PlayStation Move Better Than Nintendo Wii Say Users

By Peter Chubb - Sep 20, 2010

A couple of days ago Gary Johnson created a poll asking our users if they would sell their Nintendo Wii for the new PlayStation Move for the PS3, and although the comments were mixed – the poll results were not.

54 percent of the voters said that they would sell their Wii for the Move, whereas 33 percent said that they would not. 13 percent said that they would sell the Wii, but only if they had the money for a PS3 in the first place. That is a sore subject with me, as my PlayStation 3 has died on me – hey at least I get to purchase a new slim model now.

So let us take a look over a couple of the comments that came in regarding this poll. It seems as if a number of Wii owners will stay faithful to Nintendo because of games like Mario, Link etc.

Most admit that the precision of the Move is what makes the motion-sensing device more appealing than the Wii, which some believe is now past it. We are certain that Nintendo will already know this and are hard at work developing something even greater – watch this space Wii fans. (Read Daniel’s hands-on review of the PS3 Move.)

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  • Brad Farmer

    Move is way more accurate and the Games are Way better.  Supposedly Nintendo is going to get all hardcore shooter with the new console.  We’ll see.  

  • Jvaa

    If I had a wii i wouldn't sell it for a move nuff said.But i have a PS3 so i'm gonna get the move

  • joshua

    nintendo is japense

  • joshua

    what! nintendo is the best game company in the world! sony is hyotizing people not nintendo. nintendo rocks! sony sucks!

  • joshua

    i will never support sony sony suck i cant belive they copyed the wii i will never frogive sony for that nintendo is way better then sony and i will always support nintendo

  • joshua

    i hate sony nintedo rocks

  • Abbott

    I just bought the move yesterday, seems pretty good so far. Might of jumped on the bandwagon to quick with this thing but got to love the idea of it picking up ones every movement, I would say this is better then the wii just for the more variety of games that will be coming out. The move has only been out 2 months so far so we will have to be expecting more and better things to come.

    compared to the new Xbox kenect well we all have our own opinions on that thing

  • guest

    you are why we hate yanks

    • mark

      better a yank than a jerk

  • ps3wannabe

    Wow, this whole artical fails because personally I own a Wii and a PS3. I saw the orig. artical and I voted, no I wouldn't sell my Wii but that's because I'm a true gamer, not just one that only plays the latest and greatest. Wii is now my NES, SNES and Genesis in addition to a family gaming system. So that's why i wouldn't sell it.

    However when asked the question would I be buying the move the answer is "HELL YES". I actually already own one and have to say that for movement control it beats the hell out of Wii, even with Wii motion plus.

    Xbox is a scam of a company and I would never support them. Plus Kinect sucks and is laughable.

    • Brad

      Just to comment on your last line.. lol. The company's name is Microsoft, and I'm sorry that Kinect is going to spank the Playstation Move in Q4 this year no matter what Sony does.

      Xbox 360 > Playstation 3 > Nintendo Wii

      I've owned all 3 and that's where I stand.

  • Chris

    So, in other words Mike, you've been brainwashed by the Sony machine. Poor guy. It's funny that Sony drones LOVE motion gaming now that Sony brought it out, yet they all laughed at it when Nintendo first announced the Wii. But, just like Sony did, you jumped on the bandwagon when they announced their copy and paste version and suddenly motion gaming is cool and innovative.

    Dance for the man, sheep!

    • ps3wannabe

      WHATEVER you do not know what you are talking about. SONY AND NINTENDO STARTED DEVELOPMENT OF MOTION GAMING IN 2001.

      Sony came out first with eyetoy for ps2.

      Nintendo came out with revolutionary way to control motion.

      Sony hit back with the most accurate motion control, mixed with HD graphics and a system that has blu ray and wonderful online community, PS3 is not only the HD Wii everyone has been wanting but a great deal.

      Plus I got rid of cable and now stream netflix shows/movies with my PS3, HDMI connection, wireless. Beatiful.

    • Mike

      Hi Chris. Nice to meet you. I'll take your middle finger salute as a welcoming wave. I recommend you read my first few sentences again. Here…let me do it for you and explain what you couldn't comprehend for yourself. What does "I always found the motion control thing interesting" mean you ask? Well, translated, it means…I always found the motion control(Wii) thing interesting. But I have the feeling you thought I was bashing your beloved Wii which you are obviously defending which by the way makes you also dancing for the man mr. sheep. I believe you just fornicated yourself. You can look up that big word in wikipedia.

      Can you point out specifically where I said the Move was "cool and innovative"? I'm having a hard time finding it. Move is nothing more than a more advanced version of the Wii. I'm making the Move more humble. I bet you like hearing that. Does it calm the savage beast? A Honda is just a more advanced version of the Model T just like the Move is a more advanced version of a Wii. Would you like it if we were still driving around in Model T's Chris?

      Why would I buy a Wii when I have no interest in Wii games? Does the Wii have Killzone? Uncharted? Heavy Rain? When it does, let me know, I'll consider getting a Wii. But wait, the Move is a better version of the Wii so on second thought, I'll stick to the ps3 and the Move. I'm sorry if I offended your Wii Chris. I should of realized you're probably a teen with a chip on his shoulder. I think you've been brainwashed by Nintendo Chris. Dance for the man sheep. Dance dance dance.

  • Mike

    I always found the motion control thing interesting. If for no other reason, just because it would give me something different. I have no interest in Wii games so I had no interest in the Wii. Since I've gotten the Move I really like it. It's nice using Move after you've played 3 hardcore shooters in a row using the dualshock controller. Having a blast playing Sports Champions. I've played nothing but Sports Champions since I got it on launch day. In my humble opinion, the Move lived up to the hype and I'm really glad I got it.

  • Jay

    I say PS3 all the way only reason I'd own a Wii was they way it was played was diffrent but now the move way better smother far better graphics and HD i love my ps3 and now will get move bundle make the best system even better!!

  • allasianproducts

    lmao, must be an american who likes to think he buys "all-american" goods. Take a good look at the innards of almost everything you own, most of them are made of most of the components are made in SE Asia.

    You wont be able to get away from owning anything asian because all these global companies prefer to set up in asia and pay lower wages as compared to US or European wages. so create a larger profit margin.

    As for the move seens a few comparison videos on youtube esp the table tennis games and the ps3 move definately is far superior to the wii!

  • luck

    soooo apparently nintendo isn't an asian company. good job on knowing you're history about a company smh

  • Matt

    ummm you dont want the "asian" ps3 system….where do you think nintendo is from???? muppet

  • ryan

    what bit that guy on the ass hes just jealous that ps3 does everything and the others dont what he needs to do is grow up

  • LJ-Tk

    first off poll from internet where any troll can vote how accurate can it be seriously


    Most people I know have a ps3 actually, or are getting one soon. The 360 is not very popular anymore but I do love the wii still.

  • Guest

    Wait a second… You suggest that Move is better because people want to switch from Wii to Move? Not a demonstration of the hardware? Or comparison of hardware aspects? >_>

    • BoLo

      Title Keywords "Says USERS". Sometimes it good to read the whole headline.