4chan Launches DDoS Attack Against MPAA, RIAA and BPI

4chan recently launched and promoted denial of service attacks on websites who are taking legal action against ThePirateBay, websites that they attacked include MPAA and RIAA.

The attacks were coordinated via an IRC channel, this channel has since been taken down, therefore it seems as if the attack must have caused quite a stir, also there has been a huge Twitter response.

At first the attack was against Airplex, this Indian firm carries out DDoS attacks on websites hosting BitTorrent trackers, therefore it seems as if 4chan wanted to dish out some payback.

According to a recent post on PandaLabs the attacks have been very successful, it is thought that another attack occurred today against the British Phonographic Industry website, however this was unsuccessful.

Do you think that 4chan are right to attack sites such as MPAA, RIAA and the BPI?

Source: TheRegister


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  • Jayden

    Remember that we have rights, and we should not let the FBI, or anyone else take those rights away from us just because people choose to use a service illegally. This is like the FBI trying to take down World OF Warcraft, because I illegally streamed music through my mic which another friend on the other end recorded it illegally, or comming after me because I illegally record music on youtube, but do not share or anything. This is nuts, and the FBI can't stop it all.

    The Solution to stop all theft…

    Just Ban All Recording Devices from the public forever, but look where that leaves us, it is a violation of our rights.

    Hope this helps, and I hope pirate bay wins, also 4chan attacks are really funneh, because it shows how poorly internet servers are set to block out such attacks.

  • Jayden

    LULZ DDOS Attacks, its not like THE FBI, or the court will win.

    Remember our constitutional rights guise.

    Under these rights they cant stop file sharing, Yes it is against the law to share illegal stuff such as a Movie on a torrent site which you did not create unlessr you have permission to do such, music, or anything else you do not own copyright over.

    However there are many torrenting sites out there.

    Many Clip, Pirate bay, & Many others.

    While I agree sharing stolen stuff is illegal, I don't support take down of entire sites over such. Instead the FBI should go after the people in violation sharing the illegal downloads and such.

    FBI & Second Life
    The FBI dont care, I have complaints about Skills Hak's Privacy Violation, ZF Redzone. They do nothing.

  • ContentMonkey

    @ Jim Profit

    Hello loony, are you aware of all the FALSE accusations these parasites at ACS:Law are making to members of the frightened public; 'putting the frighteners' on gangsters call it. All their claims are unprovable; people pay up because 'legal' = expensive courtroom fights. Go away and reinsert your brain (preferably by way of your rear access port).

    These parasites deserve all that comes there way. Long Live 4chan.

  • Jim Profit

    4chan is nothing but terrorists, they should've shut that damn site down a long time ago. Moot should be arrested, we all know he's behind this shit. He claims he holds no responsibility, but then why have fucking mods and janitors at all?

    Thats the thing kiddies. You want to be left out of something? Thats fine. But if you're going to wave your dick around as a mod, and act like you're keeping the board orderly and sophisticated, you will be burdened with the responsibility of legal drama. So I hold moot and everyone who moderates 4chan personally responsible since they didn't nip that in the bud. Oh sure, they can ban someone for saying "boxxie" or "first post ending in X", but someone attacks a fucking company, and God only knows the economic consequinces, the innocent people who will lose their jobs and shit. All because they gotta' prove a point and can't just got to the voting booth this november and vote pro-piracy.


      "innocent people who will lose their jobs"
      "innocent people"
      "lose their jobs"

  • DinkiDi

    Yes, sick of these obscenely rich corporations ripping us off and suing the poor for outrageous sums of money, they can get knotted

  • They did it to TPB, so its literal payback. TPB is even legal, since they are based in Sweden which has sane copyright laws, and they still got attacked. It's only fair.

  • Anon

    Payback is a bitch

  • anonymous


  • M00T

    m00t here the first to post =)


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