PS4 release will benefit Sony software developers

It is no secret that the PlayStation 3 is not the most developer-friendly console on the market, however it seems as if Sony has listened to the criticism and will address this issue when they design, manufacture and develop the PlayStation 4.

Apparently developers will have a lot more input when it comes to the PlayStation 4’s design, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida recently suggested that developing the PlayStation Move showed just how important and beneficial developer input really is.

Sony’s hardware manufacturers were not the first involved with PlayStation Move, instead Sony’s Worldwide Studio tried out many different motion controller-related technologies such as 3D cameras and ultrasound. This input assures that developers are working with what they want to work with.

Yoshida also went on to suggest that the PS4’s OS and platform tools will actually be developed by game developers, which I think sounds pretty promising.

Do you think that more developer input will make the PlayStation 4 better than any future Microsoft console?

Source: ZombieGamer


  • Ryan

    Sure technically the PS3 may be pretty impressive, but the 360 is no laughing stock. Plus Microsoft will make their own advances to try and catch up. Each side has its own exclusives, and a lot of games are available for both. Unless one or the other screws up so bad that nobody will ever touch the console… they're both going to do well.

  • j

    but they microsoft r way behind Sony’s ps3

    The Cell IBM developed hardware that runs it!

    • Kyle

      hey look at the PS3… its technically way ahead of all other consoles besides the PC. So i think next gen Sony will continue their trend of just plain out destroying the competition in terms of software, graphics, etc. As long as they continue to out effort and time into their console unlike microsoft with the 360, then i think that no one will be able to touch them.

  • sam

    I gree with jason, you forgot that Microsoft is a software developers in the first place and they know how to make a console easy to develop software games on it .

  • Jason

    um no. I think you seem to forget that Microsoft is the most developer centric company on the planet. Its there strong point and where they can say they are even more superior to Apple or Google.

    • das

      i farted


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