PlayStation Move: First PS3 Sales Figures

By Jamie Pert - Sep 21, 2010

Yesterday we revealed that Sony believed that the Kinect hype helped to promote PlayStation Move, now we have some early sales figures which reveal some pretty impressive figures.

We are reliably informed that in total roughly 60,000 units of Move hardware were sold in America last week, a unit is classed as a Move Controller plus PlayStation Eye Camera.

Apparently in Europe around 80,000 units were sold last week, this brings the worldwide total to roughly 140,000 units.

As for software we are old that 100,000 copies of Sports Champions have been sold, if you want a full breakdown of the sale you should check out this link.

These figures are in my opinion pretty promising, I’m sure that as more Move games are released sales will continue steadily, it will be interesting to see how Kinect sales compare.

Did you think that Sony would sell more units?

Source: gamrFeed

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  • Asian Will

    seriously people need to relax and enjoy all three systems like i do. I find faults in the move just like the wiimote and the kinect. But there are good in all three. Seriously, it stupid to nag nag nag about stupid shit like "oh it's got a one second delay" or hearing people say "well PS3 has better games than the wii or the 360."I play them all and i enjoy them all. Metroid and Zelda for the Wii, Halo for the 360, and Fear for the PS3. People need to stop complaining and enjoy all three systems cuz all three systems have bad ass games as well as shitty games. Reading and hearing people doing nothing but compare which is better is stupid. Just relax and take a deep breathe, and enjoy the games. I understand that gamers talk shit about systems all of time, but real gamers never stereotype, they just purchase a game that they seem interested in and enjoy the gameplay regardless of the system. Oh yeah enough with the graphix comparisons, A real gamer don't place a game as badass simply from the graphix but from the game play. There are badass games from the old systems like NES, SNES, and Genesis that were badass and people still love to play them regardless of the older graphix and there are definatly games now that have badass grafix but very shitty gameplay.The Move, Kinect, and Wiimote is great to have simply for the interaction within the game instead of getting fat with a controller and sipping on sodas and letting acne build up a mountain region across the face. I got all three systems with all three motion controllers and at first i didn't want to have to start doing motion controlling cuz i was so used to the regular controllers, until i got the Wii first and i got used to the controls and now it's the type of gaming i prefer. IT B ALL GOOD!!!!

    • some dude

      I agree with Asian here, just stop whining.
      Just be happy with what you got. got it?

  • Unkown

    Kinect sold 1 million units first 10 days

  • Jimmy Jones

    I don't think people want to stand there in a room shouting commands to the TV jogging on the spot, jumping up and down and kicking all day. People want something to hold. I think the 360 has a lot more hype because "everyone else" has one but the PS3 is deffo better. People will buy the Kinect and not use it after a couple of weeks because it goes against what fat lazy dole dossers stand for

  • PeterBlood

    Can someone answer this? I understand that the navigator does not have motion sensing capabilities. So I'm assuming you will be limited to one motion sensing controller if a game implements the navigator for moving one's character around. If so, isn't this a big flaw in this set-up in comparison to the Wii? You can never have, for example, a game that controls a sword AND a shield if it involves walking and exploring a game map, unless you have to keep switching controllers. I really don't know why Sony wouldn't implement motion control in it's companion controller.

    • Games support the use of two move controllers (think glowing lollipop variety) for one player. For example, in Sports Champions you can use two controllers per person to more accurately reflect both arms in a game of volleyball or your sword and your shield separately in the gladiator duel. From experience, it works pretty well. Although, admittedly, it sucks that you need 4 controllers for two players to have this level of accurate movement!

      • Cryo

        I think the point was that with two move controllers, you simply can't navigate. There is no thumbstick or dpad anywhere on the move, so you can't move your character around the landscape like you can with the wii nunchuck.

        Specifically sounds like he's referring to Zelda, where you control a sword/shield but still move around wherever you want. Can't do anything like that with the Move.

