PS3 Firmware Update 3.50 Problems: What are they?

By Peter Chubb - Sep 21, 2010

Earlier this morning Jamie Pert informed us that Sony had made PS3 Firmware Update 3.50 available for download. I have yet to download the update – something to do with my PlayStation 3 not working anymore. However, we know that millions of you would have already updated your system, so we now await to here what problems you have been experiencing.

We know that the firmware version v3.50 adds the ability for Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback, so we are certain that there will be a few teething issues with this. It does not matter how much planning and developing Sony do, something always goes wrong with an update like this – so will require a small update in the coming days or weeks. More details on the update from the PlayStation Blog.

We are not certain how smoothly the new Facebook Integration feature will go, we will need to wait until PS3 titles can fully support this. The idea of gaining access to Facebook user’s profiles during a game will hopefully work from the get-go, but we all now how these things can go horrible wrong.

Have you downloaded PS3 Firmware Update 3.50 yet? What problems do you have, if any?

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  • Gebgar

    i downloaded the new update now it wont let me sing in i can use the internet but i just cant sing in

  • CanisLupis

    downloaded and now it wont let me change my password…help?

  • Duan

    On sign in PS3 asks for an update and when the update is selected it says "Update has already been installed" but still cannot sign in to the PSN?
    What to do?

    Please help!

  • Tom

    i went 2 do an update and it stopped halfway through and said you have completed the update lol

  • jon

    I DOWNLOADED THE NEW UPDATE, 1 day later when i was playing cod, it starts to freeze and then when i turned it off and back on again, the disk doesnt even show up 😐 is there a way to downgrade?????

  • skillzwithahz

    Played GT5, went to sleep, woke up and updated, PS3 stopped reading discs, end of story.

  • pisseatps3

    I have an 80 gb and I 2 started 2 have first freezing and then no blu ray recognized now nothing plays it loads then freezes, WTF I have been with sony since ps1 never had issues with ps2 now we drop the big bucks for ps3 and this all happens after a firmware update…

  • mojtaba

    after that i downloaded it i cant plat games and it stops during the game.

  • jmuch77

    anyone has the problem where it shows error "8002F14E"

  • brad

    mine works fine 😀

  • cody

    I updated to 3.5 and now my ps3 wont recognize disks at all, which i thought was just a one time deal, but then tonight my friend called and said his ps3 wont even turn on after updating yesterday. I am starting to think sony is trying to put their $150 no questions asked repair deal to work. Based on what happened to me and my friend, I am starting to think it might just be on the 40gb versions. I am pissed and will never buy another sony product, seems like i might just downgrade to a 360

    Ps: if your ps3 has the same problem as mine and is out of warranty, you can buy the laser mech for about $60 istead of paying the $150 sony steals from you. thats what i did but dont try to blame me if it doesn't work

  • Nelson

    I updated mine, and i'm having lots of problems, i can't play any game or dvd, the system just crashes, or simply doesn't work, tried to restart the sytem or even restoring it to the default settings. I don't know what to do next. Maybe trying to format the hard drive?

    Any help please?

  • After the update to 3.50 RB3 is beyond ruined. Can't delete chars once realising your guitarist is singing, playing drums, anything but playing his guitar. Scoring is insane too after the update. And woe to the lefty players out there… Had to literally uninstall RB3, the game, and reinstall. Don't think it's fixed now either. But at least the chars are gone and now new ones can be created to maybe do what they're supposed to do. 3.50+RB3=FAIL

  • Sergio

    WEll iam!! Ps3 keeps freezing during blu ray playbacks AND games never and i mean NEVER has my ps3 not worked its not overheating its not the yellow light it just freezes! it was right after i updated did this start happening. >=/

  • rnroll

    my wired controllers wont work and i have hd fury that isnt working either

  • carl42172

    i updated my ps3 firmware to 3.50 and after that the sound started skipping while playing games, not just one game even demos i downloaded and frame rate seems slower.

  • bosshogg

    I have 3 PS3's and after the update they all started freezing. I've done every reset possible & it won't fix anything. It's frustrating on one but all 3 is killing me!

