Tekken Tag Tournament 2: First Trailer, No US Release Date Yet

By Alan Ng - Sep 20, 2010

After the disappointments of Tekken 6, fans can finally look forward to a better entry in the series, as Namco Bandai has just announced Tekken Tag Tournament 2, with the original being arguably one of the best in the franchise to date.

As reported from VG247, the game only been confirmed for an arcade release in Japan next Summer, but you would bet that this will be making it’s way to the PS3 and Xbox 360 later on in 2011.

Aside from the announcement at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, the company also revealed a new trailer for the game to wet your appetites. It looks as if Kazuya and Jin will once again be two of the main characters in the game, but we also see them teaming up with Leo and Asuka respectively.

Watch the trailer below and let us know your thoughts on it. Are you as excited as we are? Personally, I love the original Tekken Tag on PS2, so I’m pumped up for this. Baek and Hwoarong ftw.

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  • Adanoharold

    hope tt2 release  early 

  • XIAO


  • Dany

    all characters of tekken 6 will be there and jun kazama true ogre jaycee has been confirmed and kazuya will be able to transform in devil kazuya in battle dunno if they will introduce more chars i hope alex and kunimitsu back

  • Uchiha Sasuke

    I want to release it now from the philippines we are all waiting for that

  • Babush

    they should have all chars from BR and also include some new ones. that would be sweet

  • undacover

    when is it out for iphone??

  • k2

    tekken tag2 was awesome when its going 2 release

  • nikos

    we want mokujin and yoshimitsu for tekken tag 2!!!!

  • jefftekken

    tekken 6 was no disappointment, only if you couldnt handle gettin that ass whooped maybe

  • iminyourass

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, i remember playing tekken tag tournament on ps2 as a kid, i cant fucking wait for this, its a must have

    • XIAO

      i cant wait either

  • Phoen!X

    This is going to be a hell of a game… I can feel it… -_-