Playstation Move Vs Xbox 360 Kinect: Move Software Criticized

By Alan Ng - Sep 20, 2010

It was only a matter of time before the war of words continued between Microsoft and Sony, as Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has spoken out on the lineup of PS Move software, days after it’s release in the US.

As reported from CVG, Greenberg was speaking at the Tokyo Game Show when he revealed his opinions that Sony’s Playstation Move titles are just ‘modified’ versions of standard controller games.

He was talking about how the games for Kinect were built from the ‘ground-up’, but attacked Sony’s line up Move games with the following statement:

”A lot of the games made for Move are really controller-based games that [developers have] added the Move functionality to.”

You could agree with him depending on which way you look at. While Sports Champions and Start the Party were designed with Move in mind, other games such as Resident Evil 5 and the upcoming Heavy Rain received simple patches to enable Move support.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with Greenberg’s criticism of Sony’s PS Move software lineup?

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  • Turtle

    The first comment to be shown after the Kinect came out! Now I have all 3 consoles and have tested them fairly. If I were to rank these motion consoles as fairly as possible heres how it would be scored. Wii: 10 , Move: 9.5 , Kinect: 8 . The Wii is the best motion capture console out there because of Wii Motion Plus and a huge library of good games. The Move comes in second because it maintains that hardcore feeling and is very accurate. The Kinect is last because of it malfunctioned on me on the first day, and the games to me aren't great (but they're good.) and finally the games are Wii rip-offs (Look for Kinect Sports vs. Wii Sports.)

  • grinch

    and to answerthe guys anove me yes iv played tru it does lag u have to have a lot of space 2 play 1 player and alot mor 2 play 2player but if u get 2 close it wont track if its dim it wont track if it feels real if you dont punch hard on the game it looks like ur play boking the harder u swing the harder it worksbut you are right about telling th playstation to play pause load open disc tray next play lastfm the 1 thing i wish it had was netflix like they said it would they said there will belike an update or a dlc for it in future so it will be here but all the voice commands work in zune havent really tried the switching between profiles being that i am the only 1 playng but ya wish i would of read ur thing be4 i commented earlyer so i put my foot in my mouth thanks

  • grinch

    i have a kinect so the 1st things u think i would say would be good that said its a dust collector i dont have move i would have liked to se more sttuff like socom and the other 1 metioned dont know how i would play but hopefully they make something they will but till then it will sit and continue to get played a couple tie a month tile fighters uncaged gets boring they say gta 5 will have capabilitys let see right know wish i had my ps3 still atleaststill have psp

  • I Dont Care

    What i dont get is how will kinect bring a new audience. We all know "hardcore gamers" arent going to get it so the only other type of people r little kids and they already have the 360, and come on u people really dont expect fully grown people to buy it for themselves and play it by themselves. Also please stop with the sony "saw how great the wii is" and all that bull crap because sony put out a motion controller prototype around 2001 i believe so they had to have been testing it between 1997 because nintend started testing in 2000 and then 4-5 years later bam! here comes there prototype but except they decided to make it there very own system called the wii, thus revealing the experimental time period for sony.

  • KurnisPT

    Everyone has an own opinion about Motion Controls.

    Nintendo released wii remote as new controler system, an interactive controler, and some launch games were very basic and simple. As year passed, the games had better gameplays with a lot of moves to choose. Later, came Wii MotionPlus to amplify the movements of the player.

    Sony saw the potencial of wii, made MOVE controller which almost similar to Wii MotionPlus. The games using Move aren’t so basic, and i think in the future the improvement is limited.

    Microsoft turned down those companies and made a big move to create a less-controller. The current games are still in basic with a very limited moves. With time, the kinect will be more accurate and will be the best Motion than others Motion Controllers, because they’ll always fixing it as the Nintendo and Sony are doing.

    There’re games that the Motion controllers can’t be used, such as FPS. The Dance Games, Wii can control the game, but doesn’t work on foots, only sense the movement. Sony the Same as Wii. Only kinect can capture you footwork to interact the Dancing game. It that sight, you have to agree that is the best motion. 😀

    Each Controlers (Wii, Move, Kinect) has somes best uses for certains games.

  • Abysis

    This debate going no where, Move is released so we have actual opinion on it. Kinnect aint even out yet so how can you base opinion on product which is not available. Remember Microsoft has been demoing Kinnect using production version(unfinished).