  • Dewey

    I've tried updating via my wireless connection, which ceased in the 70% area following a "server error" which i've NEVER had before – since then, all internet related systems have failed, PSN won't sign in, browser doesn't work etc. I have loaded the update from my PC onto a usb pen, which gets to 78% before crashing – and still nothing works. I've System restored my console and then tried with the usb pen, still nothing, I then system restored and set all settings back to default, still doesn't work. I then system restored, put system settings back to default, re-formatted my usb pen to fat32 and saved a fresh download direct to the usb pen from the website, still nothing. I'm currently going through this same process only this time i'm going to format the PS3's hard drive. Surfice to say, i'm really f*$%ing p*£&ed off.

  • guest

    60gb original release PS3 , Update 3.50 broke my Ps3 . PS3 turns on but all I get is a few pixels and no boot. Tried safe mode boot and it starts updating again…….. tried about 5 times now and no luck . Sign me up for the suit .

  • Guest

    Sounds like a fullblown Class Action Lawsuit is in Order…….

  • tintin-62

    i need help my ps3 crashed last night wont turn back on eject game nothing it come on for 2second then turn off again what do i need to do to get it to work??? pls help!!!

  • Jake

    ps3 is now a paper weight…THANKS SONY!!!!!!!!

  • mister

    For the past three days i cant login to psn. I can when i use my coputer and go to the ps site but not on my ps3 when i want to go play black ops! I keep getting the dns error. BUT it worked fine three, well now four days ago… i am sooooooo tired of this crap and no i do not have a router.

  • Goobalicious

    Downloaded 3.50

    Games and Netflix – The video seems… glitchy. On Black Ops, the screen will show what appears to be hex code for a split second every time the cursor is moved on the screen. Netflix – movie pictures in the menus won't scroll right. They stop about half way into the selection box. This is on a 120gb slim, appx. 8 months old.

  • Tony_T

    I own a new PS3 120gb slim. All was working properly until this new 3.50 update. After the update I notice the system will not automatically play my games. I actually have to eject the disc and insert it again in order for the system to recognize it for I can begin to play my games normally. Has any one experienced the same problem after the update. If so, how did you resolve the issue?

  • peter

    last night updated 3.50 on our 60GB old fat style unit,now won't read discs nothing,tried reseting everything,still nothing,sent Fony email,told me ,have to send it back for repair,
    what b/s,was working fine until update,reckon it,s no coincidence they launch a new model and destroy the older machines with updates so you have to buy a new one.

  • jikuu_senshi

    i cant start battlefield 2 anymore, does anyone else have this problem? the disc looks absolutly normal…

  • dsd4

    This update introduced an audio bug which is annoying as hell. basically sometimes the audio goes off and it'll only come back on after I load a blu-ray movie. i'm using a sony z series tv connected via hdmi. never happened to me before but i'm hoping they release a fix for it soon.

  • john

    I DOWNLOADED THE NEW UPDATE, 1 day later when i was playing cod, it starts to freeze and then when i turned it off and back on again, the disk doesnt even show up 😐 is there a way to downgrade?????

  • Jake

    Mine is messed up to games keep freezing up….WTF is wrong

  • justin

    my fat 80gb still has not been able to update since 3.42 came out…stops at 99%……….so i went and got the 120 gb slim.. updated to 3.5 just fine…now i have an extra very expensive blu ray player just laying around..

  • Ben

    since downloading the new 3.50 software, ive not had much luck with games. it first started when i was on red dead redemption when it randomly crashed. ever since ive been able to get onto the game first time round and play for about 5-10 minutes before the disc crashes. after the disc crashes i wont be able to access the game again for quite some time. i have taken alot of care when it came to my ps3 and have purchased many games. this is getting very frustrating as i am a keen COD fan, and what with black ops out tuesday, i havnt really been able to play it. i would much rather spend my money on a new xbox rather than give more money to ps3 if this is the way they treat their customers.

  • Patrick Crowe

    I purchased a PS3 18months ago in june this year i moved house i put my PS3 safely back in its original box during the move.After i moved in i set up my console it worked fine
    on my initial trial playing a game it has since not worked.Ihave tried and tried to play my games and blu-ray discs but nothing happening,i even tried restarting using manufacturers reset waited 5hours but still nothing.I have since contacted sony PS3 support line they said it sounds like it could be the firmware and could fix it for £131.
    They asked if i had dropped it reply no,if games compatible reply yes.As sony know this
    is a problem millions of PS3 gamers are having and a bug seems to have affected PS3 consoles sony should fix this problem gratis and warranties should be more than 1year
    due to the console ,accessories and games are not cheap and the fault not caused by the user.I am disappointed with sony PS3 as i have a PS1 and PS2 with no problems that i have had for years PS3 has let me down rather than pay £131 for repair i may buy an X-box360.

