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New iPad Subscriptions: Would you buy Newspapers and Magazines?

Since Apple released the iPad at the beginning of the year newspaper and magazine subscriptions have not been as high as they would have hoped, but that could all change if Apple gets its way. It seems that they have decided to convince publishers that it is the right step to take, but do you agree?

According to SHIRA OVIDE And YUKARI IWATANI KANE from WSJ, it is said that Apple looks set to announce a print-subscription in the coming months. However, there are those who are skeptical and believe that such a service will not come until early in 2011.

This is significant, as it would also see the launch of a new Apple iPad. This certainly makes sense to launch both at the same time. If such a deal goes ahead, then Apple will have covered all its bases, from music, movies, TV shows, books, and possibly newspapers and magazines.

Whether this will be integrated into iBooks or a new hub is anyone’s guess? One this is certain, Apple needs to respond fast as a host of rival tablet devices are coming, and they want to dethrone the current king.

Would you buy Newspapers and Magazines on your iPad?



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