COD Black Ops Zombies: Is Just Surviving Enough?

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 20, 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops is set to be one of the biggest games of 2010/2011, and the new features have been thought-out to cater for a bigger range of players, from those just starting FPS games to hardcore Call of Duty players. COD Zombies may have had rumored confirmation before, but its still a mystery today.

We know the idea of a post-launch release for Zombies as DLC is not a popular one, and most people feel the Zombie mode needs to be included In Black Ops, but what features should be changed and added to COD Black Ops Zombies if it happens?

It’s my view that Zombies in Call of Duty World at War was not only impressive, but it was the start of something that needs to be expanded. Just like Black Ops has had some welcomed enhancements for online play, we need the “Zombie” idea to be expanded.

Will just surviving be enough in the Black Ops Zombie Mode? We could have more in-depth challenges and game modes, where you not only try and survive but also have other missions to complete. There are many ideas, and we’re sure you have a few but the bottom line is the idea of “surviving”. Is this enough for Black Ops?

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  • Zechi

    They should have a immobility powerup, so you can do as you wish, not too long though, as then it would be gay. For new perks, I think they should include a perk theat makes you run faster, and be able to sens zombies or something, like a radar screen and the danger warning on IPod version.

  • Nyle

    Come on guys I have Black Ops and it rules. Stop trying to be all like "zombies should have super powers" I agree with the missions, I would suggest a S&D mission now THAT would be cool. And zombies is basicly the whole game which is very good because do you know how many people went online in the first hour the servers came on just to play zombies? 1 million. So you know just shut up when it comes to something a lot of people love

  • quanitelli

    This is a call of duty incentive mode. Not a Zombie based game. I like it the way it is personally. Adding all this stuff takes away from what the game is which in essence is a warfighter game. But that's just my opinion

  • Rick

    Maybe they should have it so you can select from the offline multiplayer maps and let you use your off or online characters with your weapons that you selected with your character. But keep the mystery box and everything else.

  • Sancon

    I think it would be completely awsome if…

    the zombies was like a game mode, with like 12 people against them, massive maps and you can revive anyone (obv.) Also, people can join half way through so that the number stays at twelve. I know everyone will say "Thats way too easy" and yes it would be boring on first rounds but just think about wave 50… or even 100….

    I know it will never happen but I just think it would be completely and utterly awesome

  • Joshbleu

    My friend has a modded xbox and a downloaded version of black ops. You don’t have to beat the game to start playing zombies like you did last time. The first maps is a zombie theatre. If any of you have seen ingloreous bastards it looks a lot like that theatre. There are random mystery box spawns a teletorter that takes you to a random safe room for about 5 seconds that we need to explore more. Hell hounds are random from level 5 to 7 but those are the levels it can happen on. There is a new weapon called the thunder cannon that sends a huge burst of air out. It’s amazing. You can upgrade your weapons for 5000 and all the cola machines are there. Also a new zombie type is here. The crawling poison zombies. Super strong green and mess up your screen when hit by them. Any questions email me at

  • dont read my name

    alright…i can shed some light on 2 or 3 things…1 i have learned today that with the hardened and legendary edition u get the WaW maps and i know this by if u go to dawn eagle's facebook page (cant miss it, it looks like germany all over it) hes a friend of mine and he has a vid on there and some info about this. also i agree with bob about the glitching, ive got to lvl 40+ and 38 on nacht (sorry bro better luck next time) and the shi no numa glitch i didnt mind i actually enjoyed one-hit knifing zombz on lvl60. also i agree on haveing the perk machines,all weapons available on zombiez, another thing is have a "one chance" type of thing like in CoD3 how if u were to be attacked u would press a or more buttons to counter the attack to make sure u got out of dangers way but still cant do that every time you get attacked.

    • dont read my name

      yeah…..there is 1 thing i forgot to mention……u WILL be able to use sentrys in the zombie mode in black ops and btw……..3 days, 14 hours and 48 minutes until i get black ops!!!!

  • Rexxernator (PS3)

    I went to buy black ops hardened edition 3 days ago and their out of stock…which i wasn't happy i just bought MOH…..its a good game!!..

    anyways…does anyone know if they will make the hardened edition again..or will i still be able to get the zombies…coz i really still wnt to be able to play zombies…
    so does anyone know??

