Call of Duty Black Ops on Wii: Headset and Voice Chat

By Jamie Pert - Sep 20, 2010

We have recently heard that the Nintendo Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops will be getting a headset and voice chat, which will undoubtedly increase its appeal for the more serious Wii gamers out there.

This news was recently revealed by Black Ops’ executive producer Dan Suarez, here is an extract of what he had to say “We’re doing some new and exciting things where we’ve actually created a new headset, so people can play Call of Duty: Black Ops with VoIP on the Wii. No other games are doing this right now, and we’ve partnered with Nintendo to do it”.

At the moment there is a little confusion as to whether Black Ops will allow you to use the Wii speak microphone for the in-game chat, therefore we will have to keep you posted as we find out more.

Has this convinced you to buy the Wii version of Black Ops?

Source: ElectricPig

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  • Adam

    how do the wii headset work on the call of duty black ops??? i put it in the usb port and i turn on the game of call of duty black ops and i go to mutiplayer wifi connection and it seem not to work at all…how do it work with the wii headset?

  • johnathan

    the head set is awsome, and you dont have to pay for online play unlike the 360

  • Soulja

    Thts wat i'l saying the Wii doesnt get to much attention. Y would i wanna go by a 360 and get the online parts or pay 4 xbox live thts crazy

  • Felix

    for the wii, this sounds good 🙂

  • omg its so cool that they have voice chat im getting it for wii and xbox360

  • alex

    "no other games are doing this right now" THATS NOT TRUE, THE CONDUIT 2 IS DOING IT

  • David

    Really a headset for just the Black Ops? Why doesn't Nintendo make their own headset, I don't feel like buying a headset for every single wii game that needs a headset

    • Tim

      I'm sure that the black ops headset will be compatible with other Wii games as well. But i feel for you man that would suck if we need to buy a new headset for the other Wii games.

    • Nolan

      That's why Nintendo partnered with Treyarch, so that they could help make the headset and use it for other titles

  • David


  • 3L S0BR3VIVI3NT3

    why dont they ever give more info on da wii that why nobody takes it seriously because they dont show anything so da people think that it sucks because they dont hav screens or info, atleast hav one screenshot or what da difference is going to b for da wii

  • suade94

    This would convince me to buy Black Ops. I'm getting tired of FPS without voice on Wii. This is Treyarch's fourth Wii FPS so something new is needed. I thought Conduit 2 was getting the Nintendo partnered headset, but at this point I don't care who does it.

  • Finally!!! Its about time the Wii gets some attention!

  • cock