    I do give Move credit for accuracy and game selection good but still a bit weak but getting better 😀

    I can say for sure Microsoft won't get as accurate but then who know until we get real reviews from a finished product. Actually I looked at release games for Kinnect seems like Wii knocks off mainly except a few for example Ubisoft Fighting game(Fighter's Uncaged).

    Move is looking to be great, and Kinnect has the better potential but potential means can flop as well.

  • Vicky

    All you XBox fans need to get with the programme. XBox is using PlayStation EyeToy technology for Kinect, they just expanded on it. Also, learn to read small print; the adverts for Kinect all clearly say "Actual game functionality may vary" – I mean come on there is a clue for you right there. Also, using a controller is what makes gaming – if I wanna stroke a dog or run about kicking stuff I can just do that in real life and I don't have to buy anything to achieve it. That is why Kinect will fail hard. And wtf is with Milo – I don't talk to annoying kids IRL why would I do it in a game?

    Controllers allow for absolute precision. Move is going to take gaming to a whole new level.

  • andy kayne

    Whats wrong with people, chanting for there own brands LOL do you have shares in these companies? I own the Move and yes it is awesome, way better than expected – this could be huge if they bring out more quality titles. if the Kinect ends up being as good as it should with a quality selection of games, then who knows i may even purchase one too!

    PS3 and Xbox users unite!! Come on its only a game….

  • Dan

    Lots of fanboys on both sides here it looks like. Just FYI but I don't think MS or SOny is trying to sell the Kinect or Move to you hardcore gamers. They're trying to take away the Wii fans. The Wii'rs are the mom's and pops who have just decided that buying dance and sports games are cool to play with you FAT kids (because you sit in front of the damn TV for 11 hours at a time holding the freaking ultimate controller. GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM). Ever wonder why the Wii outsold both game consoles? Well, it's not because of the hard core game fans. Time will tell which system will win but I think the Kinect really has something going for it and that's the dance games and moms. On a side note, they can really put some fear into martial arts studios if they put out the "learn karate" game.


    • TheZip-

      That's just inane. You can't learn karate (well) from a game. Period. (You can't learn GOOD karate at most KARATE schools.)

  • Leon

    im sorry but your all saying he will eat his words and regreat this iv seen lots of postive results from this and u should see the none confirmed realse games coming out from it insted of repeating games like socom witch was good in its day but when u take a game into controler-less u realy are maximizing posibilitys your all just anoyed sony never realsed it first if PS was that good i never would have switched to xbox and you cant say its pricey when you look at your every game for ps3

  • Michael

    Good for all of you unbiased people.
    For all of you PS3 fanboys who ALREADY think Move is better than Kinect, Go beat off, buy a shakeweight, or use your Move controllers for exercise!
    And Xbox 360 gamers can't really say that Kinect is going to outsell Move. Its possible, but not set in stone.
    So for all of you readers out there, come debate about which one is better when they're both already out, mmkay? 🙂

  • CaraCara


    So I decided to give it a couple of weeks and give Kinect a chance before I settle with the Move. So far the Move is sounding pretty good though. You see, the problem I had with the Wii was the quality of graphics and the selection of games. I got bored with it very quickly (even the Wii Fit plus). I own an Xbox too. If the quality of the Kinect needs improvement I will wait for those improvement to take place. If that's this case I will just stick to the Move for now.

    I guess you can say I am in that typical marketing group that both companies are trying to appeal to. I am unbiased and after all my research I think I am definitely leaning towards the Move. The Kinect sounds cool but it just may not be ready yet. The only way I will change my mind is if the lag issue and accuracy really is just a beta problem. So there you have it. As much as I love Xbox, Sony may be winning this battle.I will let you know when I actually purchase one.

  • bill

    First of all has anyone on here actually played Kinect? I have heard people talk more and more about lag and how it doesnt track you very well. I have been beta testing Kinect since August and i can tell you first hand, there is no lag and it basically does everything that Microsoft has claimed it to do, try sitting on your couch and telling you playstion to load a movie, pause it, rewind it,and stop it, ain't going to happen. There are 4 people in my house that all have Xbox Live accounts, and we can switch in and out of the game we are playing and it will recognize each person and sign them in automatically, can the move do this? I just wish people would actually try something out before they bash.

    • Andy

      Sounds like you're biased towards microsoft, maybe because you work for them?