  • Amir

    i basically dont want too many complications with the new zombie mode. better looking(scarier) will be good enough as far as the zombies go. however i do want amazing new weapons (along with the normal new weapons) that would be like super rare to get. i mean like a heavy machine gun instead of a light machine gun would be just too amazing.
    and please… no dogs lol, they're freaky and fast.

    • Rexxernator

      comenting on ur last sentence…
      if dogs are freaky and fast…thats why we want them!!!!!
      we want dogs…coz their fast and their freaky…
      just imagine a zombie dog chasing after u…u would be like "HOLY CRAP RUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      bahahaha i could imagine…

  • uzi9mm

    camera spike or rc xd valkyrie rockets on zombies guide a rc car or remote rocket down the stairs camera pike on the stairs

  • Dan

    It has to be kept simple. The additions made through the three map packs were well balanced but didn't over power the original idea. It has to be open so you can find your own strategies, the extra gun glitch and some other glitches really add an extra layer of personal strategy which makes it feel like your using every you can to survive. This has to be kept intact. Fast zombies sound dubious. After all, its a sequel to an original simple game, its probably going to suck… just like crazy taxi 2

  • cod kid

    i tink da zombies shud hav teleportation powers so u neva knw wer der comin frm…DAT WUD BE SUPER AWSOME..and sum zombies cud be boss zombies and are harder to kill or hav da power 2 spawn baby zombies dat are harder 2 shoot cus der small..zombie dogs and birds wud be SWEET 2..imagine havin 2 shoot things in da sky 2..

    • hurpaderpa


    • Rexxernator

      lol…u sound like a 10 year old kid…im not baggin u out…just what ur thinkin…
      lol birds ahah that would be about instead of birds zombies with wings..or zombies with jetpacks bahahaha

  • eric

    people who think zombies is the best part of cod probably want good at any of them so thats why you resort to something that goes in a straight line and you dont have to move how lame can you guys get nothing is going to make zombies better unless they make it its own game add missions how many times can you do these missions add eyes in the back of the head [wtf] slow zombies up how much slower do you want a dead person to be add all the guns as in singleplayer that still isnt going to help how about let you be able to get all the guns without glitching cause we all know if you dont have alot of guns eventually you will die and what will you do without juggernaut cause its not in blackops i mean playing zombies is like waking up to the same life everyday boring!!!!!!!!!one thing else im glad you idi ots dont make games for a living

    • Puzzle1501

      Just thought you should know. Juggernaught is indeed in Black Ops: Zombies.

  • eric

    putting zombies in blackops would not just be stupid but it seems as everybody is buying it for the zombies but how far can zombies go are you going to keep paying$60.00 for new maps and guns and what will it do to call of duty which infinity ward is ruining every game they put out to me if there is going to be zombies make it a complete game dont run it off cod cause your ruining it and your messing your market up for the future people will get tired of paying 60.00 for new maps everytime a game comes out and then on top of that downloadable content if they go as deep as waw your looking at $60.00 in content on top of your 60 for the game all im saying is be careful treyarch dont run cod into the ground with infinityward pay more attention to multiplayer than some run off boring game sitting for hours at 1 doorway is not fun

    • Piemaster1337

      remember, black ops is being made by treyarch, everyone knows infinity ward sucks (except the clueless few)
      i've only played the first map/version of zombies, but it will just be an amazing bonus to black ops, not steal the spotlight of the game, people who buy it just for zombies should just stay with WaW, which is also pretty awesome (but sadly i bought mw2 instead =.=)


    COD IS GAY!!!!! HALO FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua

    i like the idea of the zombies dont know where you are but they have to find you!!!! that would make it creepier and more fun!!! my ideas are
    1. there should be vehicles that you could use (but they would cost like 5000 points) the vehicles would also get banged up and after awhile they would blow up because of zombies hitting them etc
    2. bigger maps, like a deserted city, or neighborhood, and you could do into houses.
    3. perks, killstreaks and attachments should be in the mode. The perks should have a perk box just like the gun box. The killstreaks should be harder to get like a normal 3 killstreak that might get you the car with a bomb on it would be 30 kills. and there should be an attachment box or something…

    tell me what you think

  • Ezeintn

    Personally, I live the zombies. I think it’s the best part of any of the cod games. I have many hours slaughtering the undead! 😀 I think it would be cool if the zombies were all there when the level starts but mabey doing something else. Maybe they’re finishing up on a left over dude or fighting amongst themselves. I just think it would give you a little time to set up a more fun strategy than hiding in a corner or hallway. Just a thought.

