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Facebook Not Building Phone: Neither did Google with ‘Nexus One’

Earlier yesterday Gary Johnson reported that Facebook would be developing their own cell phone, only for me to learn that this was strongly denied later in the day by a spokesperson from the social networking site.

This is certainly interesting, the fact that people assumed that Facebook would build their own phone, even though they have no experience of building hardware. Mic Wright from Electric Pig points out that not even Google made their own smarphone, the Nexus One was built by HTC, but the search engine giant just worked more closely so its Android system could work much better than on a custom UI version.

Wright does point out that Facebook is up to something though; this was evident with the poor denial about the existence of a handset. What this is we have no way of knowing, maybe they are working with a cell phone maker of mobile OS developer such as Google on developing an App that has greater integration than ever?

We never like to surmise what a company is doing, but the idea of Facebook developing their own branded phone just seems far-fetched. They are much better off working more closely with the current smartphones on the market, and stick to what they know best, and that is offering their users the best social experience.



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