  • Herb


    "Five new exclusive Kinect Core games coming from legendary Japanese creators"

    There is already a boxing game and also an exclusive kinect UFC championship game coming.
    You wanna fight on Move LOL have you actually played it ?,the games are terrible and all the games announced are not new they are just patches to old games and a Bolt on to the next Killzone.
    or maybe you want to do some fighting on "The fight lights out" nice lag to..

  • grant

    i own a 360 purely for the shooting games especially MW2 and halo these r the only games i play i was looking at a kinect intill i seen that the only games u can get r soft cuddly animal games and childish sports games, and to be honsest if i wanna qork out ill go the the god damn gym not jump on the spot like a lunitic cus my next door neighbour will call the funny farm, so purly for that reason i am now having to buy a ps3 to accompany my 360 cus i wanna play socom in motion i wanna play fight as if i was mohammad ali

  • Tim

    most people dont even want kinect or move in the shoot em up games so sucks for playstation cus there games r goin to be just like james bond wii

    • TheZip-

      If you haven't played Killzone 3 with the Move (and given it a chance to click, if you're a thumbstick fanboy), you're just talking out of your a**.

      I'll never buy another thumbstick-only shooter again. Ever.

  • bbdt

    Here is another thing for people to consider. There is nothing preventing Kinect from adding controllers in the future to work in conjunction with the sensor/camera system. To me that would be the most ideal setup (think about star wars on Kinect but holding a light saber handle and/or blaster) and it will be a lot easier to add controllers to Kinect then it would be to add a completely new platform to Move to achieve full body movement like Kinect has. Graphics are similar between the 2 systems (even if one is slightly better) but we can all agree that both look better than the Wii. Before Kinect became reality I thought PS3 was the best option because of the blu ray built in, but with blu ray players coming way down in price and the seemingly wide open potential of the kinect device I have changed my mind. I guess I will know on November 4th if I was right!

    • TheZip-

      Full-body games are gimmicks. There is nothing very interesting about ANY of them.

  • bbdt

    For the people who keep suggesting that Kinect will never succeed because no hardcore gamer will take it seriously, my response is I could never take you seriously, at least not in business. Both of these consoles have been out for years now, so most of the hardcore gamers have already chosen their console long before Move or Kinect even went into development. In some cases they have both consoles. It is my opinion that the Kinect will out sell the Move. I think it will because the Kinect will help Xbox 360 bring new gamers into the mix like myself because it is a something unique to the market. Move is better than Wii, but the target market that Move is going to appeal to either already own the PS3 or they already have the Wii. It wont be easy to get people to abandon their Wii even if Move is better because many invested too much money in that system to start over. That is the problem for Sony because the Move is not going to sell new PS3 systems for them like the Kinect will sell new Xbox 360 systems for Microsoft.

    • CaraCara

      I am getting rid of my Wii and picking up a brand new 320 GB PS3 with move bundle. I've been looking at these posts because I was still a little torn between the Kinect and the Move. The problem with the Wii was the quality of graphics and the selection of games. I got bored with it very quickly (even the Wii Fit plus). I own an Xbox too. If the quality of the Kinect needs improvement I will wait for those improvement to take place. Until then I will play with the Move.

      I guess you can say I am in that typical marketing group that both companies are trying to appeal to. I am unbiased and after all my research I think I am going to go with the Move. The Kinect sounds cool but it just might not be ready yet. I will get that when the time comes. So there you have it. As much as I love Xbox, Sony may be winning this battle.

    • TheZip-

      Sorry, but you're just wrong: people have played shooters with thumbsticks because of lack of an alternative, more natural control scheme. I am DOMINATING in Killzone 3 with a Move controller right now, and am DONE with thumbsticks. I will never buy another thumbstick shooter. And I may sell my Xbox. (I have both systems.)

      Where the REAL benefit will come is, folks who would LOVE to game, but have too much of a life to spend six hundred hours getting comfortable with the awful interface (for shooters) that is the thumbstick. That will grow the market WAY beyond the "hardcore" market, which was mostly obnoxious kids with very little money of their own to spend anyway. LOL.

      So, this will be a BONANZA for Playstation. (But Kinect may be able to retrofit a z-tracking-wand like the Move's into their scheme; it's their only real hope for easy shooting control at this point.)

