Facebook Phone: Would you buy it over iPhone 4 or Android?

I’m sure you’ve already heard the huge rumors surrounding a Facebook-branded mobile phone, but have you actually thought about what a Facebook cell phone would look like competing against the iPhone or a Google Android handset?

Firstly, if you haven’t read the rumors on the Facebook phone, you should head to our original article here. Facebook has since denied the rumors by saying that ‘building phones is just not what we do’, but if consumer interest is high enough for such a device, the social networking giant may have to reconsider that stance.

If a Facebook phone were to release, then it’s features would obviously be very much tailored towards the social-networking website, with the majority of features allowing you to interact with your friends more easily and better than ever before. Imagine if Facebook were to partner with HTC on this – that would certainly get me interested in the project.

HTC’s impressive hardware combined with Facebook interaction right from when the user boots up his or her device. If Facebook were to explore a custom-branded handset, then I definitely think it would be a hit with consumers.

The question is though, would it be able to do enough to prize consumers away from the likes of an iPhone 4 or Google Android handset? Let us know your thoughts on this one guys.

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  • mizuvortex

    Facebook Phone? Why? I think I'll stick with my Smart-phone. Who needs a new line of Stupid-phones? Of course it would be a good phone to use for all those pointless apps out there. Maybe the ring-tones will made up of Facebook voice comments. Every time the phone rings it will give us an audio update of John telling us about his clogged toilet or Cindy complaining about her menstrual cramps. Ahh…what would life be like without Facebook and all of its worthless information. And for $19.95 you can have a Facebook phone with a contacts application full of all your favorite fake friends. YAY!

  • xiaoa10

    Release a Facebook phone ? odd!
    Indeed,Facebook collaborated with some hardware manufacturers and operators such as Samsung,Android and apple this summer, but, in my opinion, the Facebook just a famouse but simple social space which just is a small part of our life, and many people like communicating with each other on facebook, but it is not the necessities of our lives, and it completely can be installed on our phone as a simple application, in a word, a facebook phone is unnecessary and it sounds odd.
    I am now use the iphone 4, i can watch movies combining my Aneesoft iphone tools, and it also can runs facebook app, that is enough and i don't need a facebook phone, so, above is my idea.

  • Randall

    let me rephrase. Heck with Facebook. I would surely trust Android / Google over FB's privacy policy – not the greatest track record. A lot of polls have shown that people use the Mobile version of facebook's website anyway.. So any phone with features (other than FB) will be able to access it regardless because of the HTML 5 / Webkit browsing capabilities. It's just a reason for FB to control your life.

  • Randal

    Screw Facebook

  • It seems most people agree with me that this is a pretty dumb idea. Yeah, I have a Facebook account, but no, I don't want to run my entire social life through Facebook. It's a private company, for Chissakes. Just give me a good phone, and with a good Facebook app, and I'll deal with Facebook when and if I want to.


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