of shite when its comes to updates!

  • Femz

    Im getting the incorrect password message too.!!

  • EB

    After updating, I had to re-sign in and I forgot my password so I clicked on the FORGOT PASSWORD icon and it says ERROR OCCURED, same thing happens when I try to create a new account…WTF!

    • Baz

      I get the exact same problem, what is going on…?


      SAME HERE!! All I want to do is play a little S&D on COD6 🙁

    • kevin

      samething happends to me wont let me sign in? then makes me enter password so i hit forgot my password an then it says error? same error that everybody else is talkin about….

      bout go buy an X-BOX heard there online gaming is way better….dont care if they make u pay

      seems like with ps3 its always somethingjavascript:%20hideMsgBox();

  • MetoYou

    I Got The Same Problem .. AWwwwwwwwww!!!! I Just Log On Psn And They say Update 3.50.. I Did The Download and all.. And now They Say My Id Or/And Password Is Wrong..
    Its The Server Going Down?

  • robert


  • joeschmo

    this explains whats going on

    • AlfredRWallace

      Ha ha cheered me up

  • WTFPS3

    Same problem, says all m passwords are wrong. PS3 sucks wiener right now

  • Cheeezy

    mine to is saying this i feel its sonys fault all our ps3s cant be brokee lol fingers crossd it will be sorted asap

  • Ivan

    Same here. Worked fine 30 mins ago…..took over 20 mins to update and now I cant play anything online as it doesnt recognise my password………..AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHH. Why do the retards not test updates properly before releasing them…it cant be that hard

  • MZ

    I had problems with signing in as well, but it has noting to do with the update:

  • TK21

    I have the same problem, it keeps saying my sign id or password is wrong. What's going on?

  • yoyoyoyo

    If you go to the ps store on your home computer, it will tell you that online for ps3 is down because of maintenance till 5pm today. I would think during the am hours would have been a better time to do it.

  • devo

    yehh have this problem about password wrong psn is ridiculous needs to be sorted ASAP

  • michael

    same here , password gone , error 800—
    sony asseholes

  • Cheeezy

    not jus my ps3 then funny its after 5 and it still aint on goto be the update or sony maintance fafing about fingers crossed its back up and running later cnt be a coinsidence all our ps3s doing th same thing lol

  • Anon

    OMFG! I have the password problem. Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Anonymous

    Can't log in now.. wtf.

  • iLike2


    • qwerty

      is that when you jerk off a jet engine then kill it afterward?

  • ted

    what do we have to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unknown name20

    eb same happens here

  • vici

    fucking screw sony they cant do a singel update it allways screws up

  • paul

    Wow all I wanted to do was relax and play but no, they force these fucking gay updates and now I can't log in. Says wrong password/email same as everyone else. And error 80023017 if you click on forgot my password.
    Can't sony do anything right?

  • ted

    same here cant sign in error 80023017 what the hell this the thrid problem ive had with the sony updates i think its time to go back to x box

  • Kawasakiboy3391

    Same thing is happening to everyone, it will fix itself just be patient. I have faith. I fix ylod and PSNhost C*L So hit me up if you need help.

  • Sid

    have same issue here. can't log in after update. anyone have a solution?

  • mike

    dammm just updated mine before i seen this post now all my accounts wont work says my passwords wrong wtf??

  • inkd

    Its not your passwords, the update, or anything, its sony maintinance. It will be back up at 5 est. calm down. go to and look.

  • Andre256

    Yeah i have this Problem too and i cannot Connect at to check out my Account maybe All PSN Server down !?

  • CECHJ03

    For some reason, when all the passwords are saved to my login. Since the update it keeps saying I have the wrong passwords on all of the accounts when I know they're right. It says an error occured everytime i try to recover the password or create a new account. Does anybody else have this problem?

    • psquared

      Yep – does it on both our PS3s – both are the non slimline versions – I wish SOny would test there updates properly!!

      • jonezy69

        im having the same problem. i have 2 ps3s both non slims and they wont let me log in? please help

        • mike98797

          mine is slim line and i have the same problem 🙁

    • TC666999

      yep, just happened! WTF is going on?

    • leercm

      Yes, I do….not sure where you are…but i am in Hong Kong…this must be an world wide problem after 3.5!!!

  • stewfarmer997

    cant get online after the update idont care about 3d just want to get online multiplayer calls to me

  • ps3man

    my ps3s nt letin me play onlyn after i updated. any1 else exprtiencin this?

    • Roberge08

      same here, it said my email and passoword incorrect but i didnt change that setting for so long now because it was on auto

  • Roberge08

    after updating, it said email or password incorrect, but it shouldnt be i havent touched those for a long time, because it was on auto sign in 🙁 i cant go to forgot password cause there is an error 80023017

    • Cameron

      same for me tell me if you find a solution plz pal cos i dnt fancy ringing sony again

  • ps3updatesuck

    can't login, invalid username/password???? WTF! This console is is such a pain! I wanted to play last night, had to update, 45 minutes, why? So I try to play today, now wont login? POS!!!

