PS3 Firmware Update 3.50: Did You Benefit?

By Peter Chubb - Sep 21, 2010

Jamie Pert reported this morning that Sony PS3 firmware update 3.50 was now ready for download. We then asked if anyone had experienced any problems, read the comments here. However, I have to ask did you benefit?

The reason I say this is simple, the main feature of this update is for 3D Blu-ray support. I for one did not benefit from this firmware update as I do not have a 3DTV, and I have no desire to purchase on anytime soon.

This is certainly one of those updates that will come and go without all the fuss that we have come to expect. Many of you will not even bother downloading the update – after all what would be the point.

OK, I know that there are other features such as Facebook Integration. However, what would be to point, as there are no games available that support this feature.

Did You Benefit from PS3 Firmware Update 3.50?

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  • Anas

    it gives me message )unable to connect to PSN, because of system software update is required, but when i try to update my system, it gives me a message that the last update has been installed,,, so what can i do regarding this loop??? do any one else has this problem? i`m not able to connect to PSN !!!

  • colin

    i just changed my disk drive for a new one it loaded the game then said i had to an update and now wont even load anything at all any one had this happen yet

  • Littlesuperfly

    I love these comments from all. Sony stuffs up on a FW update and all hell breaks loose. We all know that they will fix the issues in a few days too a couple of weeks. It really makes no sense that people would actually say that they would resort to buying an Xbox 3-fix-me when they have had nothing buy hardware and software issues in the past, even MS have admitted to them being unreliable and offer a 3 year warranty with their consoles due to that. PS3 has always had updates to, in most cases give more fuctionality, for your PS3 and they still don't charge you to use their network servers to play network games.
    I have loved my PS3's for games, media streaming and everything else. Sony always fixes these issues, just be patient.

  • Maxime


    Since the update my ps3 detect my wmp11 and show all my folder that i am sharing but do not play them like it should.

    I keep getting the message errorLNA PROTOCOL ERROR(2006) and nothing play.

    All my setting are fine i try a lot of thing even re fomat the ps3 no succes.


  • joep

    Media server cannot be found anymore! FFS. I want to rollback!!!!

  • RB320

    Finally sorted! SONY RUN YOUR OWN UPDATES ON YOUR PRODUCTS, SO U KNOW THEY WORK!!! Test prior to release please!!!

    Watching 1st 3d Movie later and can not wait!!!

  • Steevo

    It seems the problem is fixed now people. Had to reset password but everything is working again.

  • Maxx

    I haven’t been able to log in either. And on top of that I figured there was something wrong with my PS3 so I clicked “restore to default” and it erased my account. FML.

  • sunny

    F****** Update……3 BASIC Errors……..:
    1.) PSN not working
    2.)Even If it Opens, then it says that this facility is not valid in your Country.
    3.) After trying for nearly 2-3 hrs,my account did Log in but asusual PSN wan unavailable…..On contrary to that the feature of Facebook is shitt…u cannot open the accnt management thing so therefore their is no point in talking abt facebook….!!

  • Jvhoustonian

    t i thought i was the only one with the problem….those fucks better have it fix soon….

  • steve

    Can't log in password not recognised etc AND I lost the BBC i player!

  • Jason

    I was excited to get that update today i just got a Samsung 50 inch 1080p Plasma for 976 that has a 2d to 3d setting but it wouldn't let me watch 3d blu-ray i got with my glasses. I even called samsung and they said my TV was not a 3d TV and i wouldn't be able to watch 3d content or play 3d games. After today's update the 3d blu-ray and the 3d demos i got on the PSN look amazing. I don't know what Samsung is talking about but my TV works fine with the 3d.

  • phil

    dont worry ive herd it shud be ok by around 2 oclock, but still BELLENDS!

  • Mack_Attack

    Come on I can’t log in I just wanted to play some call of duty but I can’t now I hope it doesn’t take long to get this thing fixed

  • ted

    Teedy P I'm also not able to log in and play- why make it so suprising sony? – just announce before hand so the die hard fans aren't caught off guard- sounds like commomn sense to me!

  • Chris

    Another man down cannot log into PSN. Will have to play single mode like in the 80's. Ball shorts and sweat bands on stand by.

  • nikinnen

    i sell my ps3 for 25euros!!!!!!!!!!hurry up!!!!WTF sony…………

  • Grrrr…..

    Wow…. an error that doesn't let you sign in only for a measly day gets every single player whining and sad.
    Go outside you freaking dorks, do something else rather than just sitting around and crying to PSN about this error!

