Halo Reach Beating Call of Duty Black Ops: Chance is ‘Slim to None’

By Jamie Pert - Sep 21, 2010

Just before the release of Halo Reach we posted an article asking you whether Halo Reach would outsell Call of Duty: Black Ops, a slight majority of our readers believed it would outsell Black Ops, however some analysts do not.

An analyst working for EEDAR says that the chances of the Xbox 360 exclusive Halo: Reach outselling all platform sales of Black Ops are “slim to none”.

One analyst believes that the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops alone will outsell Halo: Reach, however another analyst has contrasting beliefs.

Personally I feel that the Xbox 360 version will fly of the shelves quicker than Halo Reach did, it will be interesting to see if my prediction is correct.

If you check out the source link below you can see more details regarding analysts predictions, let us know whether you think the chances of Reach outselling Black Ops really are “slim to none”.

Source: Softpedia

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  • Halo

    halo will outsell cod the most interesting thing in cod are the zombies and its too easy. in halo you need skill without skill your dead halo is for men and cod is for litle girls

  • joey

    halo reach is a solid game with the armor and the ability to make your maps and custom game which call of duty lacks. but on the other hand call of duty has Nazi zombies which is extremely addicting. both are good games but if halo was for the same platforms it would be very close.

  • FellFromGrace

    Bungie is a part of Microsoft. Microsoft is american and the Xbox is an american console. That's why it's only an Xbox exclusive. Bungie likes keeping it that way. And it sells pretty well for only being available to one game console.

    Halo isn't that unrealistic as you guys like to portray.
    It takes place in the future. Long into the future.
    It has creativity, and alot of it, while still keeping a grasp onto reality.
    Unlike Halo, most COD games take place in the past. Based off repetitive war sequences and nothing hardly changes except for the war you're fighting in.

    Of course COD BO will sell more than Reach, but for false physiological reasons.
    Seeing that disliking and dissing on Halo is a cool trend nowadays. Everyone wants to look hardcore, and playing a fast-pace remake of past wars, while needing little experience and skill, is an easy way to seem hardcore.

  • me!

    i hav both and i prefer black ops because it is just more exciting gameplay

  • Carlos

    halo hater dont say things like u never try it ur acting like some ass shit because have told u, i now they didnt sell more copies because some countries doesnt show this game in television and what country would do that for example Portugal, all the games they show on tv is like harry potter, Pes and fifa, this games r the same thing like pes and fifa, the only thing they change is the graphics and nothing else so watch halo reach on youtube and tell me something
    Ps: Black ops is great and its a game for wanna play

  • anthony

    halo reach is so much better than blck ops and sold more on 360 and was 30 million dollars away from outselling black ops altogether

  • Black Ops Buyer

    Your all crazy, Halo Reach sold more than Black ops

  • woww

    Seeing that black ops was rated so low (read reviews) the frenzy of it will soon disappear, in about a few weeks halo reach will be back on top.

  • Sully

    Black Ops will outsell Reach for the one simple fact that everyone else here has stated: Black Ops is multiplatform. Does that mean its a better game? Not by a long shot. I've played every single one of the Call Of Duty games, and after I've played through each of them, I've always went back to Halo. Reach has stayed in my XBOX since the day I bought it, and MW2 has sat on the shelf since i beat the single player and went back to Halo 3 for the multiplayer. Dont get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed MW2 when it first came out, but i still found myself going back to Halo 3 for the multiplayer experience, and when it comes right down to it, thats what its all about for me and Halo does it the best. I always have more fun playing Reach than I did playing MW2, and unless Treyarch crafted an entirely new online experience, I think it'll be the same way. But i doubt that for the simple fact that Infinity Ward was an all around better studio. We'll see though. I'm picking up my copy of Black Ops tomorrow, and I'm honestly hoping that'll it'll blow my mind.

  • sdfgchktfd

    CoD all the way im 10th in all of them for xbox 360 and going to get it in black ops before MW3 comes out its going to outsell reach

  • halo hater

    reach doesnt hav a chance in hell to beat black ops its not near as popular its only being sold to xbox 360 its not realistic and the biggest reason that it wont sell better is because ITS A TERRIBLE GAME and i havent even played it my friends tell me it sucks

    • Sam

      lol, what an idiot.

      I'm betting your a 12 year old. Enjoy your Crap Ops with the rest of the Fisherprice crew.


      Why don't you bloody play Halo then you retard? Call of Duty is crap compared to Halo.

    • lol u gay

      your friends are gaylords. get a life, get your own opinion and stop listening to those tossers. besides, its more realistic than your mom.

