New Facebook Clickjacking Attack: ‘OMG This GUY’ Creates Likes

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 20, 2010

It’s another day in the world of social media and also another Facebook clickjacking attack has been found, which seems to have an end result of creating thousands of ‘Likes” to a Facebook page that seems pretty pointless.

Those Facebook users that end up clicking the link get a new status update that says “OMG This GUY Went A Little To Far WITH His Revenge On His EX Girlfriend”, and this is achieved by a new vulnerability that one hacker has found in Facebook pages. The advanced form of clickjacking is creating around 10,000 “likes” for the page an hour, and we’re sure Facebook will shut it down soon.

According to, its not yet known what the motive is behind this latest spam, and Facebook have obviously got a continued battle on their hands with spammers.

Have you been caught by the “OMG This GUY” status update? Did you end up liking their page? Facebook users, let us know more in the comments.

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