Fujifilm Finepix X100: Specs Almost Like Leica X1

By Peter Chubb - Sep 20, 2010

Today has been a busy day for camera enthusiasts as a number of these devices have been announced, such as the Pentax K-5 DSLR. However, it is the Fujifilm Finepix X100 that has got my attention, as it is a welcome break from the range of four-thirds cameras that we have been inundated with in recent months.

The Finepix X100 is a hybrid with its 12MP lens and APS-C DSLR sensor. Just looking at the camera screams old school, most of this is thanks to a viewfinder – something that is missing from most digital cameras on the market.

This is no ordinary viewfinder though, as it will overlay certain information for you. Not only will you be looking at the actual image, but you can also access the data, as you would on an LCD display on most other digital cameras.

Mic Wright from Electric Pig picks up on the fact that the looks and some of the specs are much the same as the Leica X1 – although the latter is certain to have the edge. The release date for the Finepix X100 is not expected to be until early next year.

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  • JackBassV

    I'd still like one of these, but I'd prefer one with interchangeable lenses.

    Got to save up for one of these though.

  • Philip Chisholm

    What we need now is 2 more cameras, an X100-21mm with a top mounted viewfinder and the X100-75mm. Especially the 75mm with a quality f2 fast low aperture lens to capture sharp portraits with blurred background. At the price of the X100 we could afford all 3 cameras. No more changing lenses or dust on the Sensor. Just grab the appropriate camera from the belt pouch point and shoot, no more worn broken necks from years of weighted gear!

  • Hamzah Shaikh

    If someone wants to replace a DSLR with something compact this is the one to go for. More like a rangefinder style camera. I always loved old school manual cameras with metal body and dials. One thing I always hate about DSLR is that it brings out so much attention to other people around you which makes it sometimes impractical and incovinient. Cameras like this is so transparent and convinient to use. It's good to see Fuji has done an amazing job to bring out such a camera.