  • knowledge

    black ops will outsell halo reach. people who continue to play MW2 are tired with all the cheap nonsense that was never fixed. treyarch are planning to fix alot of these problems and that would be reason enough for a purchase. halo reach feels unfinished, at least to alot of people that have played since halo CE. halo reach is very gimmicky with its armour abilities and dreadful spawns online. the worst to grace a halo game so far.

    both games are overhyped, but if treyarch deliver as promised then black ops will be a very solid online fps, i prefer consistancy over gimmicks so black ops will win my vote of the 2. im sure the sales will reflect a simliar audience oppinion

    (ps, ive never seen a bigger group of adolescent morons posting on this site, there is some insanely flamboyant fanboy faggotry afoot)

  • shadow8

    black opsssssssssssssssss
    definately gona definately bet halo

  • michael

    black ops is gonna outsell bigtime cause its for ps3 and xbox360…….. and reach is only for 360 so of course black ops is gonna outsell!!!!

  • leon

    halo suck blackops well be the best game eaver

  • Im not a halo fan, i have modern warfare 2 too (and i think is great), but only see this:

    "Newsflash:As of the end of last week, when the game had been out only four days, already 31 million matchmaking games had taken place. On top of that, the total time played added up to 2,300 years and 78 billion credits had been earned.

    No word on how those numbers changed over the weekend, but we're guessing they've at least doubled since then, which is just downright scary. Kudos to Xbox Live for being able to handle all that without a hitch.

    In more "Halo Reach is kicking ass" news, we've also learned that, unsurprisingly, Halo Reach was the top selling game in the UK last week. It also brought with it the 5th largest launch week ever, trailing only Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360 and PS3 versions), GTA4, and GTA San Andreas."

    Mon, 09/20/2010 – 16:55

    so dont underestimate halo, and halo "fanboys" CoD is a good game be like children of 5 or 7 years, be more mature. you guys make me laugh xD

    • halo hater

      the only reason reach is the best selling game in uk is because its new witch can b expected cause all new games sell good for a wihle and black ops hasent come out yet black ops is gonna b beat

  • someone

    I think the 2 games are great and i have the xbox 360, i have halo: reach and i think is great and im going to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops because is going to be the best game of Treyarch (i prefer Infinity Ward, unfortunately they left the CoD game because of activision T_T )

    P.D: I think this fight is stupid, because call of duty and halo: Reach are very different games, one is "science fiction" and the other "realistic" wars, you're an idiot if you don't know the difference. 😛

    • some

      well this has been planned infinity makes it one year then treyarch makes it another then back to infinity the next game will be made by infinity after black ops then treyarch will make the next one and so on

  • for all you idiots who want realizm in games, go join the fucking army. i love reach because of how unrealistic it is! i mean come on games are not ment to be fucking real, its what i hate about new age gamers, dont like fantasy, if you want realism go the fuck outside and go play sports and keep madden and cod off the game shelves! if i were to buy cod it would be to burn it!

  • bill

    hahahah i agree blackops is beetter

    • COD is gay

      I played a game at my cousin's house and the fucking gunshi(t)ps gun you down as soon as you spawn.

  • zzirGrizz

    halo reach 4 sad nerds

  • Brad

    The reason I own Halo: Reach is because it's an amazing package of single-player/multi-player components, lacks the gimmicks in other FPS shooters (the elephant in the room, Modern Warfare 2) and lastly, Bungie is a committed developer and will continue to support this game.

    Sadly, Black Ops is going to out-sell Halo: Reach because all the Jocks think gritty, brown, overmarketed shooters based off sensitive, realistic topics (nuclear weapons, middle-eastern conflict) are fun and that Halo is for little kids because it has a diverse colour palette, aliens and is based off pure fiction.

    I reckon Black Ops is going to suck. I have reasons. One is that Activision have the most disgusting advertising strategies which revolve around preying on commercial clichés and adding them to a game. Two, it's developed by Treyarch. Lastly, it's going to fly a pretty little American flag between it's thumb and index finger.

    'nuff said.

  • penis

    why is everyone getting so pissed calm down its just a video game. black ops will sell more than reach because its on 3 platforms

  • Lachlan

    Black Ops will no doubt sell out faster than Reach, but next year players will forget about it when they bring out Black Ops 2 or MW3. Halo, however, has a string of fans who invest in the game and each chapter, whether they buy it now or later. How many CoD players will go out and buy MW1 if they haven't already got it? How many Halo players will have missed a game (excpet perhaps Wars)?

    As for Microsoft, each company needs a drawcard. Nintendo has Mario, Microsoft has Halo. It's good business. How many will have bought a 360 just for a single game?

  • Adam

    At Ryan your mums a slag you ps3 noon have you not noticed that cod players give up so much of their life just so the can get to 10 prestige lv70 and then what? Then cod gets really dull

  • Christian

    halo Reach out sole mw2. Mw2 was best selling for 10 months. but not no more. But i still think call of duty will out sell Cod black ops. becauseeeeeeeeee it's for the 360,ps3,wii, and pc. oh and haha emos? ryan where the hell did you get that from?

