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Bioshock 3: Infinite New Trailer Shows Gameplay

With Bioshock 3 the hottest topic at the moment, we here at PR news reported recently on a video trailer and screenshots preview. Well a report by Ripten states that Xbox Live Gold members were entertained with the new 10 minute gameplay video today, and in their words it is awesome.

Set for worldwide debut on Irrationals website tomorrow, we have also been teased with five new screenshots.

Bioshock Infinite places you in “Columbia” a city suspended in the air by giant balloons, you become Booker DeWitt , an ex agent hired by mysterious individuals to rescue a young women named Elizabeth. Using all means necessary you navigate the various surroundings of Columbia, in search of her.

We can now only wait for the full game to be released in 2012, but until then hit the link to see how good this game really looks.

Source: Ripten



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