BMW Cars and Apple iPad: 2010 Paris Motor Show

The 2010 Paris Motor Show is just under two weeks away and we have already learned of a few vehicles that will be previewed at the event. However, we have not heard much from BMW; that is until now.

We have learned from a press release on the BMW Blog that there is to be new range of BMW accessories, one of which will be a holder for the ever-popular Apple iPad. The cradle makes it possible for users to watch the iPad either horizontal or vertical.

The way in which you view the iPad (such as this 18ct gold version) in the BMW depends on what the user will be doing at the time; photos and videos will be ideal horizontally, while portrait will be perfect for reading books etc.

This is not the only thing that BMW and Apple are working on together; there is also the introduction of their new interface coming in 2011. This means that all new BMW vehicles will be able to integrate with other Apple devices much easier, such as the iPhone or iPod. More details will become available once the 2010 Paris Motor Show begins on October 2nd.



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