PlayStation Move Better Than Nintendo Wii Say Users

By Peter Chubb - Sep 20, 2010

A couple of days ago Gary Johnson created a poll asking our users if they would sell their Nintendo Wii for the new PlayStation Move for the PS3, and although the comments were mixed – the poll results were not.

54 percent of the voters said that they would sell their Wii for the Move, whereas 33 percent said that they would not. 13 percent said that they would sell the Wii, but only if they had the money for a PS3 in the first place. That is a sore subject with me, as my PlayStation 3 has died on me – hey at least I get to purchase a new slim model now.

So let us take a look over a couple of the comments that came in regarding this poll. It seems as if a number of Wii owners will stay faithful to Nintendo because of games like Mario, Link etc.

Most admit that the precision of the Move is what makes the motion-sensing device more appealing than the Wii, which some believe is now past it. We are certain that Nintendo will already know this and are hard at work developing something even greater – watch this space Wii fans. (Read Daniel’s hands-on review of the PS3 Move.)

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