  • bbdt

    I am still getting a kick over learning I must have just joined a gang recently or something. I preordered the Xbox 360 with Kinect and it will be my first console purchase for myself since the N64. I come to these forums to read about the new products and I am fascinated that the bloggers are so defensive about the brand of game they play as if they are rooting for their home town NFL team. It should be called Wii Side Story or something. I personally am not loyal to any of the brands. My stepson had the Wii and it was a cool new device at the time but now the Move and Kinect are taking it to the next level. I laugh at the arguments from both sides because I guess I see the pros and cons to both systems.

    • dave

      I understand what you're saying and agree. I'm guilty of it. Truth is, most people are immature about the stuff they like and have a passion for. People that love Chevy's and Fords argue over which is best. People that love LCD's and plasmas argue over which is best. People that are devoted to democrats and republicans fight over who is better. It's very common to see two grown men with families fighting over which car is better. It might seem more immature because these are just games but bottom line is, people defend what they have a passion for whether it's cars or games. Having said that…I still agree with you :).

  • Coelhoeve

    well move is better than kinect 10 times, say more

  • greg

    Why any "hardcore" gamer would want to flail his armz or legz to "play" a videogame is beyond me. I don't need a game to exercise my body.I can do that for FREE!!! Forget stoner gamers,too. you think they want to move around to play a videogame? I (personally) think the reasons we play videogames is to relax in our own home and play hockey,shoot ppl, basically escape reality without actually doing the things we'd like to do in real life but can't.

  • Harvey

    That is totally true what Greeberg has said, a lot of Move games are controller based whereas with Kinect, all games are non controller based as you are the controller yourself. Kinect is way better than Move, not only are you the controller but you are feeling the entertainment within the room.. Goo Kinect 🙂

  • PS3wannaBe

    Kinect is an EPIC FAIL waiting to happen and this guy Aaron Greenberg is going to eat his words.

    This is why:

    Kinect has absolutely no good titles set for it's release. Move has some great games and more coming, Killzone 3, Heavy Rain, SOCOM, The Fight Lights, LBP2 those are all ground breaking titles, and all for the move!

    No one cares if there's a patch making them compatable, what matters ithe gameplay which so far from video's looks impressive.

    I own the move and i have to say that the sports package that comes with the bundle blows Wii sports away, both in functionality and in graphics.

    Kinect is inaccurate and has no good games.

    • Jack

      quality, did you play kinect at e3 then?

  • steve

    I'm a hardcore gamer that got the Move on launch day. Hell yes I'm impressed. I'm surprised by the accuracy of what it can do and how well it does it. Mmmm hardware that doesn't have a great lineup of games at launch. The only other time I heard of that was with every other gaming hardware that's ever existed since time began. You won't understand how impressive Move is until you use it. Watching youtube videos of it doesn't cut it. Move can, and has(I'm not the only one), appealed to hardcore gamers. I highly recommend to a 360 fan, if you know someone with a ps3 that has Move…play ping pong on Sports Champions and try not enjoying the hell out of it and being impressed with the accuracy and no lag. Then ask yourself as a hardcore gamer how important accuracy and no lag is. I genuinely recommend you try it.

    Kinect doesn't have a chance in hell at appealing to hardcore gamers and considering the reason millions and millions of 360 fans own a 360 is because of hardcore shooter games, that's important. For a motion device to have a chance at making the hardcore gamer take notice, it has to be very accurate with no lag and it has to be able to work with shooters in an accurate lag free way. Hardcore gamers are very picky. We know what we want and how we want it. We're not easily impressed by gimmicks. Ping pong, frisbee golf and the others on Sports Champions does exactly what I want it to do, when I want, how I want with no noticeable lag. You play them like you're playing the real thing.

    Kinect has to appeal to hardcore gamers. Asking the casual person to dish out $400 for casual games is asking too much. There's too many existing 360 hardcore gamers Microsoft has to impress with Kinect. Microsoft needs the millions of current 360 owners to want this. The 360 is known for hardcore shooters. How does Kinectibles appeal to Gears of War fans? What does petting a tiger and jumping up and down on a raft…with lag, have to do with the interests of hardcore gamers? Move can appeal to existing ps3 owners because of it's accuracy and no lag.

    Kinect will sell really well at launch. Kinect will outsell Move when the launch numbers are revealed. Not because it's better, because people get sucked up into the hype. Throw the word "revolutionary motion" around enough times and millions of naive people will go "I have to get this, it's revolutionary". Only to later find out it's really just a gimmicky piece of hardware with cheesy games that only apply to 8 year olds with the attention span of…well…an 8 year old.

