Samsung Galaxy Tab: US Release Date Rumors – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile

By Alan Ng - Sep 20, 2010

We have some exciting new details to bring you now, as one source has revealed potential release periods for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab device on all four carriers in the US.

According to this article from Ubergizmo, they have obtained information from Electronista, revealing that AT&T are going to be the first carrier in the US to release the Galaxy Tab.

This will happen sometime during Mid-October and will be closely followed by Verizon, who will have it by early November according to Ubergizmo. As for Sprint, customers will be able to get it mid-november without 4G speeds remember, leaving T-Mobile USA last to release, no period mentioned for them yet.

If the rumors are true, then customers on AT&T are going to be pretty happy about this – perhaps not so much for fans of Verizon Wireless.

What are your thoughts on the details? We already heard how AT&T is thought to have exclusive rights to Windows Phone 7 smartphones, so have they secured another deal for the Galaxy Tab?

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  • Stevo

    Europe gets it with phone capability, the us gets a glorified mini laptop without a keyboard that requires a data plan. "but it's small, & portable"?! Not if I have to carry a phone too… that does all the same things! Once again I fail to understand the politics in giving us all techology has to offer

  • lokienloki

    This is the reason why this tablet's price is inflating. Samsung galaxy tab carrier updates.