    • conrad

      you know if you don’t like the PS3 you could always go to microsoft and pay them to use their network as well as have the problem of the system breaking and the high cost of equipment like the headset and controllers that break as well

  • wyman

    my ps3 does not recognise my email or password now so cannot sign in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mark

      yea same here, and the "forgot password" button just says "error"

    • james


      • Mad

        Same here I can't log onto my account. WTF???

      • matthew wood1

        same here you just got to calm down theyl hopefully fix it but me and my mate were ment to play online today but not no more whats the maintanenss hours for the uk becaese its 7pm and still wont logg on

        • malc

          yeah me too!! hurry up sony and sort it as im waiting to prestige to level 5 on COD MW2

  • Chris1978

    Based on a running "ticker" comment on Sony's PS3 homepage, it says the PSN will be down today (sept 21) from 8:05am (EST) to 5PM. This is very odd because I just d/l the 3.5 update. After it installed, however, I couldn't access the network and got error 8023017.

    I hope this fixes itself at 5 like they mention or I'm gonna be PO'd that this update screwed my system.

    • lee beckenkrager

      me too can not be fixed got to get a new and bill sony for it .(format it and it still wont work)download new update on pc do's not work too.

  • Billy1980

    3d is blurry and lag filled. Tried watching monsters vs aliens in 3d and it didn't work properly it had really bad motion blur and wasn't set up properly. 3d games and 3dtv works fine. This firmware is a good start but released before ready. Thanks Sony, it was widely demanded that it be released but now I know why they kept delaying it, it's not ripe yet!

  • Billy1980

    Monsters vs aliens worked on ps3 for me but it is still very motion blurry and lagged heavily. I think the right eye picture isn't in sync as well as the left. Gave me a headache way more than the gaming and 3d tv previews did. I have a 46" samsung. Anybody else think it's very motion woozy. I think this is a good start but not sorted yet!

  • Ruan

    same here.. connection to server failed! no online play 🙁

    • Luko

      Guys, last time I had an update issue, I stopped my wireless connection. Download the update directly from the playstation site onto a blank dvd. Or you can do it onto a usb, set up a folder on the usb named PS3 , then inside that folder you need to create another folder named UPDATES . You can't d/l the upgrade to your desktop though, it needs to be directly from the website to the "update" folder on the USB. I hope this helps, as it did for me when I had issues.

  • thrilla_22


  • freddie

    umm trying to download 3.5 but says connection to sever failed!!! and wont let me play online without the update what do i do!!! 🙁

    • john

      i have same problem man do some thing

    • danny

      mine wont finish downloading the update 🙁 i just wanna play onbloodyline!!!!!!

  • Erndollaz

    Just installed 3.5 and tried playing my Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D blu-ray and it wouldn’t read the disk. Same as before…

    Anyone else having the same issue?

    • Byron

      Have you played 3D games?

      The reason why I ask this is because in order to turn the 3D part of the PS3 on you will need to go to display settings and go though them again.

      • Erndollaz

        I have played the games just fine. I don’t remember changing any setting before playing them either.

        The disc isn’t showing up at all in the system. Where would I look for this setting to adjust?


      • zar

        I have played before this update the 3d games like Motro Storm or Wipeout HD and they were working fine..after this update when I select paly in 3d the screen starts to show me some black and white and some flashes of the game..te same with 3d bluray movie…I have a Samsung 46″ 3d

    • rrfcfan

      Downloaded 3.50 update at 6am (UK) this morning. Played Monsters vs Aliens in full HD 3D. Awesome on my 50" 3D Samsung!
      Switched on PS3, performed update, PS3 restarted, Inserted Monster vs Aliens 3D disk, pressed play on menu and TV prompted me to switch on 3D glasses (Active Shutter).
      Amazing, just waiting now for Sky 3D to be launched on 01/10/2010

    • Creepydeath

      got the same issue on 3 PS3s

    • djglich

      Mine too!!! Just finished the latest update, and straight away I cant login!! Any other time, my login info is set to be remembered, but for some fukd up reason, my password is not remembered and even when I type my password in, it says it is not recognised!!! WTF!!! I just want to play Call of Duty for fuk sake, but now I can't!!


      • Pavlos1975

        Try from settings to disable Internet connection and reenable it. After that try to connect and it will be fine. At least it worked for me. Seems that ps3 needs to refresh Internet settings??? Lmfao. At least inform the millions of. Your customers ps3 noobs…

    • tomas

      Hi all,
      The problem is that only ps3 2010 models can read the 3dbluray disk
      (160gb and 320gb version). Those two models can easily read all 3d bluray discs without updating any firmware. My original firmware was 3,40 on my 320gb console and i could watch monsters vs aliens on my tv but without 3d
      I gues that it is a hardware problem to recognize 3d bluraydiscs !!!
      I had a brand new 250gb console bougt a month ago and I had to replaced it in game store as an exchange because firmware update did not help.
      Please note:
      firmware upgrade to ver 3,50 gives us only posibility to watch movies in 3d mode and if your ps3 don't recognize a disc an makes bad noises during read that means your hardware (laser) does't not support it
      I'm 100% sure that 2010 models of 160gb and 320gb will read the disc without any problems.



    • ccb

      final destination worked gr8 but christmas carol and monsters vs aliens didnt…saying my ps3 doenst support it…