  • Sample

    "Eyes in the back of your head" perk.

  • john rine

    slow zombies, headshot only, and no wonderwaffle and ray gun. realistic stuff. oh and i recomend the producers read the zombie survival guide

  • robtheguru

    It needs to be missions because it gives you something to aim for. I mean WaW: Zombies was great and everything, but it quickly got repetative. If you had missions to complete then it would make it that much better, especially if there was an overall endgame. Something like "Get to the Choppa!" Just something with some substance.

  • John Solid

    This sort of article belongs in a forum. It has no information or either any substantial opinions. People have been discussing what features they believe should be in a new version of Zombies for nearly two years now. Seeing as this is a review site also there is nothing being reviewed at all and the information on this page, everyone has been aware of for months now. Inbluddyfuriating.

  • ashdelsol7

    the one thing that annoyed me about the origional zombie mode was the fact that the zombies always knew your location on the map. I think they should make the zombies more intelligent so that they look for you but dont necessarily know exactly where you are until someone starts shooting or the zombies see you. They should make them more like they are in the movies, so you can hide and the zombies wander round aimlessly until they hear or see you. Im sure activision will make this zombie mode as exciting and addictive as the previous, it was the major highlight of the cod 5 and everyone knows they would be stuipid to not include and improve on the last installment. I hope they bring out regular map pack additions like in cod 5 aswell. MW2 overpriced their maps and left me feeling like i had been ripped off for a cheaply made add on to fill their back pockets, they ignored online suggestions from the customers who actually bought the game and thought that everyone would be blind to their actions

  • jaxson

    i think that they should let u upgrade ur guns more than once like mg42 to barricuda fuall to mega shark or somtin like that or ppsh to reaper to grim reaper if it does not sound msg me back

    • Iceman

      Very cool idea jaxson also by adding a jeep so you and your mate could drive
      over an open field to the next building would be good.

  • Guest

    How about being able to adjust Zombie speed before you play?

  • o0RECON0o

    every 5 to 10 rounds (dog rounds) take us to a new map or a different part of the map opens up.

  • o0RECON0o

    A map editor for the Zombie mode would be sick. Darker, moodier environments, a large mansion map, objectives that require 2 player at each one at the same time. endless pack a punches that require more money each time. Grusome deaths or ways of downing you…. Needs to be a true horror with shock value. Ideas are endless.

  • Rob Uk

    I think they should maybe have bosses every 10 levels or so – similar to dogs but maybe a giant zombie instead that takes alot to kill.
    Also you should have the option to donate points to other team players if you want. I think this because sometimes someone gets a really good gun early on and so rakes in all the points but doesnt always neccesarily need them, here they could donate them to a team mate so they could try for better guns.

  • Greenteez (xbox)

    You have upgrades at the end of each round where you can buy attachments and perks with the points earned from killing those commie zombs or nazis whatever cod is going with.
    and also you can upgrade your own character seeing as its the end of mankind against the hordes of murderous zombies i dont think any old fool with a gun could survive that long they need to be specialized such as a huge geezer that can beat off zombies with his fists and has more health and a sniper thats got more camoflague from the zombies and brilliant sniper aiming for those no scope shots ;).
    what else maybe like a nutter that has akimbo guns.
    just an idea dont hang me out to dry it just better than having a jap a yank a nazi and a russian

    • Puzzle1501

      The idea of being able to purchase perks at the end of each round is really good. I know that more than likely I'm not the only one who would like to have Lightweight, Marathon, Steady Aim, or any other ones. Also the attachments isn't too bad either. I would love to be able to have the Dual Wield, Flamethrower, or the Extended Mag. Maybe they will include some of these in the next Call of Duty. Never know.

