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Metro PCS or Verizon iPhone: Who will be first?

There are a lot of people waiting for Apple to release the iPhone on a carrier which is not AT&T, with Verizon and T-Mobile constantly being linked to the device. But what if Metro PCS were to have the iPhone.

Sascha Segan of PCMAG is reporting that with an iPhone 4G expected next year with LTE technology, the prospect of an iPhone on MetroPCS is certainly a possibility. According to the company’s senior vice president of engineering and network operations – Ed Chao -, Apple would have to provide it for a price that makes sense.

He went on to say “How do you position a $600 phone? It’s kind of tough in our demographic to do that. If they create an iPhone nano that cost $200, we’d jump [at that] probably in a second,” he said.

The idea may not be as silly as you think, as prepaid iPhones can be had in many countries. Virgin Mobile in Canada offers the iPhone 4 without a contract.



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