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PlayStation Move: First PS3 Sales Figures

Yesterday we revealed that Sony believed that the Kinect hype helped to promote PlayStation Move, now we have some early sales figures which reveal some pretty impressive figures.

We are reliably informed that in total roughly 60,000 units of Move hardware were sold in America last week, a unit is classed as a Move Controller plus PlayStation Eye Camera.

Apparently in Europe around 80,000 units were sold last week, this brings the worldwide total to roughly 140,000 units.

As for software we are old that 100,000 copies of Sports Champions have been sold, if you want a full breakdown of the sale you should check out this link.

These figures are in my opinion pretty promising, I’m sure that as more Move games are released sales will continue steadily, it will be interesting to see how Kinect sales compare.

Did you think that Sony would sell more units?

Source: gamrFeed



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