  • Bob

    well I think the longetivity needs t be adressed, I have got to level 45+ on every level (except nacht, only 36 on that) without glitching and the main problems are the glitches you get at this level.
    On veruckt the zombies freeze and disappear and dont bother coming inside and you have to kill yourself. On der riese the rounds last almost 20 minutes each after round 40 if you use the teleporters and occasionally the teleporter/barriers will not work, it says press X or whatever but they do not switch on. Lastly, on shi no numa the zombiessuddenly have like no health like you are on level 1 again, we grabbed an arisaka and was one bullet headshoting zombies at level 60…
    I would also like to see access to every weapn in the single player campaign, how many people were desperate for the DP-28 and type 99 in the zombie maps?

  • CJ uk

    does any1 know if map packs will come out same time as the game or if there is a delay like COD WAW

    • Dan

      No-one even knows if Zombies is in the game yet…
      How could they know when maps come out if they don't know whether its in-game or not….

      • cj uk

        becuse it's says in the back idoit

  • CJ uk

    hey does anyone know if map packs will come out the same time as the game or will there b a delay like cod waw5 any1 know… iv been told there is a delay but not sure….

    • Nick VanderKooi

      Nope its all good mate. I checked. My relative is a developer and he told me that they should be on time. You must have gotten the Special Edition Harden Edition or Prestige?

  • Ape

    Have a sort of spec ops mission where one guy is in the chopper gunning down zombies while the others have to run from point A to point B similar to MW2 spec ops mission. Maybe start the mission with one guy fighting his way to the chopper while the others hold off the horde of zombies. Something exciting, because surviving gets old after a while.

    • Elitist

      Best idea I've read so far, bar none.

  • Wicked

    Nazi zombies have supplied the layout of what we want but to expand the ideas, treyarch would have to work on a new slate so making new maps that we can enjoy rather than just the same old ones that we have explored time and time again would be nice, while still sticking to the original zombies instead of specialized zombies the l4d have maybe the zombies could have remnants of their once living life such as ammo and guns, maybe with the exception of sounding too arcady a unlockable weapon when a certain level is reached such as the explosive tipped crossbow that seems to be awesome.

  • zombies just being zombies i dont want that left 4 dead stuff in their like boomer/smokers/ all that i just want the zombies to be slow in the begining then fast later in the levels oh and bring back those veding machines with power ups those were cool. and another thing a mystical icream truck comes out every round to give you random weopons with sweet tooth driving it!

    • Dan

      A mystical ice cream truck?
      That just sounds insanely cartoony and would completely ruin the atmosphere that zombies creates. Not to mention that there isn't enough room for a truck unless you make the map wierdly layed out. Although I do agree that Nazi Zombies is NOT Left4Dead, and therefore shouldn't copy what they do.

    • Firestorm361

      Lol, an ice cream truck with sweet tooth in it. That’s just funny!

    • mike g

      ya the vending machines but keep the mystery box and have them all at once be able to use but be able to use them like every 4 or 5 rounds

  • Dan

    I think that they're should be more maps….obviously. But darker and creepier maps, obviously keeping the awesome music easter eggs 😉

    Some sort of abandoned town is…kinda a good idea but at the same time its a little too obvious and complex, in this case at least, I can't think of maps.

    As for the weapons…some sort of weapon like the Wunderwaffe would definately be cool.
    As well as more traps, the electric barrier was cool and all but I'd like to see more.

    And finally, the zombies. I don't care what people say, the zombies don't need a major change like being able to move insanely fast or be able to do amazing things like jump.
    Powerups would be cool, but they REALLY don't need to go all arcade-y with things like freeze time. In my opinion there should be more point based powerups, headshots give more points temporairily etc.

    P.S. Its my opinion, if you don't agree then either mature-ly answer or don't answer at all.

    • zzirGrizz

      jet packs on zombies ftw LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • the cheater1!


  • Kyle

    A power up that stops time for 30 seconds that will freeze the zombies.And a last man standing free for a mode.

    • Dan

      That sounds too arcadey

  • Wayn Mcganlay

    New maps and more power ups…eg. an eyeball "orb" could make zombies temporarily go blind lalala just of the top of my head…

  • Wain McGinlay

    Save civilians or equipment from the cluches of evil or indeed fend off the zombie hordes from enchroaching on a medical lab! boy, I should have been a game designer.. 😉

    • LOL

      @ Wain


    • Barak

      ya those r cool ideas