  • Cleo

    PS3 CECHK02 Had not missed a beat until moments after the 3.50 upgrade. Will now play NO DISCS at all . Disc icon not coming up in menu. ?????? Same symptoms as many others.

  • Dee Bee

    Lost all audio with DVD's. Wondering if anyone can help…

  • Luis1040

    I just update my 120gb PS3 slim and my games are not working fine, the images are frozen for seconds and I cannot play! Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

  • Bill W

    Downloaded 3.50, then Netflix so I won't have to use the disk. Started Netflix app and it locked up. Had to unplug system to get it to come back on. When it came back on, I started getting intermittent popping on my speakers and static fuzz on my TV. I connect via HDMI. Anyone else had this problem and were able to fix it?

  • Jon

    Uploaded 3.5 update to a 2.5 year old PS3 and now it does not even show the startup screen on the TV. It wont reset either and the controllers wont talk to it – What now??

  • Hali

    should i download the new software everyone is talking about how bad it is for your ps3 but i cant get on anything this is my first time trying and it says i need the update 3.50 thing and i dont want my ps to mess up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • impalassgrn

    I have an error while i start the update

    My internet speed is very good but it stops at 47%

  • jcastrob

    Anyone having problems with the ps3 not reading blu ray discs after the 3.5 update could you please write to BBC Watchdog? It does not take longer than 10 minutes to do it and if we get sufficient people complaining they will make a case out of it. I have phoned Sony and they have told me that they will replace my PS3 fat 60gb for a refurbished one for £131 with just 3 months guarantee and I am not willing to pay that if it was their fault. I am from Spain living in UK and I have checked spanish forums and the owners of the first fat PS3s are having the same problem, my wife is German and she has checked german forums and they are having the same problems after the 3.5 update so it is not just a coincidence. As I said if we get enough people they can make a case out of it.


    • Hali

      can you help i havent downloaded it yet and im scared to everyone is saying that it messes up your ps3. i dont want that but i cant do anything…. like get on the s store or anything in that area. plz help

  • drew

    i updated now i cant play games…it wont read disc…please someone help me

  • richardyc

    did the update, now it won't play Ghost Town blu-ray disk…maybe other movies too, but I haven't tried other movies yet.

  • Freefinger

    did the update, now I can't play Iron Man, Batman and the Superman: The movie I have!! All movies I was able to watch before! WTF! I'm a Senior Business Analyst and when we ask for changes to the system we ensure that old thnigs work on the system BEFORE we test the new functionalities! Sony does not seem to understand this!

  • Mike

    a buddy of mine recently updated the firmware on my 40gb ps3 without my knowledge…everything works fine but now the ps3 wont read any discs at all?..any suggestions ?

  • WTF

    After the update I cannot connect to PSN. Keeps asking for my password and then telling me my connection has timed out. I reset my password to no avail. Anybody else have this problem?

  • face

    there is nothing wrong with the firmware it's just that you have a shitty ps3, quit trying to blame firmwares

    • boners954rr

      It is the firmware you stupid ass, now mine won't play dvd's and now mine will give a black screen when trying to play games and watch movies. This is the first issue I've had out of mine as well. They need to fix this issue fast. I can't even play modern warfare 2 that much because the ps 3 won't give me a screen. This was a bad update on sony's part. I'm using an HDMI cable as well and yes the ps 3 is set for 1080p, but it still won't work…

    • PaulyD

      Face I got two ps3s both the 60g fat ps3 the first one to come out. Why i haven't changed it? because I play my ps2 and ps1 games on it. and I have all my data saved on it. after updating both of them neither will read, Games, PS1 PS2 or PS3, Won't read blu ray or dvd, wont play the demo that I downloaded today and it freezes when i try to play the demo, but before I did the update it would play ps2 games fine. Ever since i did the 3.4 update it gave me problems with ps3 games but it would just say that the game could not be played or it would just never load. now they don't even show up and all games are blocked.

