Bentley and Cadillac Recall: Rust and Airbags

It is always bad when we learn of a new auto recall, but this is something that we have learned to live with since the latter part of 2009 and throughout 2010 – Toyota with the Prius issue amongst others. However, it is always a shock to learn of two recall announcements in the same day.

These recalls involve Bentley and General Motors Cadillac CTS and CTS-V range. One would always assume that Bentley would never have a quality control issue, but I am even more shocked to learn the cause of this recall – rust.

Autoblog has learned via NHTSA that 2007 to 2009 Arnage, Azure and Brooklands models are all affected by this recall. It seems that the ‘Flying B’ that’s takes pride on the front end of the hood could corrode. This could mean that it could get stuck in place and could cause a serious hazard to pedestrians if the car was involved in a crash.

Autoblog also learned that GM has issued a recall for Cadillac CTS’ and CTS-Vs from 2009 – 2010. It is reported that there is an issue with the knee airbag on the front passenger side. However, we have to inform you that the risk only occurs when the front passenger does not wear a seat belt, which in itself is another danger. Are you now growing tired of all these auto recalls?



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