    • Cryo

      I don't really get why they wouldn't, either. Since it's basically detected as DS2 by the system, you'd think they could easily put the sixaxis functions in it, which should offer pretty reliable secondary motion control.

  • Casual gamer


  • Scarface3010


    What are you talking about? Middle of the road tech? The Move is much more advanced that the wii with it’s motion plus. The Move has similar internal components as the wii but surpasses it with even move sensors built into the Move controller. Move uses a camera to detect your position in 3D space and has a component that allows for the controller to be detected even if the camera cannot see it. Kinect is just an updated Eyetoy. If you’ve ever played with the eyetoy you’d know how frustrating controller-less movements are. If your buying the Kinect for voice control and menu control don’t waste your money. As Sony says Buttons are necessary.

  • andrew

    The move is dated tech, its basically a wii w better graphics and a much smaller selection of games. What ppl don’t realize is that with wii motion plus you get the same 1 to 1 responsiveness that the Move gives you. Kinect however is a real game changer. Controllerless gaming with voice controls built it. I don’t understand why anyone would bother with this middle of the road unnecessary piece of tech.

    • hazza

      because i dont have a wii.. so it cost me 37 quid to convert my ps3 into a wii! simple!

    • sacababe

      The kinect is a great "concept", i've played it and it comes short of my expecatations. You really need buttons to engage in games (even Nintendo knew that). The kinect is limited. there is too much delay, enough to were it's distracting from any game you play. The idea is good, but the application of the idea falls short w/ kinect. The Move is highly responsive, engaging and a full step beyond the Wii. Most Wii games are weak as well. There are only a hanful that get stars beyond a "5".

  • Noble7

    Impressive sales figures? Come on – there's a reason why Sony didn't advertise Move and there's a reason why words like "slow burn" are being used. Plus, no gamer , or man, wants to play with something that looks like a lollipop. Well – not most men.

    • flipmo559

      i have played the kinect and it has such a delay on movement. its like a second delay to whatever you would do.

  • alight..

    sales figures arent even accurate, you got them from "vgchartz" the guy running that dopey site doesnt reveal how he actually gets his number

    so put 2 and 2 together, and no its not 5…free hint lol

  • tery

    The sales are much lower than expected, the Kinect PRE ORDERS in NA alone are almost the same as the whole worldwide total of Moves sales and it's not even out yet……….

  • Viclondonban

    I got my one at the very first day,.. Yep The rocket games are susks ,… but the TEMBLE just amazing…. as the SHOOT also gave me somthing to think about. (renesanse is coming to the railshooters -with good cinematrix there is a chance to something incredible)
    ad of course MAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we can't wait!
    Well done sony, this stuff is really worthy of your name!
    /ps id: Viclondonban/

  • Mark

    Echochrome II looks totally incredible on PS3 Move. Check it out in Youtube. Out very soon.

  • Jordan Dyckes

    I got the PS Move on Thursday just before it's release, and it's a really big game changer; the potential is massive unlike the the Wii, which didn't respond to your movements correctly.

    I'm partially paralysed on my left side, and wasn't able to get a good grip on the Wii-Numchuck which made most game's pretty boring and unplayable as I just kept struggling to move and continually dropped the controller.

    However the shape of the PS Move sub controller was perfect and I've not struggled to use it, that was my biggest concern when I pre-ordered it.

    As for game's, the EA Racket Sports is awful; I played the demo and the controls where unresponsive and didn't reflect to what I was doing in real life at all.

    The most accurate and by far the best Move-Enabled game at the moment is Sports Champion which responds with pure precision and no issue's at all; it's almost the same as playing table tennis in real life.

    MAG is running a open beta, for Move Support and it is currently doing really well, in terms of being fun to play, and responsive.

    • I tried it yesterday and played ping pong and it wasn't anything like the real thing I play at home. I smacked the ball with the strength of a tennis racket and the ball should have flown across the room but it didn't and landed on the ping pong table which is NOT realistic.