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Halo Reach Guide / Walkthrough: Do you need them?

Since the release of Halo Reach we have done our utmost to help you through the game, we have shown you how to rank up quickly, shown you where all of the data plans are, shown you all of the ranks you can earn and even shown you the living and death effects that you can buy, which got me thinking do we need guide books any more?

Back in the day I brought a guide for Final Fantasy VII as there was simply no other easy way of finding out the game’s secrets etc, now, however we have websites dedicated to bringing you this information along with YouTube videos etc, which in my opinion are now more useful than any walk-through book I’ve ever read.

Words and pictures in a book are great, however a video showing you how someone else earned an achievement etc is far more easy to follow, some see this as ‘cheating’, however we have all reached that point in a game where you would quite happily throw your console out of the window.

With all of this information freely available it does make buying a guide such as the Halo: Reach Limited Edition Guide or the Halo Reach Signature Series Guide for roughly $20 a waste of money, I admit it is nice having a physical guide book, but its nicer in my opinion to have an extra $20 in your pocket.

Do you think guide books are needed these days now that all of this information is usually easily accessible via the Internet?


  • severan79a

    Never. When playing through the first time (on legendary, as always), it is more fun to roll through and find out about things as they appear. From time to time, the guides are an annoying source of spoilers, too.

    And, after beating the game (solo) on legendary, who the hell needs a guide anymore except to find the easter eggs? Why pay 25 bucks for a guide when you can get easter-egg locations online for free?


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