    • Sky

      You are right! I have the Move and am very impress with the accuracy. Cannot wait until developers create better games for this piece of hardware. I cannot see anything good happening for Kinect in terms of hardcore gamers, I think Microsoft is trying to cash in on hype of their product. Still I will probably end up picking up Kinect just to see what I can provide in terms of experience.

  • Mojo

    I'm a fan of the Playstation, I'll come clean and admit it first up. I own the Move, and I think it's awesome. However, if Kinect turns out to be more than just a gimmick, and really is worth all the hype, (which I have trouble forseeing) then I will be very tempted to get one myself. Time will tell how good the Kinect will be. I just hope you won't need 10 square metres of living-room space to use one, seeing as you'll supposedly be using your entire body with it.

    • Papa Mudd

      You know after e3 '09 I was really interested in getting an xbox and kinect, but after this years e3 it really failed to impress me. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it, but I don't really think it will be something perfected until the next gen consoles come out. However, kudos to MS to actually trying to pave the way a little bit… even though PS Eye did a lot of ground work already since PS2 eyetoy and logictech cameras with recognition capabilities. I mean its an interesting thought to use it for gaming but only time will telll.

  • Yourself

    One suggestion for everyone why don't you all just shut up… has the Kinect been launched yet? why the hell are you commenting about it's accuracy when it is most likely in it's "Beta stage" that's like bashing a game that is in beta as it is not yet the final product, The Kinect is still being tweaked I suggest we wait for it to come out before bashing it to be fair.

    Well I can say that Move pretty much lives up to what it's supposed to do, As the Move has already been launched I'm pretty impressed about the fact that it can be used in "Hardcore Games" Kudos to Sony for that, I would've loved it if they put in something for the feet though.

  • Bob_Raptor

    LOL, Mark….. thats original.
    An inspiration to us all, as usual, ex box (not a typo) fanboy being all clever and having his say, shame man, go have an Ice-cream, you deserve it.

    Move is awesome, I was really impressed with its responsiveness, I admit I have nothing to compare it to as I have never played wii and while I will NOT try deny the wii its place in the gaming industry, it's no surprise to see people want to use the proven tech of the wii with the graphics of the PS3, so yea, to each his own. As for Natal……. Yea, I have serious reservations… but only time will tell.

  • Mark

    Here's how to look cool with your new move control:
    1-Put on very large shoes like size 23
    2-Dress very large pants with large red dots
    3-Dress green satin shirt
    4-Change color from Move Control to Bright Red
    5-Detach the move silicon ball and attach to your nose
    There you have it…

  • Jonnyboy

    "tracks 2 points"

    wow kid you really know how to make urself sound really dumb, what decade did you come from

    • bbdt

      When calling out someone else for sounding dumb it might have more impact if you actually could spell "yourself". It seems obvious what decade you came from based on your use of "ebonics" so I won't even ask.

  • bob

    "Leaning? I mean you can do that with a dualshock controller without a PS Eye "
    Dualshock's sensor + PS Eye = Kinect?!?!? Leaning to move in 3D, makes sense. Jog to run in a game.

    Kicking, HeadButting, duck, crouch… what buttons do I have to press???
    Full body motion tracking! The move is cool, and accurate at tracking… but it only tracks 2 points. This fact limits Move's ability to even compete with Kinect. KICKING! People LOVE SOCCER!!! LOVE SOCCER! Not sure how Move can even attempt Soccer while only tracking my hands. Strap them to my legs?!?!? No thanks.

    I got a laugh out of Yaybuttons, but really… how many buttons do you need??? 10 buttons + 2 triggers w/ 2 move sticks is a little OVERKILL.
    Every tech demo i've seen has a Sony rep explaining what button to press!!! "Press the trigger, press the trigger"….

    Kinect is a whole new platform. Sure you can use a controller w/ it, but why? People love their controllers, because they've invested hundreds of hours mastering it… For everyone else, the controller is a barrier to gaming.

    Enjoy your Move PS3 People, it's awesome! I just wish Sony spent their money marketting it, rather than negative adds attacking features of other systems… IMO, Sony was forced into developing the move, it wasn't by choice…

    It took a ridiculous amount of R&D to pull of Kinect. And @ 150$, you can't get anything close to motion tracking for less than 10K. Everyone I talk to is excited to play in a controller-less world.