    • AmirSam

      are u fucked up how on earth did reach outsell mw2. check it up on the internet mw2 is the best selling game ever in the uk and the second best selling game in the USA. so reach didnt even come close. what u are reffering to is how many people play online get you facts rights!

    • The Truth


      Call of Duty would outsell Halo even if it was exclusive. You can’t just compare MW2’s numbers on the 360 to Halo, because if it was exclusive it would sell significantly more copies on the 360. Halo, COD, these are games that people will literally buy a console to play. That’s why Microsoft paid Bungie big $$$ to keep it exclusive in the first place. Face it Halo fans, Halo may be a great game but most people want realism. COD delivers.

      • Unknown

        I only agree to black ops outselling reach because your going to have a bunch of 8 year olds who pre ordered it who think they are good and pretend they are a part of optic gaming and post on YouTube but I still think reach is better besides it going to be the best selling platform game not the best for xbox

  • ryan

    and halo as i refair to as "gaylo" is for gimps and emos

    • brett

      thats ur oppinion not just gimpse and emmos play reach other people do reach could have over did black ops because reach is way better then any other halo game

    • Jorge

      emos and gimps will play COD: BO because the name "Black" Ops
      xD, what a stupid comment.

    • PWNED

      "gaylo" huh?? ur tha gaylo for posting a comment like that reach kick black ops any day 😀

  • monchand

    marcus, talk about taring everyone with same brush. i'm not a chav but i love COD. its great after a frustrating day at work.

  • Zytrox

    Doesn't matter, because I'll still be playing Halo Reach after Black Ops is long and gone next year.

    • Trent

      You mean Black Ops after Halo Reach is played out…o too late

      • PWNED

        black ops is pussy humans halo reach is tough spartans… who wouls win an army ranger or a spartan u tell me…..

  • Kannakang

    i agree with hunter, it would have to be on all 3 platforms to even come close, even then imo alot more elder people (35-45 years old) play COD. so it actually hittin all ages unlike halo i think more kids and young adults play then elder people. black ops just hit all ages not just one era.

  • Marcus

    The only reason black ops will outsell reach is because off all the "chavs" and kids who play it. Call off duty has become a home too chav gamers (chav gaming) whilst reach has more real game players who arent looking to argue or give abuse 25 hours off the day, 8 days off the week.

    • Ericksss

      fanboy!! xd

    • The Truth

      8 days in a week? Maybe people just dislike playing a game where you run around in red and blue spacesuits and shoot people with peashooters. People like to feel like there’s a progression to their gaming, whether it be completing challenges, unlocking new guns and perks, or just learning better tactics. Reach is much too simple for this. After 5 minutes you pretty much know what to expect. The style itself is at fault, the bullets to kill is so high that there’s no reason to play smart. Games turn into chaos and battles of who’s got the better aim. The bottomline: Reach is casual, Black Ops is competitive. Which one do you think people will get addicted to?

      • Ahh yes. So much tactics right?

        Here's how both games work for ya:

        Cock off Duty:
        Run, Shoot, Die, IF YOU DON'T DIE: Get 4 kills within 5 seconds(because that's realistic right?), Spawn SRM/Random Dogs/Heli which inconveniently arrives for 30seconds when it could just stay and kill everyone FOREVER/etc etc, Die, Pick a New Class, Spawn, Repeat.

        Spawn, Either Get a better gun or Run, Shoot, NOT Die because you have armor which prevents 1 shot kills, Shoot, Hide, Shoot, KILLING SPREE!, Shoot, Not Die because your 2billion dollar armor heals you after a set time, Shoot some moreeee, Get yet another gun, Shoot, KILLING FRENZY!, Not die STILL Because you can't be 1hit ko'd, Assassinate some noobs, RUNNING RIOT!, Kill some more!, Get yet another gun!, hide a lil bit, Shoot, Kill, Not Die!, Teabag some noobs, Then die while preoccupied with stuffing your sack down a dead aliens throat. Repeat.

        You don't have to agree, but it's like gravity: Even if you don't see it as the truth, doesn't mean you can float.

        • Burnout Fan

          Not to mention that the ranking system in COD is seriously flawed, especially for new players. How are you supposed to rank up and enjoy yourself when you’re getting killed repeatedly by someone with a top gun, where you have an old WWII pistol?

  • Hunter Degarmo

    If Halo Reach had a chance to outsell blackops it woulad have to be three times better that what it is and its going to have to b emade for all platforms not just one there dumb if they think that they are gonna get lots and lots of money off one platfrom come on micrsoft just make it for all platforms. Microsoft is just being dumb selling it on one…

    • SHADOW

      yea but if you want to play it and you dont have a 360 well guess what. theres $200-$400 right there plus $60 for the game.

  • Derrel

    Whats wrong with you barber bois. Halo Reach will never outsell Black Ops

  • Greg

    oh yea, reach is only on the xbox so why would it outsell black ops?

  • Tom

    There is no possible way Reach out sells Black Ops… its obsurd

    • PWNED