4chan Launches DDoS Attack Against MPAA, RIAA and BPI

By Jamie Pert - Sep 20, 2010

4chan recently launched and promoted denial of service attacks on websites who are taking legal action against ThePirateBay, websites that they attacked include MPAA and RIAA.

The attacks were coordinated via an IRC channel, this channel has since been taken down, therefore it seems as if the attack must have caused quite a stir, also there has been a huge Twitter response.

At first the attack was against Airplex, this Indian firm carries out DDoS attacks on websites hosting BitTorrent trackers, therefore it seems as if 4chan wanted to dish out some payback.

According to a recent post on PandaLabs the attacks have been very successful, it is thought that another attack occurred today against the British Phonographic Industry website, however this was unsuccessful.

Do you think that 4chan are right to attack sites such as MPAA, RIAA and the BPI?

Source: TheRegister

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