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T-mobile Sued Over Pot-related Texts: FCC Decision Needed

Cell phone carrier T-Mobile is now being sued by Ez Texting over what is reported as Pot-related texts. It is said that T-mobile has been blocking certain text messages because they contained information on the drug marijuana.

The text messaging marketing company helps businesses by sending texts to users for information purposes. According to Edward Moyer from Cnet News, it has been reported that T-mobile restricted access to Ez Texting, saying that they “did not approve” of the website This is the website that the text messaging service sent users too.

The website allows for patients who use marijuana to help ease medical condition to connect with each other. The service allows them to discuss a number of things, and get information from details provided by doctors.

The lawsuit that has been filed claims that Ez Texting could go out of business due to being banned by T-mobile, unless the carrier restores its service. The FCC has been asked on a number of occasions to take the power away from cell phone carriers from banning such services – this has now sparked the argument off again – with many believing that it is long overdue that the FCC should now step in.



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