    • MixGuyu

      Last night I was playing with my Eyepet without the Move controller. It senses body movement also.. You might want to check it out, because after playing with it, I'm not sure what Kinect brings to the table that isn't already there with the Move.

      You do realize the Move doesn't JUST track the controllers, right?

    • Clarence

      Hey Bob,

      Yes I know Kinect can track 20 points on the human body, but how fast can it track? With the camera only have to do 30 frames a second (fps) there won't be too much kicking going on besides straight forward. Also, do you think people are going to have all that room available for kicking? Not so much. At 150 dollars for only 2 player interactive I believe it be alittle much. Sure Playstation Move adds up, but look at Wii owners are they crying over "I just bought 3 extra WiiMotes and 4 Nuncucks (sp)" around 70million sold I think not. So price isn't that important especially when you can play with up to 4 players.

      All in all I am waiting for my Move in the mail, and Kinect is still on my brain as far as interface goes…not so much video gaming -.- I'll play with the EyeToy if I wanna look like a complete "COMPLETE" idiot ^_^

    • Papa Mudd


      I didn't mean that sixaxis controller + ps eye = kinect… as the PS eye already can do most if not all of what has been previewed with Kinect.

      What I meant was to ask what would be the point of using the kinect and a controller together? Especially in an FPS, and I think your right kicking, headbutting…. would be a cool enabled feature for an FPS on kinect with a controller. Whether or not Devs will take the time to do that is another question… just like the PS eye has been out for a while and nothing really great had come out for it, or even the capabilities of the sixaxis controller.

    • Julie

      Hey Bob,

      Thanks for posting. You certainly made me think about the feet thing and soccer with the MOVE. I was in Best Buy yesterday. I'm a mom with no cable, so don't actually know about any of these things. I've got a Wii which the kids don't use because the controllers are too hard to master (they're young).

      The kinect caught my eye because there's no need to purchase new controllers (we only have 1 for the Wii)… and two people were playing volleyball. It was really cool.

      Then, I talked to the Sony guy. I didn't know that the PS3 is a Blu-Ray DVD player has 3D capabilities and the pretty much instant move tracking… oh,and then you can use it as a media player too! So my three devices (DVD, Media Player and Wii) could all be replaced with the PS3 move thingy for $400. Not bad if I can sell my Wii.

      Now the whole football feet thing and the PS3 are geting me thinking… Instead of buying now, I think I'm going to wait to see if the Xbox gets some of the things the PS3 does, and what PS3 Move is going to do about feet !

      Thanks so much. You made my decision for me for now.

  • Reigen

    moost upcoming games ive seen for the move, clearly were made with move in mind(sorcery, the fight, sports champions, etc), but im glad some of them like killzone3 and socom4 are going to hawe an option to play it with the move
    and enabeling move support for already released games like biohazard5 and heavy rain is a great idea(aldow heavy rain was originaly made to work with move, as stated by Quantic Dream, incase you dident know)
    sory if i misspeled anything, english isnt my best language

  • cell989

    XBOTS are angry we PS3 owners will get to plat FPS with motion controls, while they get to dance and pet zoo animals

    • halodude


      actually, being an XBOX fan, It would be better to have non-motion controlled FPSs anyway;who the f**k wants to prat around like a idiot holding an imaginary rifle anyway? With their own sound effects? “ratatatatatatatata….”

      Besides, let our fingers do the aiming, not our bodies- deathmatches can get frantic, adding motion control won’t be a bonus particularly for the fat COD-munchers anyway.

  • Mystery Man

    He's getting a wee bit upset after seeing that Move owners will be playing Killzone 3 in 3D with Move, along with SOCOM – whereas he will be pretending to pet a big fake Tiger. LMAO.

    • onetimeposter


  • gunstar

    At least with more control options for most Move games, you can play it whichever way we want: with our DualShock3 or with Move & Nav controller and not being forced. Unlike with Kinect games rendering your two pricey 360 controllers laying there USELESS!

    • Guest

      What? It's the same for the Xbox 360. You can choose to play with a Kinect, Xbox 360 controller, or both with the Kinect as a supplementary controller.

      I don't know what kind of education you had, but your logic is seriously flawed given your accusation.

      • mbranco

        Name one Kinect game that gives you this option

        • Jonnyboy

          hahaha, im gonna agree with mbranco on this one

        • M T Mind

          And name one Kinect game that has been released.

