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PS3 Firmware Update 3.50: Did You Benefit?

Jamie Pert reported this morning that Sony PS3 firmware update 3.50 was now ready for download. We then asked if anyone had experienced any problems, read the comments here. However, I have to ask did you benefit?

The reason I say this is simple, the main feature of this update is for 3D Blu-ray support. I for one did not benefit from this firmware update as I do not have a 3DTV, and I have no desire to purchase on anytime soon.

This is certainly one of those updates that will come and go without all the fuss that we have come to expect. Many of you will not even bother downloading the update – after all what would be the point.

OK, I know that there are other features such as Facebook Integration. However, what would be to point, as there are no games available that support this feature.

Did You Benefit from PS3 Firmware Update 3.50?



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