GM Electric Car: No LG Based Cruze in U.S.

Those of you in the U.S. will not be happy of the fact that GM will not be launching their Electric Chevrolet Cruze Car on home soil – instead the upcoming EV will be tested in South Korea. These battery-powered vehicles will be developed with a little help from LG, which is due to start in October.

According to New York Daily News, who gathered their information from AP reports that the cars will use batteries from LG Chemical, with the electric motor being developed by LG Electronics.

The demo fleet will not only be made up with the Chevy Cruzes, the GM Daewoo Lacetti Premiere will make up a portion as well. The idea behind these tests is for General Motors to develop a fully working electric compact – we just have to wonder why GM do not want to offer this to the U.S.?

However, do not let this bother you too much, as there is still the upcoming Chevy Volt, and early signs prove that this could become a very popular EV, and more vehicles based on this technology will follow. For those looking for a smaller Electric Vehicle in the U.S., then you may have to consider the Nissan Leaf. This is a fully EV and does not come with a Gasoline engine as the Volt does.



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