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Oracle OpenWorld 2010: Oracle Exalogic – Cloud Computing ‘in-a-box’

Oracle understand how important cloud computing is for the future, which is why they have announced their new Oracle Exalogic, which is described as a “cloud-in-a-box system.” The new system is for enterprise users, which will offer them a “self-contained system.”

According to Darryl K. Taft from eWeek, the Oracle chairman and CEO announced this product during his keynote during the Oracle OpenWorld 2010 on Sunday September 19th.

Those who attended would have noticed how sleek the design of the box looked with its Sun and Oracle logos, which uses 30 servers with 360 cores. This means that there is more than enough storage capacity and speed for your enterprise needs.

It is no secret that cloud is considered the next step in computing storage. We have all heard the rumors that Apple is working on cloud storage for iTunes, but we have yet to learn when they will release this much-anticipated service. Do you welcome cloud storage?



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