  • ps fan

    if you wanna get an xbox just do it and stop bitching, then u can have all ur games spoilt by hackers and pay for online gaming. grow up and do something productive

  • Josh

    Mine keeps telling me that my password is wrong. WTF Sony?

    • Kyle

      trust me guys this will be fixed, lets just wait it out.

  • Pissed of Ps3 owner

    Is there definatly a PSN maintinace? And i cannot log in either ffs!

  • PS3 user

    Well all in all they should have sent us a notice about this down time… some of us stayed home from work and decided to game out lol … they run the banner adds all day on stuff to buy from them why not run one with info of down times .

  • Roy

    Remember, there is also a PSN update on september the 20th to the 21st. It should work after that…

  • paul

    same here aparently some1 contacted sony about this and they are saying its nothing to do with the update (obviously is if loadsa peeps have been having the same issue since this S**T update)

  • lee

    thought it was just me until i did a google seach and found this site lol

  • Rob

    Just like everyone else, cant log in. Anyone know what the f&@£ we are supposed to do.

  • Jonno

    Same old problems with Sony PS3 updates!- definately gettin an xbox next time!

  • Dan

    Ok theres no reason to be all pathetic about this.
    PSN is having maintenance done, simple as. In this case they didn't inform people and it just doesn't let you log in. That doesn't mean you should come online and bitch about it.

  • PS3 user

    Other then my last comment I am very happy with PS3 it is the best gaming system on the planet but please do as I say have some test machines at different locations and meat criterias that your users machines would have then test all options settings available then release the update .


  • You Lot Fail

    You d1ckheads who've commented above, you not read that there's a scheduled maintenance due today? Try reading up first before you FAIL!

  • Pissed of PS3 user

    great not only cant sign in with any off my accounts but when tried it deleted what password was there like i remember all of them ….wtf maybe from not ON WHEN THERE IS AN UPDATE TRY IT ON SOME TEST MACHINES ONLINE BEFORE YOU SEND IT TO US YA FREAKIN MORONSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • jmcateer038


  • jmcateer038


    FIX NOW !!!!!

  • Kurtyuiop

    what i like most is it all goes on pacific time so for all those people in europe that get in from work after a hard day get home and are shat on if they wanna relax and wind down by retards at sony making things suit their own countries…7pm here and can't do shit until 5pm pacific time probably…which will make it about so thats like 2am here…what a complete ARSE!!!

  • snatcher

    same here! TOSSERS cocked my internet up…..unable to sign into ps nework or go online .system says i am connected to internet but password not working or media server ! nice to see some other people having probs although it doesn't help !

    • Roy

      There is a PSN update, you can not login.

    • rickyy ross

      i cant log in either but media server is working fine. lol thats your network problem not sonys

      • boss

        naw its not his network its sonys. If you try to fast foward any file that needs transcoding it takes extremely long now.

  • Naz

    HOW STUPID!! i cant log in!!

  • Alex

    yes this stupid update wont let me log in 🙁

    does everyone else get the error that password doesn't work, and then when trying to change it an error appears??


    cheers sony u f………. now i carnt log in and i forgot my pass word error 80023017

  • Tom Gilby

    wont let me log in to psn so happy for the update ffs

  • RB320

    Im another one that can't log in!!! BUT even more so i have a 3DTV and can still not play 3D BLURAY DISCS!!! Says the disc is invalid which clearly is what the update was for and yet again they have incurred more problems. Good job Sony! HURRY UP AND FIX IT!!!!

  • Natalie


    • Ethan

      In case you didn't already read the whole description through, it was SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE!!!!! Jesus psn goes down for 2 days and you all act like the world is coming to an end.

    • Kyle

      You go on right ahead and do that, see who cares.

  • Joey

    Ye it wont let me go online wot a stupid update

  • Chris

    Yep I benefited alright! The PIECE OF CRAP wont allow me to log in THANKS SONY

    • Freeflyfool

      You guys do realize that PSN was scheduled to be down for 8+ hours today for server maintenance. Not being able to log in has nothing to do with the update. That being said there are some legitimate issues caused by the update…like not being able to turn the console on at all.

      By the way…I did benefit. Just picked up a 50" Samsung Plasma 3D for $1299 on sale at bestbuy, havent had a chance to slap a disc in the PS3 yet though.

    • Rob

      Same problem here!!! Bloody updates!!!! Fix it Sony!!!!!