    • world beater

      people like you need to wise up for christ sakes this topic is now 452 comments deep of people mainly saying that the firmware is frying there systems i know for a fact i take care of my PS3 slimline bought at christmas this year might i add. i hoover it to keep it in warantee and dust free and i have it in an isolated area that is well ventilated and when i downloaded the firmware games start messing up left right and centre. now people like you that say this isnt the firmwares fault it your shitty PSN are narrow minded and lapping up sonys bull spit. lets take the figures of this room alone this is an extremely isolated site and yet there are multiple shouts saying the same thing is happening to peoples PSN now not everyone will hit the net and go outrage firmware broke my P.C but those of us in the know that have seen this happend in the past know howe unreliable sonys updates are 3.50 was a rushed job and should have had better testing. you have to remember these PSNs are made to work in different regions so therefore not everyone will be experiencing the same problems some people may not even experience any .;like yourself face but i really hope it does happen to you so you can see that everyone isnt moaning for the fun of it to see if we can all say the same thing this is happening make a fix sony

  • Wondering, not sure if this is update related or not. Now, suddenly, my PS3 will no longer read or recognize PS3 disks or Blu-Ray disks. Works fine on PS2 disks. Platform is about 3 years old. Any ideas?

    • PaulyD

      careful thats what happened to mine before it crashed.

  • Hi. I fixed a hdd for a customer 3 weeks ago, he brought the ps3 back to me today, (now with 3.5 firmware, was on 3.4 when fixed) it plates a game fine, but if you try a2nd game it crashes when it reads from the hdd. I have replaced the hdd and reformatted, used 3.50 and I have the same problem. I updated via usb. Also I noticed I it didn’t read the discs when I put them in. I think I will have to give it back to him and say it is the firmwares fault.

  • breakfast

    I cant even recall when I did the update..probably the first day it was out.

    my system was fine. ive played it a lot since then. watched some movies..

    even played last night adn randomly…today. it wont read disc. itll load them…and i can hear the drive spinning but it doesnt show up anywhere. its an fat 80gb model.
    wtf. this is my first issue with this thing since i got it a few yrs ago.

  • rga

    after the upgrade to 3.5 ,my PS3 don´t read any disc!! what happen Sony??

  • Madashell

    My PS3 wont even effin' finish the update. It gets to 22% and gives error 8002f176. I can't even get into safe mode. I shut the ps3 off and back on and it goes right into the download again. I try the sequence to go into safe mode and it just starts the download again. WTF sony!? get your shat straight!

  • Kev

    i just did the update last night and now i cant play any games with the move controller…wtf!!!!

  • james

    when i try and watch some of my movies on ps3 the picture is fine, but there it no sound what so ever, it does not happen on all films, the problem is i've watched the films before on the station. also seems to be after the new firmware 3.5 update.

    • Jarred

      I cant Play any CD's, Games, Movies and Music CD's!!!

      And it only happened after the update!

      I played it the day before the Download and it worked fine!!

  • Trev

    My controller is not connecting Thru wifi only USB WTF

  • Mike

    My PS3 no longer reads discs….it detects them, spins them and doesn't allow me to load them (doesn't even show icon under relevant category – i.e. game, music, video).
    This was working perfectly before 3.5 update – as soon as it installed the update and rebooted – it no longer works.

    I've seen some comments across the web from stupid (clearly clueless) and incompetent people saying "it's your lens", "you need to replace your drive lens" – that's bollocks…this fault is CAUSED BY THE UPDATE. Not everyone may have the same problem, but this is one of them.

    Wish sony would sort it!

  • Joe

    ok I figured out how to fix it….after long useless talks with tech support, replacing my HDD that they said was bad(it wasn't) and getting nothing accomplished i tried something new that they never once recommended during troubleshooting. here's what you do….

    1:download update 3.50 on a SD memory card.(its on this site with instructions on how to set up the folders for the update)

    2:boot in safe mode

    3:select the last option in safe mode(update system)

    4:plug in sd card into memory card slot(use usb memory card reader if you dont have memory card slot on your console)

    5:follow directions(press select and start at same time)

    it will install the update from the sd card and the freezing problem will be fixed…..

    I was able to do this while on the phone with the retarded LYING cust/tech support MORON, and once i told him i fixed it and how I did it his response was "well that is one of our troubleshooting steps but i skipped it since you already had the update installed"……

    now mind you he was the 3rd person i spoke with and not one person ever recommended doing this even though I was relentless in telling them that the problem was the update, not hardware or internet connection….their only solution to fixing the problem was sending the ps3 in and pay to have ot serviced or trade it in….(of course this was after hours of their worthless troubleshooting)

    • Bruce V

      i did that also but it only made it worse, i bought a new hard drive, i have the original 60g and went to a 500 but even with a new hard drive i still have corrupt files and no disk at all is recognized, its the firmware