Google Apps for Android / BlackBerry: New Two-Layer Authentication System

By Jamie Pert - Sep 20, 2010

Google has recently added a new layer of security to Google Apps, however at the moment this is only currently available for Android and BlackBerry smartphones, an iPhone version is said to be coming soon.

To take advantage of this enhancement in security you must download a special app for your smartphone, once installed your access to Google Apps requires an additional password which is automatically sent to your smartphone, you don’t need to worry if you cannot access your mobile network as the app can auto-generate a password.

You can configure this new two-layer system to trust certain computers, therefore if you access Google Apps from a trusted home computer and a public computer, only the public computer will require an additional password.

The idea is pretty simple, however was pretty complex for Google to implement, it should result in making sure that you are the only one accessing your personal data, even if someone knows your password.

If you are a Google Apps administrator you can turn on this feature via the Admin Control Panel, as for standard edition customers you should have access to this feature in the months ahead.

My only problem with the new system is that by the sounds of it access to your Google Apps could be restricted if you have a flat battery or perhaps lose your smartphone.

Do you like the sound of the new two-layer security system for Google Apps?

Source: PCMag

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