          The fact is, Kinect can allow both for new games and a number of devs have spoken about plans to use Kinect that way (but no official announcements as yet of course). It's about what's best for the game and the gamer, not just about what can be done.

          And to quote Kuda Tsunoda "Lot's of different people like to play games in different ways and so if you want to play games just with a controller we've got tonnes of controller games, if you want to play controller free we've got controller free experiences, if you want to play controller mixed with Kinect, we can do that as well"

          Both Sony and Microsoft have barely scratched the surface on what can be (and will be) done with their motion sensing devices, so let's just wait and see before playing the "mine can do this but yours can't" game. 🙂

        • darkraiden

          correct me if I’m mistaken with the numbers, I’m quite sure that kinect only tracks around fifteen points in our body from head to toe, in other words, our fingers which is very important in some high precision games are of no use. kinect will just serve games that would make require simple arm and leg movements. there is no game so far for the that is announced to be played using kinect while holding a controller.

        • angelo

          This guy…my mind.

          you claim to not be biased towards one system over the other…you criticize me for preferring my ps3….claim because you have all three you are not beholden to one over the other…you make thinly veiled insults about me being a fanboy..

          Yet everytime I see your name attached to a post you are preaching the m$ sermon..

          I call shenannigans….you my friend are most undoubtedly a 360 fanboy…I at least Admit that I prefer my ps3 over my 360 overweight

    • Papa Mudd

      Its not like they can't create a game to use both the controller and kinect… but I don't know how fun that would be really or how that would work? Leaning? I mean you can do that with a dualshock controller without a PS Eye so Kinect still fails… can't wait to see a good fighting game on kinect tho…

      Dynasty Wariors 7 is set to be a PS3 exclusive I'm hoping that will use the move controller that would be a lot of fun.

  • movemasterflex

    i brought the move a few days ago n the fun hasnt stopped since, i wasnt convinced b4 the release, but i am a changed man

    • wicked wonderer

      until you break one of the bulbs off the controller !!!!!

      • Mark

        You know it's flexi bulb with flush mounted infited colour LED inside?

        Greenburg talking bad about Sony? Nothing new there… That's all this idiot does… I don't see too much of Sony bad mouthing either Microsoft or Nintendo.

        It must hurt bad, that Xbox is such a financial disaster ($10bn and nothing to show).

        • abre Ios ojos

          Sony have set up a web site a couple of weeks ago that does nothing but say how crap microsoft and kinect are.

  • Actually the Kinect games seem to have significantly better gameplay and graphics than successful Wii games.

    Just Dance vs. Dance Central
    Wii Sports vs. Kinect Sports
    Wii Fit vs. Your Shape
    Petz vs. Kinectimals

    Certainly doesn't seem to be a bad strategy to address the Wii consumer. Wii has proven to be the fastest selling game console in history. If you want to get new consumers to buy an Xbox putting motion controls in Halo isn't the way to do it.

    • guest

      would'nt it be a good idea to put kinetic with halo or gears of wars! Duhh!!!!!!!! no buttons. are well a nother great idea gone to s…

      P.s. did they fix kinectic? you know the problem, if you had a dress on and it did'nt work?

      • Anonymous

        No. It's not. And it's already a given none of the hardcore gamers want to play their non-Wii games with Kinect. Microsoft has made clear their intentions to market the Kinect as a separate, alternative controller, rather than a supplementary one. It's basically a HD, controller-less Wii… with Wii-like games. Not that it's bad.

        As for the Move, the controller itself isn't good for competitive play. I don't know if they've changed anything from E3. But I am sure to get maimed in FPS titles by people using the DS3 or SixAxis. That's a turn off for me. Unfortunately, Sony markets the Move to hardcore players. It won't be long until the Move become a "party only" accessory. Coming from experience, my Wii has ended up as a "party only" accessory.

        • to me it just seem like the eyetoy for the ps2 and the ps3

  • Slammaster Dunkerton

    Considering all of the launch titles for Kinect just look like rehashed Wii games this criticism will probably come back and hurt Greenburg.

    If I want to play a motion based video game I will buy a Wii. My XBox will stay Kinect free, yo.

    • halogenlight

      kinect and move are just different…move us an upgraded wii, kinect is a whole new system, no controllers needed. I think I may lean towards the move because I enjoy being able to sit on my rear and play games, that's what video games are for!!! With the move you have more gaming choices, but kinect is more advanced technology by far.